[Живопись] [HQ] Подборка репродукций картин из галереи «LACMA» Лос-Анжелес [The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)] [279, JPEG]

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Подборка репродукций картин из галереи «LACMA» Лос-Анжелес

Автор: см. под спойлеом "Список художников"
Жанр: живопись
Разрешение: от 1370X2466 до 6064x4024, dpi - от 240 до 600
Количество картин: 279
Формат: JPEG
Состав и описание раздачи: Подборка Репродукций Картин Музея Искусств LACMA округа Лос-Анжелес
Abraham van Beyeren - Banquet Still Life.jpeg
Adam Pynacker - View of a Harbor in Schiedam.jpeg
Adriaen Coorte - Wild Strawberries in a Wan Li Bowl.jpeg
Adriaen van de Velde - The Beach Scheveningen.jpeg
Aelbert Cuyp - View of the Maas near Dordrecht.jpeg
Aelbrecht Bouts - Madonna and Child Enthroned.jpeg
Aert van der Neer - Frozen River with a Footbridge.jpeg
Albert Bierstadt - The Grizzly Giant Sequoia.jpeg
Alessandro Magnasco - The Artists Studio.jpeg
Alessandro Turchi (called Orbetto) - Saint Agnes Protected by an Angel.jpeg
Alexandre Dubois-Drahonet - Portrait of Monsieur Gest.jpeg
Alexandre Francois Desportes - Landscape with a Dog and Partridges.jpeg
Alfred Sisley - Saint Mammes-Morning.jpeg
Allen Smith Jr. - The Young Mechanic.jpeg
Alonso Cano - Christ in Limbo.jpeg
Alonso de Escobar - Still Life.jpeg
Ambrosius Bosschaert - Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge.jpeg
Andrea Vaccaro - David with the Head of Goliath.jpeg
Andres Marzal de Sas (school of) - Saint Michael Fighting the Dragon.jpeg
Anthonie Van Borssom - Panoramic Landscape near Rhenen with the Huis ter Lede.jpeg
Antoine Coypel - The Baptism of Christ.jpeg
Antoine Le Nain - Three Young Musicians.jpeg
Anton-Raphael Mengs - Portrait of John Viscount Garlies, later 7th Earl of Galloway, as Master of Garlies.jpeg
Antonio de Enrico (called Tanzio da Varallo) - Adoration of the Shepherds with Saints Francis and Carlo
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano).jpeg
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano)2.jpeg
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano)3.jpeg
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano)4.jpeg
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano)5.jpeg
Antonio de Espinosa - The Twelve Months of the Year (Los doce meses del ano)6.jpeg
Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra - Dead Christ with Lamenting Angels.jpeg
Antonio Montufar - Saint Francis of Assisi Appearing before Pope Nicholas V, with Donors (La aparicion de San
Francisco de Asis al Papa Nicolas V, con donantes).jpeg
Aragon (school of ) - Triptych with Scenes from the Life of St. George.jpeg
Ary Scheffer - The Death of Saint Louis.jpeg
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros - Portrait of Second Lieutenant Charles Legrand.jpeg
Baron Francois-Pascal-Simon Gerard - The 10th of August, 1792.jpeg
Bartolo di Fredi - The Virgin of the Annunciation.jpeg
Bartolome Esteban Murillo - The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine.jpeg
Bartolomeo Schedoni - Study for the The Charity of St. Elizabeth.jpeg
Benjamin West - Cymon and Iphigenia.jpeg
Benjamin West - Thetis bringing the Armor to Achilles.jpeg
Bernardo Rosselli - The Triumph of Alexander.jpeg
called Canaletto Antonio Canal - Piazza San Marco Looking South and West.jpeg
called Rosso Fiorentino Giovanni Battista di Jacopo - Allegory of Salvation with the Virgin and Christ Child, St.
