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685000 Kenneth Gonsalves, Craig Halberstadt, Cato T. Laurencin, Lakshmi Nair (eds.) - Biomedical Nanostructures (2007, Wiley-Interscience) (541s) ae3da61afc2e5960d9cde1ad3695f4d8.djvu
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685002 Anita K. Simonds - Non-invasive respiratory support: a practical handbook (2001, Arnold) (319s) e92a526f7311c3974f6391bfa580cd8c.pdf
685003 Jasjit S. Suri, Swamy Laxminarayan - (Topics in Biomedical Engineering) PDE and Level Sets: Algorithmic Approaches to Static and Motion Imagery (2002, Springer) (455s) 720b70156a7163fad0388a6d0e0fd736.pdf
685004 Felix Klein - Lectures on Mathematics (1894, Macmillan and Co.) (128s) c369b9356988dd59f1ea79059bf2ce72.pdf
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685007 Felix Klein - Lectures on Mathematics (0, ) (0s) 8d2e2b8d025b4cfd6a9f942c57a78732.djvu
685008 Anthony Spirito, James C. Overholser - (Practical resources for the mental health professional) Evaluating and treating adolescent suicide attempters: from research to practice (2003, Academic Press) (357s) 594e25b6185a7ff8a71ecc8884cde431.pdf
685009 Clifford A. Truesdell - Essays in the History of Mechanics (1968, Springer-Verlag) (382s) 6bd09419430eced495d1a4b0d958586a.djvu
685010 Matthew Hougan, Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders - From molecules to minds: challenges for the 21st century : workshop summary (2008, National Academies Press) (90s) 9873974b4200108db32a7fc69dbdd9e9.pdf
685011 Helena Dodziuk - Introduction to supramolecular chemistry (2002, Springer) (363s) d866deb607bcd3b8ebab48db7e15ab0e.pdf
685012 Dr. Ferdinand Rudio (Editor) - Verhandlungen Des Ersten Internationalen Mathematiker-Kongresses in Zurich vom 9. bis 11. August 1897 (1898, Teubner) (320s) c569ec81d53d7821dd06e773dfb68fc4.pdf
685013 Dr. Ferdinand Rudio (Editor) - Verhandlungen Des Ersten Internationalen Mathematiker-Kongresses in Zurich vom 9. bis 11. August 1897 (1898, Teubner) (320s) 8aa9ca744e177d1b5683f33099146ab6.djvu
685014 N. A. Downie - Industrial Gases (1997, Springer) (585s) dc5e2df5a19a5fbf6c164ad695fa0df0.pdf
685015 E. Duporcq (éd.) - Compte-rendu du deuxième congrès international des mathématiciens, tenu à Paris du 6 au 12 août 1900. Procès-verbaux et communications (1902, Gauthier-Villars) (464s) 73085a4d01e497b04016268375731ce0.pdf
685016 Jeffrey Hopkins - Meditation on Emptiness 1 (1996, Wisdom Publications) (1001s) fd748c93e0007f6ad5a288b6623b4568.pdf
685017 E. Duporcq (éd.) - Compte-rendu du deuxième congrès international des mathématiciens, tenu à Paris du 6 au 12 août 1900. Procès-verbaux et communications (1902, Gauthier-Villars) (464s) 366d24274dea8b2aa87031319ae9c841.djvu
685018 Bill McGuire, Ian Mason, Christopher R. J. Kilburn - (Key issues in environmental change) Natural hazards and environmental change (2002, Arnold) (200s) c170f1cf5b74a6fddabab15d3f4267a2.pdf
685019 Andrew M. St. Laurent - (O'Reilly Series) Understanding open source and free software licensing (2004, O'Reilly Media, Inc.,) (0s) 65b136accfb837a55f69ed73f6906981.epub
685020 Hermann Weyl - The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics (1950, Dover Publications) (447s) b07705b5cfe89e918b14532764476991.djvu
685021 Walter Stromquist (Editor in Chief) - (Mathematics Magazine 74 1) 74 (2001, Mathematical Association of America) (92s) 59f0d47e0a5fc94fc026dec9a57f238b.pdf
685022 Francisco Botana, Tomas Recio - (Lecture Notes in Computer Scienece, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4869) Automated Deduction in Geometry: 6th International Workshop, ADG 2006, Pontevedra, Spain, August 31-September 2, 2006, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) (2008, Springer) (223s) 15a6e052b7bf9060898cddd5f7932578.pdf
