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688000 Axel Harneit-Sievers, Stephen Marks, Sanusha Naidu - Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa (2010, Pambazuka Press) (298s) d5ca08051aef8480ad0ac4310ae49deb.pdf
688001 Larry R. Nyhoff - ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++ (2nd Edition) (2004, Prentice Hall) (0s) 534ac0863e63df92f81da62115dca64f.pdf
688002 Raaj K. Sah, Joseph E. Stiglitz - Peasants versus City-Dwellers: Taxation and the Burden of Economic Development (2002, Oxford University Press, USA) (0s) d28d6dbdf51a56057d5e0c5890aaedf7.pdf
688003 Philip Wilkinson - BUILDING (DK Eyewitness Books) (1960, DK CHILDREN) (0s) d02f5a4172f461a11f7e69b4ebd05cea.pdf
688004 Daniel W. Stroock - (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 230) An Introduction to Markov Processes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (2005, Springer) (188s) 5013ff7fc763de1aa34b182d745d7891.pdf
688005 Keith Ansell Pearson - Germinal Life: The Difference and Repetition of Deleuze (1999, Routledge) (283s) c62d34c49f66c21f19436b6c5af624ee.pdf
688006 Ivan Doig - This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind (1980, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) (0s) 2ba09f0d28676363efcedd1797b67f50.epub
688007 Ivan Doig - The Sea Runners (2006, Harcourt) (0s) b9ed255f02d56395443836738225346a.epub
688008 Jhumpa Lahiri - The Namesake (2004, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (249s) 834f3175d8a042e39215cf5c0e51be47.epub
688009 David V. Herlihy - The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance (2010, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) 5fabf0a8a0717db37798607d262bb622.epub
688010 Timothy Egan - The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest (1991, Vintage Books) (0s) f2a929456293658887feb30b02b6741f.epub
688011 Jeff Shaara - The Final Storm: A Novel of the War in the Pacific (2011, Random House Publishing Group) (0s) 69637afc725bfc05b6a9f105a02857ed.epub
688012 Jay Cantor - The Death of Che Guevara (2005, Vintage Contemporaries) (0s) 13c7064c12b1e3f1a1a33509781f0ab2.epub
688013 Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins - (Mike Hammer 16) The Big Bang (2010, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) 62013e57b71f2a3286ba6b88b8c9b9f4.epub
688014 David Cordingly - Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean: The Adventurous Life of Captain Woodes Rogers (2011, Random House) (0s) f2ad81c71a50c0990ca6c37a5193df1b.epub
688015 Keith Ansell Pearson, Duncan Large - (Blackwell Readers) The Nietzsche Reader (2006, Wiley-Blackwell) (616s) 6d1b9015e44a8eb104beffe696c21d42.pdf
688016 Cecil Kuhne - Near Death in the Mountains: True Stories of Disaster and Survival (2008, Vintage Books) (0s) f83756f3dd015e29b42d2625b22fff43.epub
688017 Mark D. Spalding, Edmund P. Green, Corinna Ravilious - World Atlas of Coral Reefs (2001, University of California Press) (430s) 297409eea6f3103f185fc9b90bdaa9cd.djvu
688018 Cecil Kuhne - Near Death in the Arctic (2009, Vintage Departures) (0s) 6413387a42bf9a19a7cbc283e8326940.epub
688019 Jordan Fisher Smith - Nature Noir: A Park Ranger's Patrol in the Sierra (2005, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) c43c80bcc92ad2e434e215a3d6bd5d7a.epub
688020 Lois Lowry - (The Giver Trilogy 3) Messenger (2004, Houghton Mifflin Books for Children) (0s) 4230da730b60e3cd5e7786495a68e10b.epub
688021 Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins - (Mike Hammer 15) Kiss Her Goodbye (2011, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) 08d786c7d622b658b2ef6f429000fcd8.epub