Elizabeth, the Young St. John the Baptist and Two Angels.jpeg
Camille Pissarro - Peasant House at Eragny.jpeg
Camille Pissarro - Snowy Landscape at South Norwood.jpeg
Camille Pissarro - The Path to Les Pouilleux, Pontoise.jpeg
Carel Fabritius - Mercury and Argus.jpeg
Carlo Innocenzo Carlone - A Study for Two Angels on a Balustrade.jpeg
Charles Le Brun - The Descent from the Cross.jpeg
Charles Poerson - St. Peter Preaching in Jerusalem.jpeg
Charles-Joseph Natoire - Psyche Obtaining the Elixir of Beauty from Proserpine.jpeg
Cima da Conegliano - Madonna and Child in a Landscape.jpeg
Clara Peeters - Still Life with Cheeses, Artichoke, and Cherries.jpeg
Claude Lorrain - Pastoral Landscape with a Mill.jpeg
Claude Monet - In the Woods at Giverny Blanche Hoschede at Her Easel with Suzanne Hoschede Reading.jpeg
Claude Monet - View of Vetheuil.jpeg
Dario di Giovanni - Saint Bernardino of Siena.jpeg
David Teniers the Younger - Landscape with Peasants Playing Bowls Outside an Inn.jpeg
Dirck de Bray - Flowers in a Glass Vase.jpeg
Domenico Zampieri (called Domenichino) - Saint Ignatius of Loyolas Vision of Christ and God the Father at La
Don Silvestro dei Gherarducci (attributed to) - Madonna and Child with Sts. John Baptist and Paul.jpeg
Edgar Degas - The Bellelli Sisters (Giovanna and Giuliana Bellelli).jpeg
Edouard Vuillard - Walking in the Vineyard.jpeg
Edwin Lord Weeks - Along the Ghats, Mathura.jpeg
El Greco (school of) - The Apostle St. Andrew.jpeg
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze - Mrs. Schuyler Burning Her Wheat Fields on the Approach of the British.jpeg
Emile Jean Horace Vernet - Portrait of a Lady (Possibly Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Nee Fitzgerald [1796-1869]).jpeg
Emmanuel de Witte - Interior of the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft with the Tomb of William the Silent.jpeg
Emmanuel de Witte - Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.jpeg
Esaias van de Velde I - Cottages and Frozen River.jpeg
Eugene Delacroix - Henri IV Conferring the Regency upon Marie de Medici (after Rubens).jpeg
Eugene Delacroix - St. Sebastian with St. Irene and Attendant.jpeg
Filippo Tarchiani - The Supper at Emmaus.jpeg
Fitz Henry Lane - Boston Harbor, Sunset.jpeg
Fra Bartolommeo - Holy Family.jpeg
Francois Le Moyne - Diana and Callisto.jpeg
Francois-Andre Vincent - Democritus among the Abderitans.jpeg
Frans Francken the Younger - The Crucifixion of St. Andrew.jpeg
Frans Hals - Portrait of a Man (Pieter Tjarck).jpeg
Frans Post - Brazilian Landscape with a Workers House.jpeg
Gandolfi Gaetano - Study of an Oriental Head for The Marriage at Cana.jpeg
Gaspare Diziani - The Assumption of the Virgin.jpeg
Georges de La Tour - The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame.jpeg
Gerrit Berckheyde - The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal with the Flower Market in Amsterdam.jpeg
Gherado di Jacopo di Neri Starnina - A Bishop Saint and Saint Lawrence.jpeg
Giacomo Cavedone - Ascension of Christ.jpeg
Giacomo del Po - Camillia at War from Virgils Aeneid.jpeg
Giacomo del Po - The Fight between Aeneas and King Turnus.jpeg
Giorgio Vasari - Holy Family with Saint Francis in a Landscape.jpeg
Giovanni Baglione - The Ecstasy of Saint Francis.jpeg
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta - The Virgin Appearing to the Guardian Angel.jpeg
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Apollo and Phaethon.jpeg
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (called il Grechetto) - Noahs Sacrifice after the Deluge.jpeg
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo - Christ and the Woman taken in Adultery.jpeg
Giovanni Francesco Romanelli - St. John and St. Peter at Christs Tomb.jpeg
Guido Reni - Bacchus and Ariadne.jpeg
Guillaume-Guillon Lethiere - The Death of Virginia.jpeg
Gustaf Wilhelm Palm - View of Ariccia.jpeg
Hans Bol - River Landscape.jpeg
Hans Holbein the Younger - Portrait of a Young Woman with a White Coif.jpeg
