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682000 Alfred Bester - The Stars My Destination (1996, Vintage) (0s) 4456e7f3e4c90d7e9aa29b3853e4ca53.epub
682001 Frankie McWhorter, John R. Erickson, Lanny Fiel - Cowboy fiddler in Bob Wills' band (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 777d7d6d275e4d35ac5e68b0309f5f53.epub
682002 Paul Allen - American crawl: poems (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 90d2d479bfe72a1bcd7b04bf67120d3e.epub
682003 Gary M. Lavergne - A sniper in the tower: the Charles Whitman mass murders (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 13c30a2b69c4eba01da0bb9424691432.epub
682004 Ceil Cleveland - Whatever happened to Jacy Farrow? (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 641de753da3bee897811c029882cd365.epub
682005 Sam Houston, Madge Thornall Roberts - The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston: 1846-1848 (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) d16e9941ce6ad6f57d1d38bc9268be36.epub
682006 Roy Bedichek, Jane Gracy Bedichek - The Roy Bedichek family letters (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) d9868337612170a766f4cc9506a58fd1.epub
682007 Carolyn Fiedler Satterwhite - Between the cracks of history: essays on teaching and illustrating folklore (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) f96b90221b9d21ed6c92b4526bafa73a.epub
682008 Francis Edward Abernethy - Texas toys and games (1997, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 8c822cd58bbf67d0e5296bcbd9806598.epub
682009 Silvio Scionti, Jack Guerry - Essays on artistic piano playing and other topics (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 51fc076a2aaffb33ea519bd8fb218a32.epub
682010 A. C. Greene - Fifty plus best books on Texas (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) d6d5a4f1835bdc7778a729defa5e3c7a.epub
682011 Bert Almon - William Humphrey: destroyer of myths (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) a97979b3de57af6dbb5cfe86985b2817.epub
682012 A. C. Greene - A Personal Country (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 4f5e87db9b111371de1e00dd288dea4f.epub
682013 Mody Coggin Boatright, Wilson Mathis Hudson, Texas Folklore Society - The best of Texas folk and folklore, 1916-1954 (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 5c8ad4cfaf75523b81cb5a94ab46d187.epub
682014 Robert S. Maxwell - Whistle in the Piney Woods: Paul Bremond and the Houston, East and West Texas Railway (1998, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 667f25c7e5323ea385adcfde6bac9f83.epub
682015 Sam Houston, Madge Thornall Roberts - The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston: 1848-1852 (1999, University of North Texas Press) (0s) ff277b010ec29204d92b717ec6cf4dad.epub
682016 Kathy Fagan - Moving & St. Rage (1999, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 7b4fd2c242617b1b7ea5515c1f92618c.epub
682017 Eddie Stimpson - My Remembers: A Black Sharecropper's Recollections of the Depression (1999, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 7100c8c294f2362a24f7a4bfaecc0f02.epub
682018 Jean Andrews - The pepper trail: history & recipes from around the world (1999, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 3b9c4858db005f3d44c2ad9e64413fe9.epub
682019 Jim Harris, Texas Folklore Society - Features and fillers: Texas journalists on Texas folklore (1999, University of North Texas Press) (0s) a944b28bf02620f9c8357c7d3ccae2e3.epub
682020 J. Frank Dobie - Coyote Wisdom (2000, University of North Texas Press) (0s) d282b306bf6390dd7f7423c97b105a17.epub
682021 Texas Folklore Society - Built in Texas (2000, University of North Texas Press) (0s) c1ecb8425c2c56651e1b272dd633e2de.epub
682022 Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell - The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago (2000, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 3830116e4602a6785dc0b5835fb9e3a9.epub
