Подборка серии о хакинге Hacking Exposed (9 книг) [CHM, PDF]

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Подборка серии о хакинге Hacking Exposed (9 книг)

Формат: CHM, PDF

Описание: If you are a computer professional with an eye to the publishing world, you’re probably familiar with a big red book called Hacking Exposed. This bold book with its bold title often appears at the end of the aisle or in other easy-to-reach locations. The reason for all the attention -- and brisk sales -- is that this book really is different. For almost any computer book, you can find a clone. But not this one. Hacking Exposed is a one-of-a-kind study of the art of breaking in. The authors, a trio of security consultants for Foundstone, Inc., take the reader through a spectrum of intrusion tools and strategies. One of the biggest problems with security books is that, when you take out the OS configuration steps, most books offer little more than mundane pronouncements and recycled rules of thumb. Hacking Exposed is one of those rare books that actually show the reader how to think like an intruder. You’ll see the whole picture of the intrusion process from the top--a broad look at the phases of a network attack--to the bottom--examples of obscure Unix commands and discussions of specific hacking tools. And along the way, you’ll pick up valuable insights on how hackers think and how you can protect your network by thinking like a hacker. Hacking Exposed is also an impressive catalog of intrusion tools.
Hacking Exposed: Linux - #0072127732
Hacking Exposed: Network Security, 2th Ed. - #0072127481
Hacking Exposed: Network Security, 3rd Ed. - #0072193816
Hacking Exposed: Network Security, 5th Ed. - #0072260815
Hacking Exposed: VoIP - #0072263644
Hacking Exposed: Web 2.0 - #0071494618
Hacking Exposed: Web Applications - #0072262990
Hacking Exposed: Windows, 3rd Ed. - #007149426X
Hacking Exposed: Wireless - #0072262583
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