Hans Thoma - Die Quelle (The Spring).jpeg
Hendrick Avercamp - Winter Scene on a Frozen Canal.jpeg
Hendrik Goltzius - The Sleeping Danae Being Prepared to Receive Jupiter.jpeg
Henry Fuseli - Satan and Death with Sin Intervening.jpeg
Henry Inman - No-Tin (Wind).jpeg
Ignazio Stern - Allegory of Spring.jpeg
Isaac Moillon - Sophonisbe Drinking Poison.jpeg
Jacob Duck - A Street Scene with Knife Grinder and Elegant Couple.jpeg
Jacob Jordaens - Allegory of the Poet.jpeg
Jacob van Ruisdael - Landscape with Dunes.jpeg
Jacob van Ruisdael - View of Grainfields with a Distant Town.jpeg
Jacopo Bellini - Madonna and Child.jpeg
Jacques Sablet - Helen Saved by Venus from the Wrath of Aeneas.jpeg
Jacques Sablet - The Temple of the Liberal Arts, with the City of Bern and Minerva.jpeg
Jacques-Antoine Beaufort - The Oath of Brutus.jpeg
Jacques-Louis David - Portrait of Jean-Pierre Delahaye.jpeg
James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Blue and Coral The Little Blue Bonnet.jpeg
James Renwick Brevoort - Inside Eastern Point, Gloucester Bay.jpeg
Jan (called Lange Jan) Boeckhorst - The Snyders Triptych.jpeg
Jan Both - Landscape with a Draftsman.jpeg
Jan Davidsz de Heem - Still Life with Oysters and Grapes.jpeg
Jan Frans van Bloemen (called Orizzonte) - One of a Pair of Views of the Roman Campagna with Figures
Jan Frans van Bloemen (called Orizzonte) - One of a Pair of Views of the Roman Campagna with Figures
Jan Havicksz Steen - Samson and Delilah.jpeg
Jan Polack - Abraham and the Three Angels (one of four panel).jpeg
Jan Polack - Adam and Eve in Paradise (one of four panels).jpeg
Jan Polack - Baptism of Christ (one of four panels).jpeg
Jan Polack - Christ Preaching in the Temple (one of four panels).jpeg
Jan Porcellis - Vessels in a Moderate Breeze.jpeg
Jan van de Cappelle - Ships in a Calm.jpeg
Jan van der Heyden - Herengracht, Amsterdam, Viewed from the Leliegracht.jpeg
Jan van Goyen - View of Arnhem.jpeg
Jan van Goyen - View of Dordrecht.jpeg
Jan van Huysum - Bouquet of Flowers in an Urn.jpeg
Jan Wildens - Landscape with Peasants.jpeg
Jean Jouvenet - The Raising of Lazarus.jpeg
Jean Lemaire - Achilles Discovered Among the Daughters of Lycomedes.jpeg
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater - The Fortune Teller.jpeg
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Seine and Old Bridge at Limay.jpeg
Jean-Charles Joseph Remond - Lake Nemi.jpeg
Jean-Francois De Troy - The Resurrection.jpeg
Jean-Francois Millet - A Norman Milkmaid at Greville.jpeg
Jean-Francois Millet - Diana Resting.jpeg
Jean-Honore Fragonard - Winter.jpeg
Jean-Jacques Henner - Portrait of Madame Paul Duchesne-Fournet.jpeg
Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours - The Reunion of Cupid and Psyche.jpeg
Jean-Simon Berthelemy - Death of a Gladiator.jpeg
Joachim Antonisz Wtewael - Lot and His Daughters.jpeg
Johann Martin von Rohden - The Grotto of Neptune in Tivoli.jpeg
Johann Rottenhammer - Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me.jpeg
John Hoppner - Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child.jpeg
John Singer Sargent - Portrait of Mrs. Edward L. Davis and Her Son, Livingston Davis.jpeg
John Singleton Copley - Portrait of a Lady.jpeg
John Singleton Copley - Portrait of Hugh Montgomerie.jpeg
John Smibert - Portrait of Major General Paul Mascarene.jpeg
Jose de Paez - Badge with Adoration of the Shepherds (Escudo con la adoracion de los pastores).jpeg
Jose Leonardo - Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness.jpeg
Joseph B. Blackburn - Portrait of Captain John Pigott.jpeg
Joseph B. Blackburn - Portrait of Mrs. John Pigott.jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz (attributed to) - Casta Painting (From Spaniard and Morisca, Albino).jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz - View of the City and Port of Bayonne from the Pathways of Boufflers (Vista de la villa