682023 John R. Erickson - Some babies grow up to be cowboys: a collection of articles and essays (2000, University of North Texas Press) (0s) ccb078d849fd86681796cac8c255c835.epub
682024 Frieda Hempel, William R. Moran, Elizabeth Johnston - My golden age of singing (1998, Amadeus Press) (0s) be7eb33b68d23b21ac38b61e3da84773.epub
682025 Harry Halbreich, Reinhard G. Pauly - Arthur Honegger (1999, Amadeus Press) (0s) 8ddcf61b648bea9b7c96f68a05fe3acf.epub
682026 Charles Timbrell - French pianism: a historical perspective (1999, Amadeus Press) (0s) adff1d387ddda8143d9a1f3c3868327b.epub
682027 Nicolai Gedda, Aino Sellermark Gedda, Tom Geddes - Nicolai Gedda: my life & art (1999, Amadeus Press) (0s) bf0409a348fd4c400910ff59eaa0263b.epub
682028 Kenneth S. Whitton - Goethe and Schubert: the unseen bond (1999, Amadeus Press) (0s) 15949df4ad35f9d33cafb48f1f2fda68.epub
682029 Mary Jane Phillips-Matz - Leonard Warren, American baritone (2000, Amadeus Press) (0s) 3557d1a8d65591b94ab513993f9d41dd.epub
682030 Orhan Koloğlu - Sorularla Vahdettin (0, ) (0s) d4b8bee8d2833cf66766225d704e47cd.epub
682031 Dina Fleet - Teach yourself Active Web database programming in 21 days (1997, Sams.net) (0s) 0fdd0fa4a2fa9c2dddb56969c884103c.epub
682032 David Karlins, Donald Dougherty, Stephanie Cottrell - Teach yourself Microsoft FrontPage 98 in a week (1998, Sams.net) (0s) d87a4c79458ae6712e69c43f02c66b34.epub
682033 Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein, Richard Zuczek - Andrew Johnson: a biographical companion (2001, ABC-CLIO) (0s) d4f6d0f0dd63b889da2da1684869c2f9.epub
682034 Patrick J. Fitzpatrick - Natural disasters: hurricanes : a reference handbook (1999, ABC-CLIO) (0s) 9851732abd00a3f630b7cfe80776524c.epub
682035 Kevin Hillstrom, Laurie Collier Hillstrom - Asia: a continental overview of environmental issues (2003, ABC-CLIO) (0s) 23e317fcdc5d39ccdd4db4748671d461.epub
682036 Brian R. Dirck - Waging war on trial: a handbook with cases, laws, and documents (2003, ABC-CLIO) (0s) 04e1e310fbd377faec8d38457f8ebd87.epub
682037 Stewart Levine - Getting to resolution: turning conflict into collaboration (1998, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 3982918f4506e6a638ed68f03445939f.epub
682038 Jack Foster - How to get ideas (1996, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 28dbca46390bc34e0c76f983db6be04d.epub
682039 Alan G. Robinson, Sam Stern - Corporate creativity: how innovation and improvement actually happen (1997, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 376b5a61511ae7744cb686bf6fc2f128.epub
682040 Sharon Drew Morgen - Selling with integrity: reinventing sales through collaboration, respect, and serving (1997, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) d020cd3e130e2ad9b26fe9d8c7dca426.epub
682041 Joel P. Henning - The future of staff groups: daring to distribute power and capacity (1997, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 12ae1f2cd9079728669a7686a3800720.epub
682042 Willis W. Harman - Global mind change: the promise of the 21st century (1998, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) b516f2caa84e5a57e6007f40f346187c.epub
682043 Robert W. Jacobs - Real-Time Strategic Change (1997, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) e4b7f3c65dd219205a51270d3f017edd.epub
682044 William E. Halal - The new management: democracy and enterprise are transforming organizations (1998, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 63b8d4a4578a18c0a1a44b985ca63470.epub
682045 Ken Blanchard, John P Carlos, Alan Randolph - Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute (1998, Berrett-Koehler) (0s) bcb38cc85a80b833424bb41dd33d272d.epub
682046 Donald L. Kirkpatrick - Evaluating training programs: the four levels (1998, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 05f85d517e0217951ec59dfcb1ce8459.epub