688022 Jonathan Dixon - Beaten, Seared, and Sauced: On Becoming a Chef at the Culinary Institute of America (2011, Random House Inc) (0s) bda52ec7b6b9e9633aba177c7319bf7c.epub
688023 Flannery O'Connor - A Good Man Is Hard to Find, and Other Stories (1977, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) (0s) d2c423f3aa4a06e92139ac0c49076446.epub
688024 Peter Bennett, Stephen Barrie, Sara Faye - 7-Day Detox Miracle: Revitalize Your Mind and Body with This Safe and Effective Life-Enhancing Program (2001, Crown Publishing Group) (0s) abc8b336c4561a416b0e16498a69b4f0.epub
688025 Iris Johansen - The Ugly Duckling (1996, Bantam) (248s) 9f52cf4665317ace7c51dce348886a67.epub
688026 Fannie Flagg - Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (2005, Random House) (0s) 8b008cdd1f1cb3c5756f5bfb3c1180f1.epub
688027 Fannie Flagg - Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man (1992, Grand Central Publishing) (320s) 806bc2313dff02079ba938cf7a5118dd.pdf
688028 Fannie Flagg - (Elmwood Springs 3) Can't Wait to Get to Heaven (2006, Random House) (379s) 157131300772bad5d5f793820c52ac23.pdf
688029 Fannie Flagg - A Redbird Christmas (2004, Random House) (241s) 86d55cddc4e033c5a234345e91b3bc12.pdf
688030 Jonathan Safran Foer - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2005, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) c7bcb14386970b472fe4ab92e83507a8.epub
688031 Olive Ann Burns - Cold Sassy Tree (1984, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (0s) 185a8f5a5d4cdc98d512ce08a33b5287.epub
688032 Walter Rudin - Real and complex analysis (1987, McGraw-Hill) (433s) d9d636fac19541905640f56164c8da8a.pdf
688033 Lauraine Snelling - (Dakotah Treasures 2) Pearl (2004, Bethany House) (0s) 971ea26f19f8135f6c082b5ca6e2fb5e.epub
688034 David Schultz - Encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution (Two-Volume Set) (2009, Facts on File) (0s) 401c5f1592f4032acd6429bf4ed72b72.pdf
688035 Georges Simenon - Maigret und das Schattenspiel (1982, Diogenes Verlag) (178s) 4f5e278ec52c2da99ff86ec13842ac3e.pdf
688036 Trisha Telep (editor) - The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 (2009, Constable & Robinson Ltd.) (438s) c2420098fad209392f9d316a0f69f12c.pdf
688037 Trisha Telep (editor) - The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (2008, Running Press) (681s) e2ee10fc0024e8052079cfe7d1f26993.pdf
688038 Caitlin Kittredge - (Nocturne City 4) Witch Craft (2010, St. Martin's Paperbacks) (205s) 5fa4a0c633c6d73417cdae25031623aa.pdf
688039 Caitlin Kittredge - (Nocturne City 5) Daemon's Mark (2010, St. Martin's Press) (151s) 143b35747142c15fd292ce66f270151f.pdf
688040 Caitlin Kittredge - (Nocturne City 3) Second Skin (2009, St. Martin's Paperbacks) (278s) 2b96ce078c5dd8fb4e4f0925d7498bd3.pdf
688041 Caitlin Kittredge - (Nocturne City 2) Pure Blood (2010, St. Martin's Paperbacks) (155s) 6bf198d775a89265f79e9a1ff5d350bf.pdf
688042 Caitlin Kittredge - (Nocturne City 1) Night Life (2010, St. Martin's Paperbacks) (159s) 79f6d6799f1d8b43df3ba905e83b2552.pdf
688043 Caitlin Kittredge - (Black London 3) Bone Gods (2010, St. Martin's Paperbacks) (152s) 8334622386597a680073c05d8f9c4eca.pdf
688044 Alonzo L. Hamby - Outline of U.S. History (2005, U.S. Department of State) (185s) b0c50a5dc24792a7f9eb344383285dc6.pdf
688045 Georges Simenon - Maigret und die Affäre Saint Fiacre (1986, Diogenes Verlag) (178s) 66844d6fdec1718e22380c19a7d9f9cf.pdf
688046 Sonia Nieto - Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives for a New Century (Language, Culture, and Teaching Series) (2002, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.) (321s) ddcb4e8123bcce86ce03ae94cb2f651b.pdf