y puerto de Bayona tomada desde el paseo de Boufflers).jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz - View of the City and Roads of Toulon (Vista de la villa y rada de Tolon).jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz - View of the Old Port of Toulon (El puerto viejo de Tolon).jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz - View of the Port of Antibes (El puerto de Antibes).jpeg
Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz - View of the Port of Sete (El puerto de Sete).jpeg
Juan Rodriguez Juarez (attributed to) - Miracles of Saint Salvador de Horta (Milagros del beato Salvador de
Jusepe de Ribera - A Philosopher.jpeg
Karl Friedrich Lessing - Landscape with Crows.jpeg
Laurent de La Hyre - The Assumption.jpeg
Leonard Bramer - The Liberation of Saint Peter.jpeg
Louis Galloche - A Scene from the Life of St. Martin.jpeg
Louis Galloche - Saint Martin Sharing his Coat with a Beggar.jpeg
Louis Lafitte - Brutus Listening to the Ambassadors from the Tarquins.jpeg
Louis-Leopold Boilly - Portrait of a Gentleman.jpeg
Louis-Leopold Boilly - Portrait of a Lady.jpeg
Louis-Leopold Boilly - Profile of a Young Womans Head.jpeg
Louis-Leopold Boilly - View of a Lake.jpeg
Luca di Tomme - Madonna and Child with Sts. Nicholas and Paul.jpeg
Luca Giordano - St. John the Baptist Preaching.jpeg
Ludovico Mazzanti - The Death of Lucretia.jpeg
Magnasco, Alessandro; Peruzzini, Antonio Francesco - Landscape with the Temptation of Christ.jpeg
Manuel de Arellano - Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgen de Guadalupe).jpeg
Marco Zoppo - Fragment from a Cassone Panel Shooting at Fathers Corpse.jpeg
Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbo - At the Gate of the Seraglio.jpeg
Martin Drolling - Painting and Music (Portrait of the Artists Son).jpeg
Martinus Rorbye - Entrance to an Inn in the Praestegarden at Hillested.jpeg
Martinus Rorbye - Palermo Harbor with a View of Monte Pellegrino.jpeg
Mary Cassatt - Mother About to Wash Her Sleepy Child.jpeg
Master of Osma - Christ with the Crown of Thorns.jpeg
Master of the Bargello Judgment of Paris - Madonna and Child.jpeg
Master of the Fiesole Epiphany.jpeg
Master of the Saint Ursula Legend - Virgin and Child with Two Angels.jpeg
Master of the St. Lucy Legend - Triptych of Madonna and Child with Angels; Donor and His Patron Saint Peter Martyr;
and Saint Jerome and His Lion.jpeg
Mattia Preti - Saint Veronica with the Veil.jpeg
Meindert Hobbema - Landscape with a Footbridge.jpeg
Meindert Hobbema - Landscape with Anglers and a Distant Town.jpeg
Merry-Joseph Blondel - Hecuba and Polyxena.jpeg
Miguel Cabrera - The Divine Shepherdess (La divina pastora).jpeg
Moretto da Brescia - St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness.jpeg
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena - Men in Oriental Costumes.jpeg
Neri Di Bicci - Triptych of the Madonna and Child with Saints.jpeg
Nicola van Houbraken - Still Life with Bottles and Oysters.jpeg
Nicolas Regnier - Divine Inspiration of Music.jpeg
Nicolas Rodriguez Juarez - The Holy Family (La sagrada familia).jpeg
Nicolas-Guy Brenet - Aethra Showing her Son Theseus the Place Where his Father had Hidden his Arms.jpeg
Nicolas-Guy Brenet - Isaac Blessing Jacob.jpeg
Otto van Veen - Portrait of Alessandro Farnese (1545-1592).jpeg
Paolo (called Fra Cosmo da Castelfranco) Piazza - St. Francis.jpeg
Paolo Caliari Veronese - Allegory of Navigation with a Cross-Staff Averroes.jpeg
Paolo Caliari Veronese - Allegory of Navigation with an Astrolabe Ptolemy.jpeg
Paolo Veneziano - St. John the Baptist (fragment).jpeg
Paris Bordone - Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis.jpeg
Paul Cezanne - Boy With a Straw Hat.jpeg
Paul Cezanne - Still Life With Cherries And Peaches.jpeg
Paul Gauguin - The Field of Derout-Lollichon.jpeg
Paul Gauguin - The Red Cow.jpeg
Paul Gauguin - The Swineherd.jpeg
Paul Vredeman de Vries - Interior of Antwerp Cathedral.jpeg
Pedro Berruguete (workshop of) - The Last Supper.jpeg
Peter Paul Rubens - Modello for The Israelites Gathering Manna in the Desert.jpeg