682047 Peggy Holman, Tom Devane - The change handbook: group methods for shaping the future (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 4af693a8d1df4f2c7f9080066ff22e17.epub
682048 Gifford Pinchot, Ron Pellman - Intrapreneuring in action: a handbook for business innovation (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 16b550739d91676a449a9f73b6c6fcfe.epub
682049 Sharif M. Abdullah - Creating a world that works for all (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) e7807a8a1e131a25b425dd2e42234aab.epub
682050 Stephen J. Butler - 401(k) today: designing, maintaining & maximizing your company's plan (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 30bdb5750a08514db141187cf6cecbad.epub
682051 Mary Hessler-Key - The Entrepreneurial Cat: 13 Ways to Transform Your Work Life (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 15347d39d5cde87c11bb497aba06f03b.epub
682052 Robert Fritz - The path of least resistance for managers: designing organizations to succeed (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) ed89298bf8a3819680a7db523cae1f9f.epub
682053 James R. Davis, Adelaide B. Davis - Managing Your Own Learning (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 5d45a85ca75a64f6ffba26ddf5fb2b09.epub
682054 Laurence D. Ackerman - Identity is destiny: leadership and the roots of value creation (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 5c79a14d6adeb746ff10caa2d4643071.epub
682055 Barry Oshry - Leading Systems: Lessons from the Power Lab (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 9bc4bae0a329991a854ac3c7867b43d6.epub
682056 Dee Hock, VISA International - Birth of the chaordic age (1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 25cde2c749937b2537494d73618f2187.epub
682057 Ellen Schwartz, Suzanne Stoddard - Taking back our lives in the age of corporate dominance (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 342405fc81deeea71073b2953f143465.epub
682058 Dr. Mark Lui, Mario Gray, Andy Chan, Josh Long - Pro Spring Integration (2011, Apress) (655s) 29c416adea0989f695bfe5d55588d3a8.pdf
682059 Janelle Barlow, Dianna Maul - Emotional value: creating strong bonds with your customers (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 9608fa089815d5ff2ba035d2d5e61b65.epub
682060 Richard H. Axelrod - Terms of engagement: changing the way we change organizations (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) bf2a630edf814b57200ae51d23ceb9ef.epub
682061 Kenneth Wayne Thomas - Intrinsic motivation at work: building energy & commitment (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) f6bb7f4452dfaae4050b7a1b6f3b60ec.epub
682062 Geoffrey M. Bellman - The beauty of the beast: breathing new life into organizations (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 0fbe08e75114361c0625d6cac5390fcb.epub
682063 Brian Tracy - The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success (2000, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) (0s) 7e37212044487a5bd366f74900bae009.epub
682064 LearningExpress (Organization) - The complete preparation guide: Police officer, Texas (1996, LearningExpress) (0s) ca5f26fbefd41605f4a58dfb3492cb15.epub
682065 Learning Express LLC, LearningExpress Staff - Firefighter Exam: The South (1997, Learning Express) (0s) 113e634954c3afcc808aeb2abfb2cc1b.epub
682066 Learning Express LLC - Sanitation Worker Exam: National Edition (0, ) (0s) a5b2a6d819283a7b6b3b6c2581b0a584.epub
682067 Learning Express LLC - Nursing Assistant Exam (1997, LearningExpress) (0s) a5c476686a645e24dd281e1a7c660128.epub
682068 LearningExpress (Organization) - Allied Health: Massachusetts (1997, Learning Express) (0s) b95ae13348f14bc2ae8ace88679e6136.epub
682069 Elizabeth L. Chesla - Read better, remember more (1997, Learning Express) (0s) cdaa55df8d69ac49677475a0ffcb6fb3.epub
682070 Elizabeth L. Chesla - Improve Your Writing for Work (1997, LearningExpress) (0s) a9fa6587df5e635d5e2c7eca16e7079e.epub