688047 Max Gluckman - Ideas and procedures in African customary law: studies presented and discussed at the Eighth International African Seminar at the Haile Sellassie I University, Addis Ababa, January 1966, Volume 8 (1969, International African Institute / Oxford University Press) (372s) d88962691e52624405ef5ee83ed82d7c.pdf
688048 Georges Simenon - Maigret bei den Flamen (1980, Diogenes Verlag) (172s) bd914f60889c5a9fea0615fbbc94d7c0.pdf
688049 Douglas B. McKeag, James Moeller - ACSM's Primary Care Sports Medicine, Second Edition (2007, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) (0s) d1608887baf2a26fb6fefcc4c54ae94b.chm
688050 M. Pescatori, C.I. Bartram, A.P. Zbar - Clinical Ultrasound in Benign Proctology: 2-D and 3-D Anal, Vaginal and Transperineal Techniques (2006, Springer) (102s) c86ec56e20bae58d17b7b576d2b9f013.pdf
688051 Juan A. Asensio MD FACS FCCM, Donald D. Trunkey MD FACS - Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care (2008, Mosby) (807s) 781e02e296259e0e6c8ee2b09231fb9e.pdf
688052 Greg Fernandez Jr. - False Flags (2011, lulu.com) (374s) e06d4ad2e584546c9a6cf2c9e8c47865.pdf
688053 Heidi Johansen-Berg, Timothy E.J. Behrens - Diffusion MRI: From quantitative measurement to in-vivo neuroanatomy (2009, Academic Press) (501s) 76c7c143f521e7c6add7789e173d349a.pdf
688054 Birdsall Viault - Modern European History (1990, McGraw-Hill) (609s) e384caa4629adea48df82e412d38d40f.pdf
688055 Steve Eubanks, Ricardo Vitor Cohen, Riad N. Younes, Fredrick Brody - Endosurgery for Cancer (Vademecum) (1999, Landes Bioscience) (257s) 3b6bac70eb290292b356b454e4a37b2a.pdf
688056 Georges Simenon - Maigret und der geheimnisvolle Kapitän (1984, Diogenes Verlag) (224s) b67b14a7d8f0043d3601ce154f387891.pdf
688057 Myron Shekelle ... et al. . Indonesian Institute of Sciences(LIPI) - Primates of the Oriental Night (0, ) (0s) 727db1a8d199475b4049a5e052e6b738.pdf
688058 Alan Dean Foster - Into the Thinking Kingdom (Journeys of the Catechist, Book 2) (1999, Aspect) (0s) 49f304294d534e7199f6b5737a96c16e.epub
688059 Peterson's - AP - European History, 2nd ed (Peterson's Ap European History) (2006, Peterson's) (288s) 3f5e0100f14a9b475e3e29b5b5bedca1.pdf
688060 Stephen R. Donaldson - (Amnion-Zyklus 03 3 of 5) Der Schritt zur Macht: Ein dunkler hungriger Gott erwacht. Dritter Roman des Amnion-Zyklus (1997, Heyne Verlag) (558s) fa64eacda4c46505fb384046b9fc92dc.pdf
688061 Celia Hawkesworth - Ivo Andrić: bridge between East and West (1984, Continuum International Publishing Group) (281s) 04d6f60b06c441ab559234577d81de1e.pdf
688062 Ετιέν Μπαλιμπάρ, Ιμμανουέλ Βαλλερστάιν - Φυλή, έθνος, τάξη: οι διφορούμενες ταυτότητες (1991, Ο Πολίτης) (350s) f6ec7dc63bf53ed268e3a910c25cc5ab.djvu
688063 Samuel Anaya-Guzmán, Angela Uribe De Kellett, Cristina Quintana Blanco, Nuria González Oliver - Pasaporte al mundo hispano: Advanced Spanish resource book. (2009, Continuum International Publishing Group) (218s) 66d5da64d92558fc3606df3bb1b6c7da.pdf
688064 Omkar N. Koul, Kashi Wali - (Descriptive Grammars) Kashmiri: A Cognitive-Descriptive Grammar (Descriptive Grammars) (1996, Routledge) (394s) 7428a75f838ba4293396413b12ac610e.pdf
688065 Keith J. Topping - (Cassell education) Paired reading, spelling, and writing: the handbook for teachers and parents (1995, Continuum International Publishing Group) (189s) 1aacecfd228772edff0709fa44e7a41d.pdf
688066 Hugo Baetens Beardsmore - European Models of Billingual Education (Multilingual Matters, 92) (1993, Multilingual Matters, Ltd.) (218s) d7ce4b5cf981c0913db06516cfdd6b52.pdf