685023 Walter Stromquist (Editor in Chief) - (Mathematics Magazine 74 2) 74 (2001, Mathematical Association of America) (84s) 6d33ce117a034a672258a3534c8d2abf.pdf
685024 Walter Stromquist (Editor in Chief) - (Mathematics Magazine 74 3) 74 (2001, Mathematical Association of America) (92s) 5ee7c9454f51e9d3cbcb27d3fa33f9ca.pdf
685025 Walter Stromquist (Editor in Chief) - (Mathematics Magazine 74 4) 74 (2001, Mathematical Association of America) (84s) d8d56646bbcc0a453bb6334d9bb91e49.pdf
685026 James Burke - The Day the Universe Changed: How Galileo's Telescope Changed The Truth and Other Events in History That Dramatically Altered Our Understanding of the World (Back Bay Books) (1995, Back Bay Books) (352s) ad97b63b5627bb672dcdbfad1daa224f.pdf
685027 Walter Stromquist (Editor in Chief) - (Mathematics Magazine 74 5) 74 (2001, Mathematical Association of America) (92s) 521936d0d406f229a3e261e9cf5ba2fc.pdf
685028 Donald C. O'Shea, Thomas J. Suleski, Alan D. Kathman, Dennis W. Prather - (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering. SPIE Press Monograph TT62) Diffractive Optics: Design, Fabrication, and Test (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering. SPIE Press Monograph) (2004, SPIE Publications) (253s) d43983f1020a92855ef6a92fb3ce623c.pdf
685029 Donald C. O'Shea, Thomas J. Suleski, Alan D. Kathman, Dennis W. Prather - (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering. SPIE Press Monograph TT62) Diffractive Optics: Design, Fabrication, and Test (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering. SPIE Press Monograph) (2004, SPIE Publications) (253s) bb2f515411efe41f1cff9b35ad15966a.djvu
685030 Jaime Alemañy Martorell, Rosendo Villar Valdés - Oftalmología (2003, Editorial Ciencias Médicas) (282s) 1c2dd18c5998b281994302398edc3481.pdf
685031 Christie, Ph.D. Borgford, Mapi, Ph.D. Cuevas, Leila Dumas, Mary Kay Hemenway, John, Jr., Ph.D. Krupczak - Holt Physical Science California Edition (2007, Holt Rinehart & Winston) (628s) 5a3dd5272367fcc213fedaf33db1b078.pdf
685032 Elizabeth Thornton - A Bewitching Bride (Berkley Sensation) (2010, Berkley) (0s) 84343c27605d0a76e721b76a77c93fbc.lit
685033 Ruey S. Tsay - (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics - Applied Probability and Statistics Section Series 762) Analysis of Financial Time Series (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics - Applied Probability and Statistics Section Series) (2010, John Wiley and Sons) (714s) 39a0ac4fe0740a743815b7914985b673.djvu
685034 David Bell - Frege's Theory of Judgement (1979, Oxford University Press, USA) (0s) 29b154f51039b80fdca34459d0c6507c.pdf
685035 John Vanin, James Helsley - Anxiety Disorders: A Pocket Guide For Primary Care (Current Clinical Practice) (2007, Humana Press) (271s) 7a67c1a8e3b620eb1e047313a27de347.pdf
685036 Randall Schweller - Deadly Imbalances (1998, Columbia University Press) (0s) 11447186d1f7124207e5bbfb84203e2a.pdf
685037 Michael R. Rose - The Long Tomorrow: How Advances in Evolutionary Biology Can Help Us Postpone Aging (2005, Oxford University Press, USA) (0s) 19f83873529929765d96af67096378b4.pdf
685038 Marshall E. Ostrow - Goldfish (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) (2003, Barron's Educational Series) (0s) 6042c3ccc1f40e8dd88652ef195fc4f6.pdf
685039 Franklin Ankersmit - Narrative Logic:A Semantic Analysis of the Historian's Language (Martinus Nijhoff Philosophy Library) (1983, Springer) (0s) 77d1e5c36fc8f5cbb0986ecdaab82044.pdf
685040 Dominick LaCapra - Intellectual History and Its Ways (0, ) (0s) e36dcf4016f37d4f5a4cde4927b98d9a.pdf
685041 Carolinne White - Early Christian Latin Poets (The Early Church Fathers) (2000, Routledge) (205s) 222dc0ce80bd560d0b652a8fbb654012.pdf