682071 Susan Capasso - Allied Health New York (1997, Learning Express) (0s) 183c866b0a3bbcd74ce0a1fb8d880ecd.epub
682072 Judith N. Meyers - Practical Vocabulary: Impress Employers & Coworkers-Come Up With the Right Word Every Time! (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 3d1988e95cc988611cc7dc8314545651.epub
682073 Cheryl Hancock - Health care career starter (1998, Learning Express) (0s) 7499f6250d565a7f9df142e4384bf15c.epub
682074 Joan Vaughn - Computer Technician Career Starter (1998, Learning Express) (0s) 955ee4597ff30350aba20be02ac498f1.epub
682075 Shirley Tarbell, Express Learning - Administrative Assistant Secretary Career Starter (1998, Learning Express) (0s) 4e0788db857e475f6592c2cc171acd19.epub
682076 Learning Express - Federal Clerical Exam (1998, Learning Express) (0s) 1f36695aed5ae1f3591736e8512f0bfb.epub
682077 Mary Hesalroad, LearningExpress (Organization) - Law enforcement career starter (1998, Learning Express) (0s) c148d4dfcee6bd37bba5dbeb7a979da1.epub
682078 Jim Gish - Civil service career starter (1997, Learning Express) (0s) 55142984ef2d26f267406e41394bf2c5.epub
682079 Elizabeth L Chesla - Reading comprehension success in twenty minutes a day (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 7d48c9d74c071c414924d4d2abffba79.epub
682080 Judith N. Meyers - Vocabulary & spelling success in 20 minutes a day (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 22068a683c91ca792c895a9404c6d2ba.epub
682081 Judith Robinovitz - Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 4fc4689bc70daeb7cd5ebf8f6bed5b09.epub
682082 Joan Della Valle, Emmett Sawyer - Teacher Career Starter (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 1318d09d830972f9cececd41e997cd5c.epub
682083 Judith A. McManus, Learning Express - Effective Business Speaking (1999, LearningExpress) (0s) 2e7eccaa62666875faf86eb95b88cc5c.epub
682084 Learning Express - ASI real estate sales exam (0, ) (0s) 8090dd8ad998bd353460f5d54ab71f6b.epub
682085 Learning Express - Texas Real Estate Sales Exam (1998, LearningExpress) (0s) 5488d921ed1f46567adb319b23862104.epub
682086 Learning Express - ASVAB Core Review: Just What You Need to Get Into the Military (0, ) (0s) f342c516314f82c3f73d2bb14821e8e7.epub
682087 LearningExpress (Organization) - Five hundred one reading comprehension questions (1999, LearningExpress) (0s) 5248a935aafacf1db5d604093fa69b43.epub
682088 Mary Masi - Culinary Arts Career Starter (1999, Learning Express) (0s) fccb65ec5edaa7f61237f2f8c5e9e5c3.epub
682089 Learning Express LLC, LearningExpress Staff - California Real Estate Sales Exam (1999, Learning Express) (0s) 7a0d54feb633f2490af0fe08bd7e680a.epub
682090 Barbara Jund - Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day (2000, LearningExpress) (0s) e72c471feed875e7d36add1516d7d7bc.epub
682091 Debbie Y. Thompson - Geometry Success in 20 Minutes a Day (2000, LearningExpress) (0s) 8be5ab82191255edaa44d790ab076434.epub
682092 Thomas L. Purvis - A dictionary of American history (1997, Wiley-Blackwell) (0s) 5ec80da8c1b64bc60d0c39b3ba2f9587.epub
682093 Clive Cussler, Dirk Cussler - (Dirk Pitt Book 18) Dirk Pitt 18 Black Wind (2006, Berkley) (0s) 87db410cd03fd7a1bbe2edeb645717c9.epub
682094 Ed Bas - Indoor air quality: a guide for facility managers (1996, Upword Pub.) (0s) 3336a3d6da7eb2f8c076f4c86d696d35.epub
682095 Maggie Smith - Interiors management: a guide for facility managers (1996, Upword Pub.) (0s) ccf5c6e6c35a4b60698002cc59af2843.epub
682096 Carter Myers - Intelligent buildings: a guide for facility managers (1996, Upword Pub.) (0s) d410e3970c098d568132db38e3a6395a.epub
682097 Regina Clarke - Environmental management: a guide for facility managers (1996, UpWord Pub.) (0s) 62449873966fd5a3112bdf765f7aab17.epub
682098 Robert N. Reid - Water quality & systems: a guide for facility managers (1996, UpWord Pub.) (0s) 4bcea68f49e19c5c1b8d734861760e98.epub