688067 Pat Broadhead, Richard Woolley, Caroline Tobbell, Jane Johnston - (Supporting Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage) Personal, Social and Emotional Development (2011, Continuum International Publishing Group) (156s) 7807d602854566176652f8eea5a4d7e4.pdf
688068 Daniel W. Stroock - An Introduction to Markov Processes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (2005, Springer) (189s) 508575df77b1d1a5f1c7b8577aa63aee.djvu
688069 Toby Greany, Jillian Rodd - Creating a Learning to Learn School (2003, Continuum International Publishing Group) (145s) 29c60aabbf50f8ee11c8aae60ca0c05e.pdf
688070 Bo H. Lim - (Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 522) Way of the Lord in the Book of Isaiah (2010, Continuum Intl Pub Group) (212s) 4d2b6efee5e49e2996e9e2637e908659.pdf
688071 John Fenton - Finding the Way Through Mark (1995, Continuum International Publishing Group) (135s) 4fbaefd7a69305f880e6c58e1b67af9b.pdf
688072 Judith Thwaites - (100 Ideas for the Early Years) 100 Ideas for Teaching Personal, Social and Emotional Development (2008, Continuum Publishing) (129s) 99a831f358489a2f82be441525269ebc.pdf
688073 Mary Warnock - Dishonest to God (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (179s) 996f5fd3821f9d74a1c89492b8b1471c.pdf
688074 Kirk Freudenburg - (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Roman Satire (Cambridge Companions to Literature) (2005, Cambridge University Press) (369s) 0a1acd882b8ca004c77937903e848482.pdf
688075 Jens Herzer - (Writings from the Greco-Roman World 22) 4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou) (Writings from the Greco-Roman World) (2005, Society of Biblical Literature) (254s) 7b389501c18ca3a2d9cd2082109480c5.pdf
688076 Michael Winter - (Problems in theology) The atonement (1995, Continuum International Publishing Group) (145s) 297f1af2162340c88376ad5160e25e6a.pdf
688077 José Saramago - As intermitências da morte (2005, ) (135s) fafb12766e796b906a42889494f19bcb.pdf
688078 Ronald M. Nowak - Walker's Carnivores of the World (2005, The Johns Hopkins University Press) (0s) 3db93b3fcbaf027008e124740f4b1236.pdf
688079 Harold Robbins - The Carpetbaggers (2007, Forge Books) (0s) f20def405060ca4bf4cbf371c75763cf.pdf
688080 José Saramago - Terra do pecado (1947, ) (213s) 51603af7b9d4b0d93503afde64820a97.pdf
688081 Rob Johnsey - (Children, teachers, and learning) Exploring Primary Design and Technology (1997, Cassell) (235s) 5d7bfb796ebcecf50dc6f315030f8c53.pdf
688082 David M. Gunn - (Journal for the study of the Old Testament: Supplement 14) The fate of King Saul: an interpretation of a biblical story (1980, Continuum International Publishing Group) (182s) e0de54c24fcd42ccd5570f25098447ab.pdf
688083 Antony Grey - (Lesbian and Gay Studies) Speaking out: writings on sex, law, politics, and society, 1954-1995 (1997, Cassell) (255s) 9467158a61d555ce73e902a25b4fb892.pdf
688084 Peter Hitchens - The Cameron Delusion (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (273s) 6a4439cd2b7380fca5fd665d8b45dde7.pdf
688085 Joe Aldred - Sisters with power (2000, Continuum International Publishing Group) (176s) 716a1529369e7eb4d9483a3ce550fc5a.pdf
688086 Sue Brayne - The D-word: talking about dying : a guide for relatives, friends and carers (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (193s) 120187414e43df2389ba94731a521980.pdf
688087 Tim O'Brien, Dennis Guiney - (studies in lifelong learning) Differentiation in teaching and learning: principles and practice (2001, Continuum International Publishing Group) (192s) 2caa3e9ab535ad3b6f32584dfa15c698.pdf
688088 Johannes Kepler - Harmonies of the World (2011, Theophania Publishing) (0s) edb39b4ac827a9da07335ea1572eaad6.pdf