685042 Robert Hughes - The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia's Founding (1988, Vintage Books) (628s) 08f88f36de186d7e0aeb1b8cb418efb3.epub
685043 Robert Lawrence Scott - On translating the ''Iliad'' in English (0, ) (0s) 0bd7cecae6467c7051d99ec1e851eda2.pdf
685044 Henri Bergson - (Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine) La pensée et le mouvant : essais et conférences (1969, Les Presses universitaires de France) (157s) 46e674633c7fde1fbd6ce3de407410a1.pdf
685045 Michael Friedman - Kant and the Exact Sciences (1998, Harvard University Press) (0s) d2135f9169a4fdfc674f0c64b3913459.pdf
685046 Tom Kindt, Hans-Harald Muller - (Narratologia) The Implied Author: Concept and Controversy (Narratologia 9) (2006, Walter de Gruyter) (232s) 691ae01521c536366c4c04147f90e676.pdf
685047 Michael C. J. Putnam - Horace's Carmen Saeculare: Ritual Magic and the Poet's Art (2000, Yale University Press) (193s) 4b0a070c19a2d3e23de91be2e7e520e3.pdf
685048 Μ. Καραγάτσης - Σέργιος και Βάκχος 1 and 2, glued together (0, Εστία) (0s) 7da2477baec99d21a885a27b38c41dfd.djvu
685049 Pierre Berloquin - Le jardin du sphinx (1993, Dunod) (200s) e1578bf01e4b75ba5c6639ed57a9465e.djvu
685050 Erling S Andersen, Kristoffer V Grude, Tor Haug, Erling S. Andersen, Kristoffer V. Grude - Goal Directed Project Management: Effective Techniques and Strategies (2009, Kogan Page) (273s) 1455ec103d955a8b427f366a34072986.pdf
685051 Harm Pinkster - (Romance Linguistics) Latin Syntax and Semantics (Romance Linguistics) (1990, Routledge) (345s) 563901180ebf123470999e3dac2864bd.pdf
685052 Capra, Fritjof - Ponto de Mutação, O (2001, Cultrix) (0s) 7747a3a3ce38a6c245fabb0c178dbabc.pdf
685053 Patrick Turnbull - The Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 (1978, Osprey Publishing) (48s) 82083231a0bd26f671f414a517df4632.pdf
685054 Michael L Tan - Philippine medicinal plants in common use: Their phytochemistry & pharmacology (1980, AKAP) (100s) bc6fc87a55331cecebdafa741681d8ca.pdf
685055 Susan G. Wynn, Steve Marsden - Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine: Science and Tradition (2002, Mosby) (749s) f5033f5f3ab0c9facae858df86b3ce21.pdf
685056 S.T. Kearney - Maidenheim: The Age of Scorn (Amazon Campign Setting) - Book I: Amazon Adventures (Maidenheim d20)(Fantasy Roleplaying) (2001, Skald Books) (71s) 80c7f23567cf4a06af25b893087a7a33.pdf
685057 Andreas Birken - Die Provinzen des Osmanischen Reiches (Beihefte zum Tubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients : Reihe B) (1976, Reichert) (0s) 26dd75f3df2e4383581cb4dfee831c6d.pdf
685058 Octavia E. Butler - (Patternists Book 4) Patternists 4 Wild Seed (2008, Paw Prints) (0s) 04ee1a4cecabfdc746bc5db5e1b5f95c.epub
685059 D. Fages, A. Gouttman, S. Saint-Michel - Histoire du Zaïre : il était une fois... Mobutu (1977, Afrique Biblio Club) (49s) e8278a222327780d795ced2546ea3aac.djvu
685060 S.T. Kearney - Maidenheim: The Age of Scorn (Amazon Campign Setting) - Book II: The History of Scythae and the Fate of Man (Maidenheim d20)(Fantasy Roleplaying) (2001, Avalanche Press) (24s) b92a1e3d579c4c09a8b12d54f9d7a133.pdf
685061 James Ellroy - (Underworld U.S.A.'', 2) The Cold Six Thousand (2001, ) (0s) 00f7cee3db981348f4bdcfb3f3436d68.epub
685062 Ramasamy Natarajan - Computer-aided power system analysis (2002, Marcel Dekker) (378s) f2b122ba1a1197e3b3f4fca4e472b031.pdf
685063 S.T. Kearney - Maidenheim: The Age of Scorn (Amazon Campign Setting) - Book III: Nations and Empires (Maidenheim d20)(Fantasy Roleplaying) (2001, Skald Books) (74s) d8701a7d9aa0217a0118f24a5c87ace0.pdf
685064 James Ellroy - (Underworld U.S.A.'', 3) Blood's A Rover (0, ) (0s) 47cb74a03b46231ab2bce6e048e0af3a.epub