682099 Damon Wood - Lighting upgrades: a guide for facility managers (1996, UpWord Pub.) (0s) 13f462ac2dce6d930fccac7d0e89920c.epub
682100 Joseph F. Gustin - Safety management: a guide for facility managers (1996, UpWord Pub.) (0s) 4bedcdf8ef69697d46c867c84297e07d.epub
682101 Katherine Martin - Women of courage: inspiring stories from the women who lived them (1999, New World Library) (0s) bcd18318e770f591c9bf17c0f1becb9a.epub
682102 Gülünesi Aşklar - Milan Kundera (0, ) (0s) 4a23fa7469f36408357fab18b333b724.epub
682103 Alan Huffman - Ten Point: deer camp in the Mississippi Delta (1997, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 586e9fd2b3c527f31a8d2d9e46959c5a.epub
682104 Donald M. Kartiganer, Ann J. Abadie - Faulkner in cultural context: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 1995 (1997, University Press of Mississippi) (0s) f7eda20962f5c2203e2d490b9285ed33.epub
682105 Kenneth M. Johnson - The Johnson family singers: we sang for our supper (1997, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 17b7f7d67311a7973da65957649b6057.epub
682106 Francis G. Serio - Understanding Dental Health (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) ba3de86885cfeff487a1b0a222473c61.epub
682107 Sebastian Danchin - Blues Boy: the life and music of B.B. King (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 1afeab96862b451c9a0247cb0d1fb56b.epub
682108 Carolyn A. Haynes - Divine destiny: gender and race in nineteenth-century Protestantism (1998, University Press of Mississippi) (0s) 55f5026996c36d0244f038ea99f4c028.epub
682109 Ted Olson - Blue Ridge folklife (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 2b45223d51f428484ff86d8cbaeac947.epub
682110 R. Gordon Kelly - Mystery fiction and modern life (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) c0a9017faa8d74c8d483f35fb0ddd2bd.epub
682111 Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua - The Jim dilemma: reading race in Huckleberry Finn (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 7ed4baa0879b71571645d04629691d12.epub
682112 Martha J. Cutter - Unruly tongue: identity and voice in American women's writing, 1850-1930 (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 940b0c44a3157259d121703469018e43.epub
682113 Jim Neilson - Warring fictions: American literary culture and the Vietnam War narrative (1998, University Press of Mississippi) (0s) 97398f68c4cdd91cdac82d3cc9d25910.epub
682114 Diana Loercher Pazicky - Cultural orphans in America (1998, University Press of Mississippi) (0s) f1f26ed3e0d61225fbd78caaca36515c.epub
682115 Mark I. Solomon - The cry was unity: communists and African Americans, 1917-36 (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 2a9121d014a6f9df657414e7abaf69e2.epub
682116 M. Lynn Weiss - Gertrude Stein and Richard Wright: the poetics and politics of modernism (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 94f37d0ff8c1ef968f12207f83fda26c.epub
682117 Emily Toth - Unveiling Kate Chopin (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) eebe88a392940b87366487bf768ecbdc.epub
682118 Noel Polk - Children of the dark house: text and context in Faulkner (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 7defd7f4ba23644e373980b98465d649.epub
682119 William Demby - Beetlecreek (1998, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 13387de78729003cf4f8ce2fdce3106d.epub
682120 Philip Page - Reclaiming community in contemporary African-American fiction (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 8de24888584324711eed155e47a08654.epub
682121 Janet Sharp Hermann - The Pursuit of a Dream (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 6d047e11e58c83df016a2fcb52ee21a2.epub
682122 Jon Woodson - To make a new race: Gurdjieff, Toomer, and the Harlem Renaissance (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 9dfc1cbb27f8400fe148dfc1879dd164.epub