688089 Alban Tartari - Fijeshpresë: Poezi dhe shqipërime (2010, Epoka University Press) (100s) 9e6cc8c74fb9b0d3cc782ae11313df2d.pdf
688090 Peter S. Hawkins, Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg (Eds) - Scrolls of Love: Ruth and the Song of Songs (2006, Fordham University Press) (407s) 4eccb682d280cabc040e400059c401ee.pdf
688091 Richard Gerver - Creating tomorrow's schools today: education - our children - their futures (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (177s) 265585f599f881f1db8d7751f6b23b3b.pdf
688092 Philip Parvin, John Meadowcroft - (Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers 14) Karl Popper (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (181s) 2a5c3908381960691771ceba7544c138.pdf
688093 James D. Hornfischer - Ship of Ghosts: The Story of the USS Houston, FDR's Legendary Lost Cruiser, and the Epic Saga of Her Survivors   NOOK Book (2007, Bantam Books) (0s) 902958a17966b8925741ce043f8774df.epub
688094 Dereck Daschke, Andrew Kille - (The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 499) A Cry Instead of Justice: The Bible and Cultures of Violence in Psychological Perspective (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (215s) cadd726990f3a387a51aae373dd3c6f8.pdf
688095 Charles Cowling - The Good Funeral Guide: Everything You Need to Know -- Everything You Need to Do (2010, Continuum International Publishing Group) (217s) cef02614d4491886d74dd2c4eca165d1.pdf
688096 S. M. Stirling - (Island in the Sea of Time 1) Island in the Sea of Time (1998, Penguin Group) (0s) 047a992e83da4eb91e1c1a1256b25bb8.epub
688097 S. M. Stirling - (Island in the Sea of Time 2) Against the Tide of Years (Island in the Sea of Time, Book 2) (1999, Penguin Group) (0s) 72e68ebf9c8d570974a733c7e71e1f95.epub
688098 S. M. Stirling - (Island in the Sea of Time 3) On the Oceans of Eternity (2000, Penguin Group) (0s) e2665f57810fafc16fee7b1e8c266566.epub
688099 John Gray - The Construction of English: Culture, Consumerism and Promotion in the ELT Global Coursebook (2010, Palgrave Macmillan) (231s) f77026e4af1c626d318373867d6a6020.pdf
688100 Darren Shan - (The City 1) Procession of the Dead (2010, Grand Central Publishing) (0s) c299d7cc3c482f021c83b4c064487545.epub
688101 Darren Shan - (The City 2) Hell's Horizon (2011, Grand Central Publishing) (0s) d926b271add43634c227329ba2230afe.epub
688102 Stephen R. Donaldson - (Amnion-Zyklus 04 4 of 5) Der Schritt in den Wahnsinn: Chaos und Ordnung. Vierter Roman des Amnion-Zyklus (1997, Heyne Verlag) (966s) 7012e16e69313ce24cbf2feb8f6d4a00.pdf
688103 Marek Capinski, Peter E. Kopp - Measure, Integral and Probability (2007, Springer) (328s) b884a6a5bf8ff0517597416e6f5be935.pdf
688104 Antoine Lévy - Le créé et l'incréé: Maxime le confesseur et Thomas d'Aquin : aux sources de la querelle palamienne (2006, Vrin) (0s) 6ced8b3fd077a55a6352ddc1e73da7cb.pdf
688105 James Likoudis, Demetrius Cydones, Saint Thomas (Aquinas) - Ending the Byzantine Greek schism (1992, Catholics United for the Faith) (0s) be91b702601c7d4e07bac1afd67b3da2.pdf
688106 Melissa Raphael - Judaism and the Visual Image: A Jewish Theology of Art (2009, Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.) (242s) 2fb6d1c42194b71b1da1daf55e6ceabb.pdf
688107 Alfred Ernout, François Thomas - Syntaxe latine (0, ) (0s) c21552f659233ae87b7843eecc3662a9.pdf
688108 Stephen R. Donaldson - (Amnion-Zyklus 05 5 of 5) Der Schritt in den Untergang: Heut sterben alle Götter. Fünfter Roman des Amnion-Zyklus (1999, Heyne Verlag) (993s) 8883f9a973b8781fa77f59917c389ff7.pdf