685065 А.Т. Адамова, Л.Т. Гюзальян - Миниатюры рукописи поэмы ''Шахнаме'' 1333 года (1985, ) (181s) 88149336cc60eb075759934f4db3aca3.djvu
685066 J. Walter Graham - (Phoenix, 28) Houses of Classical Athens (1974, ) (16s) 5eafe5303d2cbc7324b808cc3c533496.pdf
685067 John Sandford - Buried Prey (2011, Putnam Adult) (0s) 7aee3203fcf3fd2c0a0a61b2a969d301.epub
685068 John Sandford - Buried Prey (2011, Putnam Adult) (0s) a828f8e19acc802267a00ce637b09287.lit
685069 Stephen G. Brush - The Kind of Motion We Call Heat: A History of the Kinetic Theory of Gases in the Nineteenth Century, Book 1: Physics and the Atomists (1986, North Holland) (0s) 222731eca15ad0e925d2e9f8d312c039.djvu
685070 Stephen G. Brush - The Kind of Motion We Call Heat. Book 2: Statistical Physics and Irreversible Processes (1999, North Holland) (0s) 89d793c774de733de26baa3d5266aa7c.djvu
685071 Mark Atherton - Teach Yourself Old English (2006, McGraw-Hill) (150s) 66247fb56dcdd1876ffdcdee25c52461.pdf
685072 Luis Torgo - Data Mining with R: Learning with Case Studies (Chapman & Hall CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series) (2011, Chapman and Hall/CRC) (306s) f91048499eb7f774e6f3d8f150396a06.pdf
685073 C.S. Challinor - (Rex Graves Mysteries - Book 4) Murder on the Moor (A Rex Graves Mystery) (2011, MIDNIGHT INK) (216s) f10035ee9a9a8a34a72edb19c217b530.epub
685074 Emanuel Tov - Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (2001, Augsburg Fortress Publishers) (0s) 12b9da45ec5b66c6f5b29c25777937d0.pdf
685075 Thomas Tomosy - Camera Maintenance & Repair, Book 2: Fundamental Techniques: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide (Bk. 2) (1997, Amherst Media, Inc.) (0s) 8d25df60a9796404544f51b46f4d3952.pdf
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685077 Lic. María Teresa Trincado Agudo - Manual de enfermería nefrourológica (0, ) (0s) 839815bed9fed08d57a79776481f6e89.pdf
685078 Louise Welsh - The Bullet Trick (2007, Canongate U.S.) (253s) 52419c379e2ce4c0a30dbfb6217ce239.epub
685079 Louise Welsh - The Bullet Trick (2007, Canongate U.S.) (225s) d588f6193dbb706338efdf4b46164d1b.pdf
685080 Edward C. Klatt MD, Vinay Kumar MBBS MD FRCPath - Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology, 3rd Edition (2009, Saunders) (675s) 84ff91dc09153cc17fdfb5e9430caba2.pdf
685081 Thomas Oberlies - A Grammar of Epic Sanskrit (Indian Philology and South Asian Studies) (2003, Walter de Gruyter) (346s) 881e5556ce675d986de0f0c59584d814.pdf
685082 MSc. Carlos Agustín León Román - Enfermeria en Urgencias Tomo 1 1 (2008, ) (189s) dff73ddb7af442a09a7af9225e2d4ba5.pdf
685083 Robert Scheer - The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (2010, Nation Books) (0s) f57d7b321943bda834e5c3b9057d2bc6.epub
685084 Nigel Seel - Business Strategies for the Next-Generation Network (Informa Telecoms & Media) (2006, Auerbach Publications) (314s) 2379c59ccc3dccde720e08ce8f528dc8.pdf
685085 Robert Scheer - The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (2010, Nation Books) (0s) d5802eff3d8b60ac5e3205c7f96a3b4f.pdf
685086 Thomas Tomosy - Camera Maintenance & Repair, Book 1: Fundamental Techniques: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide (Bk. 1) (1999, Amherst Media, Inc.) (0s) 61671520b06f7a54e0e4b7b582818902.pdf
685087 Gregg Hurwitz - They're Watching (2010, St. Martin's Press) (0s) 084da46cb8a843309fa936f6f54abdef.epub
685088 Angela Terrill - Biri (1998, Lincom) (112s) 9df9ac4c492c6d2416de0c5883e2ba7a.pdf
685089 Karen Ebert - Camling (Chamling) (1997, Lincom) (81s) ee0fa49b0e87e2f5faa68b41e9584b4f.pdf
685090 R. G. Collingwood - The Idea of History: With Lectures 1926-1928 (1994, Oxford University Press, USA) (0s) 2d96900f01dce3b20135a9c143498ddb.epub