682123 Lawrence Grobel, James Albert Michener - Talking with Michener (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 68a3b28170fcf5371ce7908a44eb3236.epub
682124 Gerhard Kubik - Africa and the blues (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) f48545ba3fad1d3682b3dad67778f43e.epub
682125 Erika Brady - A spiral way: how the phonograph changed ethnography (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) cfbd5129a5a85e62aadf2d0a89bac4c3.epub
682126 Tom Cowman, Greg Cowman - Secrets of a New Orleans Chef: Recipes from Tom Cowman's Cookbook (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) da97174e836b6fbe533584052607aa83.epub
682127 Scott Hamilton Suter - Shenandoah Valley folklife (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) ce9fe4627be9cc85be1f092f1c72b550.epub
682128 Jordana Y. Shakoor - Civil rights childhood (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 50d5ebb8304ced036d7d8661a827a88c.epub
682129 Christine Bold - The WPA guides: mapping America (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) debbd70f69622b819311b2036d3e3b98.epub
682130 Michael B. Ballard - Civil War Mississippi: a guide (2000, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 3843fe346586c2e13c7ec4f219c9d9bf.epub
682131 Gay Walley - Strings attached (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 1afbe5b594a047605bccb86e84b7f78a.epub
682132 Ray E. Sheriff, Y. Fun Hu - Mobile Satellite Communication Networks (2001, Wiley) (380s) b4e9a16097c42d8027f4507a6b5bc3c0.pdf
682133 Stephen E. Ambrose, Richard H. Immerman - Ike's spies: Eisenhower and the espionage establishment (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) d282393c74d135e6e6d36e8c457a8470.epub
682134 Patricia Bradley - Slavery, Propaganda, and the American Revolution (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) eb27a25505c09ffbc65d893ebaeae363.epub
682135 Asia Booth Clarke - John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir (1999, Univ. Press of Mississippi) (0s) 32ab43f2c1741edd7047b7ed12f7dcc8.epub
682136 Detlev J. Hoch - Secrets of software success: management insights from 100 software firms around the world (2000, Harvard Business Press) (0s) b09dad2a02180caa5dc742603c2edfad.epub
682137 Randy Komisar, Kent L. Lineback - The monk and the riddle: the education of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur (2000, Harvard Business Press) (0s) e2e644872ed5b301a5a3deadfda793fc.epub
682138 Erich Joachimsthaler, Harvard Business Review, David A. Aaker, John Quelch, David Kenny, Vijay Vishwanath - Harvard business review on brand management (1999, Harvard Business Press) (0s) b0b40ba97eede7f8941582bdfe669983.epub
682139 Joan Magretta - Managing in the new economy (1999, Harvard Business Press) (0s) 35a7a913fe0d21c7d99315a0fab71b06.epub
682140 Stephanie Lowell, Harvard University. Graduate School of Business Administration - The Harvard Business School guide to careers in the nonprofit sector (2000, Harvard Business School) (0s) cc63a36d044b71ff529892a35db71c21.epub
682141 Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins, Paul Hawken, Forest Reinhardt, Robert Shapiro - Harvard business review on business and the environment (2000, Harvard Business School Press) (0s) ad78aab00245379c7be2ce05da5cbb1b.epub
682142 Carliss Y. Baldwin, Kim B. Clark, Joan Magretta, Jeffrey H. Dyer, Marshall Fisher - Harvard business review on managing the value chain (2000, Harvard Business Press) (0s) da0cfa914bebfbf9f31b9e6bc36cd251.epub
682143 Norman R. Augustine, Anurag Sharma, N. Craig Smith, Robert J. Thomas - Harvard business review on crisis management (2000, Harvard Business Press) (0s) 008918eec7ddbdce76ccd89caff50b96.epub
682144 Harvard Business School Press - Harvard business review on negotiation and conflict resolution (2000, Harvard Business School Press) (0s) b88bbcb875cfceec2bb57399dc8d8dbc.epub
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