Peter Paul Rubens - The Holy Family with St. Elizabeth, St. John, and a Dove.jpeg
Petrus Christus - Portrait of a Man.jpeg
Philippe de Champaigne - Saint Augustine.jpeg
Philips Koninck - Panoramic Landscape with a Village.jpeg
Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli (attributed to) (called Morazzone) - The Ecstasy of Saint Francis.jpeg
Pierre Etienne Theodore Rousseau - Edge of the Forest, Sun Setting.jpeg
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Two Girls Reading.jpeg
Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes - Landscape with Ruins.jpeg
Pieter Claesz III - Still Life with Herring, Wine and Bread.jpeg
Pieter Jansz. Saenredam - Interior of the Mariakerk, Utrecht.jpeg
Pieter Lastman - Hagar and the Angel.jpeg
Pietro Berrettini (called Pietro da Cortona) - St. Martina.jpeg
Pompeo Batoni - Portrait of Sir Wyndham Knatchbull-Wyndham.jpeg
Quentin Massys (and Studio) - Virgin in Adoration.jpeg
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - Portrait of Dirck Jansz Pesser.jpeg
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - Portrait of Marten Looten.jpeg
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - The Raising of Lazarus.jpeg
Rembrandt Peale - Portrait of Jacob Gerard Koch.jpeg
Rembrandt Peale - Portrait of Jane Griffith Koch.jpeg
Robert-Jacques Lefevre - Portrait of a Woman Holding a Pencil and a Drawing Book.jpeg
Rocco Marconi - Christ and the Women of Canaan.jpeg
Ruisdael, Jacob van; Berchem, Nicolaes Pietersz - The Great Oak.jpeg
Rutilio Manetti - Dido and Aeneas.jpeg
Salomon de Bray - The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence.jpeg
Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael - Landscape with Deer Hunters.jpeg
Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael - River Landscape with a Ferry.jpeg
Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael - View of the River Lek and Vianen.jpeg
Salvador Maella - Study for an Altarpiece.jpeg
Sebastiano Ricci - A Glory of the Virgin with the Archangel Gabriel and Saints Eusebius, Roch, and Sebastian.jpeg
Simon Vouet - Model for Altarpiece in St. Peters.jpeg
Simon Vouet - Model for Altarpiece in St. Peters2.jpeg
Simon Vouet - Virginia da Vezzo, the Artists Wife, as the Magdalen.jpeg
Teniers the Younger, David; Heem, Jan Davidsz de - An Artist in His Studio.jpeg
Theodore Caruelle deAligny - The Wetterhorn, Switzerland.jpeg
Theodore Robinson - Valley of the Seine, Giverny.jpeg
Thomas Cole - Il Penseroso.jpeg
Thomas Cole - LeAllegro.jpeg
Thomas Eakins - Wrestlers.jpeg
Thomas Moran - Hot Springs of the Yellowstone.jpeg
Thomas Sully - Portrait of the Misses Mary and Emily McEuen.jpeg
Thomas Willeboirts (called Bosschaert) - The Holy Family.jpeg
Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) - Portrait of Giacomo Dolfin.jpeg
Tommaso - Virgin Adoring the Christ Child with St. John the Baptist and Two Angels.jpeg
Ubaldo Gandolfi - Head of an Old Woman.jpeg
Ubaldo Gandolfi - Selene and Endymion.jpeg
Unknown - Folding Screen with Indian Wedding and Flying Pole (Biombo con desposorio indigena y palo volador).jpeg
Unknown - Portrait of a Black Sailor (Paul Cuffe).jpeg
Unknown - The Holy Family with St. John the Baptist (La sagrada familia con San Juan Bautista).jpeg
Unknown - The Virgin Adoring the Christ Child with Two Saints (La Virgin adorando al Nino Jesus con dos
Veneto-Lombard School - Portrait of a Young Nobleman.jpeg
Vicente Lopez y Portana - Virgin with St. Francis and St. Dominic.jpeg
Willem Claesz. Heda - Still Life with Tobacco, Wine and a Pocket Watch.jpeg
Willem Kalf - Still Life with a Porcelain Vase, Silver-gilt Ewer, and Glasses.jpeg
Willem van de Velde the Younger - A Yacht and Other Vessels in a Calm.jpeg
Willem van de Velde the Younger - Beach with a Weyschuit Pulled up on Shore.jpeg
William Rimmer - The Sentry.jpeg
William-Adolphe Bouguereau - The Story Book.jpeg
Winslow Homer - The Cotton Pickers.jpeg
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