685091 Graham Bradshaw - Misrepresentations: Shakespeare and the Materialists (1993, Cornell Univ Pr) (0s) 794e9cc61931175de1c3f2c2e4ac39d6.epub
685092 T.J.HOGAN I.R.THOMAS - AISC - Design of Structural Connections 4th 1994 (1994, ) (338s) 522475b110d3df9c672dcbb74cf4cca7.pdf
685093 Giorgio Melchiori - The Whole Mystery of Art: Pattern into Poetry in the Work of W.B. Yeats (1978, Greenwood Press Reprint) (0s) 5c0f11575daa874e8c2b02e29cb27420.epub
685094 Peter W. Cookson, Joshua Halberstam, Kristina Berger and Susan Mescavage - A Parent's Guide to Standardized Tests in School: How to Improve Your Child's Chances for Success (1998, Learningexpress, LLC) (232s) 759d770ef0f299b7f5d6ae4d2f9109be.pdf
685095 Park Honan - Shakespeare: A Life (2000, Oxford University Press, USA) (0s) 0abe933f493874d5c18c1b35281aa421.epub
685096 Hasan Tiro - The Drama of the Acehnese History 1873 - 1978 (0, ) (0s) 6bd9a28bf0e2968b74dd404b4748719a.pdf
685097 Harley Flanders - Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences (1989, Dover Publications) (220s) af2fc6dd21b18973ec47e7bc3ac155c5.djvu
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685099 Ronald Johnson - The Book of the Green Man (1967, W W Norton & Co Inc) (0s) 27570a011346fffbad31b4e2d4f1366f.pdf
685100 Silvia Luraghi - Hittite (1997, Lincom Europa) (75s) b69acc6363716b3ab0d38ff3b01cb383.pdf
685101 Hatch, Norman L. - The Bedrock Geology of Massachusetts: Part B (1991, U.S. Geological Survey) (295s) afdc37305ca12488804183ac149332d1.djvu
685102 Robert Duncan - The H.D. Book (1984, Frontier Press) (0s) 3f884434f5f808c7bf5931e91e8d0f20.pdf
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685109 Alison McLeod - Listening to Children: A Practitioner's Guide (2008, Jessica Kingsley Publishers) (226s) 23b245b9761ad783bbc6d4a3e4b2d2ae.pdf
685110 Snjezana Kordic - Serbo-Croatian (1997, LINCOM Europa) (75s) 2e7d9fe8c59b68b0c93c0ca212f5f68d.pdf
685111 Terry.A. Brown - Gene cloning and DNA analysis- An introduction (0, ) (405s) 151836c6dbac011c3bdef8ce691b85d3.pdf
685112 Timothy Riese - Vogul (Mansi) (2001, LINCOM Europa) (87s) 6a62ce78439d9ba79976111478754611.pdf
685113 Richard Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett - Ball Pythons (Reptile Keeper's Guides) (2000, Barron's Educational Series) (0s) b12b2d265b7cde34413ac04ce813e2ed.pdf
685114 Stephen & Kaianders illustrator Croall - Nuclear Power for Beginners, formerly titled The Anti-Nuclear Handbook (1983, NY Pantheon Books C) (168s) 89097d1c6cfbf23b830556a09d7a9d01.pdf
685115 Richard Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett - Corn Snakes (Reptile Keeper's Guides) (1999, Barron's Educational Series) (0s) ecd208c7ea9fdf8690eaf1f610f9f3a8.pdf
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685117 Richard Harrison - Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones, Volume 1 (2003, Wiley) (827s) 0b256b819abe201ca7f6983d7f77bb48.pdf
685118 Raoul Zamponi - Betoi (2003, LINCOM Europa) (64s) 03981b6f1401ab6bd9775f0d85363b57.pdf
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685120 Joseph A. Palermo - (Contemporary American history) In his own right: the political odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (2001, Columbia University Press) (369s) 4d874037a7980df3bf3c86e3916f9066.pdf
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685125 Marília Ferreira - Morfossintaxe da língua Parkatêjê (2005, LINCOM Europa) (134s) fa934ad911b08ec691b79af4fcea6cb0.pdf
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685127 Natan M. Meir - (Modern Jewish Experience) Kiev, Jewish Metropolis: A History, 1859--1914 (2010, Indiana University Press) (423s) 85a58c44447b1116c0d9fff7ad9fe305.pdf
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