688109 Rheta Devries, Betty S. Zan - (Early Childhood Education Series) Moral Classrooms, Moral Children: Creating a Constructivist Atmosphere in Early Education (Early Childhood Education Series) (1994, Teachers College Press) (161s) b9497c82bd58f4d5aab442355afd503e.pdf
688110 Chogyam Trungpa - Transcending Madness: The Experience of the Six Bardos (Dharma Ocean Series) (1992, Shambhala) (0s) c0eeb90a11ce5b0bb3a56e9273570a60.pdf
688111 Benedicta Ward - The sayings of the Desert Fathers: the alphabetical collection (1984, Cistercian Publications) (0s) 2da6210d10f253b086c432caf4075500.pdf
688112 Mervat F. Hatem - Literature, Gender, and Nation-Building in Nineteenth-Century Egypt: The Life and Works of A'isha Taymur (2011, Palgrave Macmillan) (251s) 4429c1899e9fc8c4180e8ae555fcd816.pdf
688113 Otto de Costa - Word Fun (1985, Better Yourself Books) (95s) 60357ca2b70af75741cb92cb79e1069e.pdf
688114 Stephen R. Donaldson - (Covenant-Zyklus Erste Chronik Band 1 1 of 3) Lord Fouls Fluch. Die Chronik von Thomas Covenant dem Zweifler Band 1 (1980, Heyne Verlag) (750s) 2c5f1cd4327d1441869b6fd3624d4fe9.pdf
688115 Lars Elleström - Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality (2010, Palgrave Macmillan) (283s) 2c71cf884a6cd3444c49f66b084b6c33.pdf
688116 David D. Busch - David Busch's Compact Field Guide for the Canon EOS 7D (2011, Course Technology PTR) (161s) 293bb14f720f9836e0875ff7a45fffcd.pdf
688117 David D. Busch - David Busch's Mastering Digital SLR Photography, Third Edition (2011, Course Technology PTR) (433s) 6e387fe9c0093fd6bb853b30d709d1d6.pdf
688118 Lawrence W. Reed - Mitos Meleset Malaise (0, ) (0s) 2df7660c6b18056cd44b30695787ddbb.pdf
688119 Martin Gardner - Classic Brainteasers (1999, Orient Paperbacks, India) (96s) 8857e432516e1fce85771304d49170e6.pdf
688120 Christina Dodd - My favorite bride (2002, Avon Books) (0s) 2dc4ccc4002f73bc0f3c9a101aaaac52.epub
688121 Christina Dodd - My Fair Temptress (2005, HarperCollins) (0s) 639dadeafe0466014f82335f1852ab40.epub
688122 Roger Zelazny - Lord of Light (2004, ) (0s) bd248684e3dd8afe47592249080cbb75.epub
688123 Raymond E. Feist - Flight of the Nighthawks: Book One of the Darkwar Saga (2007, HarperCollins) (0s) 757c990f0aea47e098c996ee671c23e6.epub
688124 Raymond E. Feist, William R. Forstchen - Honored Enemy (2007, HarperCollins) (0s) ec460b433d27b5cb9a0e3c33d92101a3.epub
688125 Rachel Vail - Gorgeous (2010, HarperCollins) (0s) c6368a9556eb186e029ba857ce6922b3.epub
688126 Richard Wright - Native son (1940, HarperPerennial) (0s) 9dd7042afbea39840f7e0677ad6d4620.epub
688127 Robin Burcell - The Bone Chamber (2009, HarperCollins) (0s) 6534c6237ea27189d6c0e21963fcb67b.epub
688128 Jacquie D'Alessandro - Sleepless at Midnight (2007, HarperCollins) (0s) 2bcb657d82be684b53f57aa1adb15e18.epub
688129 Jacquie D'Alessandro - Confessions at Midnight (2007, HarperCollins) (0s) a25ed94b4738af1149f2b02363d8e3c7.epub
688130 Raymond E. Feist - At the Gates of Darkness: Book Two of the Demonwar Saga (2011, HarperCollins) (0s) 9347d186bca81dd730ad551d4beb62e5.epub
688131 Michael C. White - Beautiful Assassin (2010, HarperCollins) (0s) c4d4628cdbeadc470a724098ce34693f.epub
688132 Sadie Jones - Small Wars (2011, HarperCollins) (0s) c62bf9029ce69156f5c7c3868ab43c99.epub
688133 Dennis Lehane, Christian de Metter - Shutter Island (2010, HarperCollins) (0s) ac9754d2cf7b4c1b5e79ad93b8a6515c.epub
688134 Lynsay Sands - The Chase (2011, HarperCollins) (0s) fa99cc81e9c5ce1debd0a4a900e005ad.epub
688135 Lynsay Sands - What She Wants (2011, HarperCollins) (0s) 7060c5d4bc18dd082045ced4ee1bae6c.epub
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