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681000 Sheldon, Ruth Sheldon Knowles - Bob Wills: hubbin' it (1995, Country Music Foundation Pr.) (0s) e0c0b26ea88f58d00727cf80c0bb7557.epub
681001 Michael J. Manfredo - Influencing human behavior: theory and application in recreation, tourism, and natural resources management (1992, Sagamore Pub. Inc.) (0s) 2d7b3810467ad4c12d96535b1ebd8445.epub
681002 Joseph J. Bannon - Take charge!: a ''how to'' approach for solving everybody problems (1992, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) 6a3da3bb57b1b1ec05a8e3a4ddd75ed9.epub
681003 Joseph J. Bannon, James Busser - Problem solving in recreation and parks (1992, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) 25fc732d7843f3b3168f70cd13d354fa.epub
681004 Kerry Eggers, Dwight Jaynes - Against the world: a behind-the-scenes look at the Portland Trail Blazers' chase for the NBA championship (1992, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) 7d10d6df0f5727c436d7f57c7892db7c.epub
681005 Lou Boudreau, Russell Schneider, Rich Schneider - Lou Boudreau: Covering All the Bases (1993, Sports Publishing LLC) (0s) b51f6f8f3723eac1003dd6c20c919210.epub
681006 Mike Bass, Cincinnati Reds (Baseball team) - Marge Schott: unleashed (1993, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) a316f868ec7063f1ae04cbf0ba948d47.epub
681007 Sam Farmer - Bitter Roses: An Inside Look at the Washington Huskies' Turbulent Year (1993, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) e7f56c2b5cd26b8a25906b9c24883dcd.epub
681008 Minnie Minoso, Herb Fagen - Just Call Me Minnie: My Six Decades in Baseball (1994, Sports Publishing LLC) (0s) 013773c9bdf4df8432df82121e5d7f2f.epub
681009 J. Robert Rossman - Recreation programming: designing leisure experiences (1995, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) 340ab21d8f6c4a0a292ad411d3f1cd0a.epub
681010 Lynn Anne Barnett - Research about leisure: past, present and future (1995, Sagamore Pub.) (0s) dcf4e9df2d8ddc3ab4b2457585e6b884.epub
681011 Susan R. Edginton, Christopher R. Edginton - Youth programs: promoting quality services (1994, Sagamore Publishing) (0s) 0368cf7ad0d1362056fc43e8358f6756.epub
681012 Houston A. Baker - No matter where you travel, you still be Black: poems (1979, Lotus Press) (0s) aca174b86144cdbe3853c52b8082ddf4.epub
681013 Naomi Cornelia Long Madgett - Adam of Ifé: Black women in praise of Black men : poems (1992, Lotus Press) (0s) 4977cc3540571e5a5fee9e3ed2fd9e0a.epub
681014 Ruth Ellen Kocher - Desdemona's fire: poems (1999, Lotus Press) (0s) 8750483470e010a94f56e7709bca439a.epub
681015 Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer - American bypaths: essays in honor of E. Hudson Long (1980, Markham Press Fund) (0s) 6c0f7743c925de41e6fe254ce93da856.epub
681016 James Edward Wood - Religion and the state: essays in honor of Leo Pfeffer (1985, Baylor University Press) (0s) d44a9ecb051721cbffb0adc9893b95bd.epub
681017 Cyrus Mason, W. Craig Turner - The poet Robert Browning and his kinsfolk (0, ) (0s) 9f305a7ea1b66590d6bbe9d783973bfb.epub
681018 Randy Moore, Botanical Society of America. Developmental and Structural Section, National Science Foundation (U.S.). Developmental Biology Panel - Vegetative compatibility responses in plants (1983, Baylor University Press) (0s) 35ac091dbe74bd2923285d7d6de89b91.epub
681019 William Jackson Kilgore, Robert M. Baird - Contemporary essays on Greek ideas: the Kilgore festschrift (1987, Baylor University Press) (0s) d6fd79f32c8a1662be5147d51f9999c3.epub
681020 Lynda Beck Fenwick - Should the children pray?: a historical, judicial, and political examination of public school prayer (1989, Markham Press Fund of Baylor University Press) (0s) 8703c8c4ac2bbe32b688550973432529.epub
681021 John W. Fox, Calvin B. Smith - Proboscidean and Paleoindian interactions (1992, Markham Press Fund of Baylor University Press) (0s) a1f87bebb652369343afe1026ac804a9.epub
681022 Robert Thomas Miller - Toward benevolent neutrality: church, state, and the Supreme Court, Volume 1 (1996, Markham Press Fund of Baylor University Press) (0s) 7ba3a6e50cf60b80e932465776bdaee0.epub
681023 Dan K. Utley, James Wright Steely - Guided with a steady hand: the cultural landscape of a rural Texas park (1998, Baylor University Press) (0s) ff8e6f654bf321ced84e7149d566deed.epub
681024 Lois E. Myers - Letters by lamplight: a woman's view of everyday life in South Texas, 1873-1883 (1999, Baylor University Press) (0s) 27c70bdd89780257b200f9ff406c6bd7.epub
681025 Warren McWilliams - Dear Chris: letters on the life of faith (1999, Baylor University Press) (0s) c91498a840ae1bcec35ad0aab387c373.epub
681026 Marie-Luise von Franz - Alchemy: an introduction to the symbolism and the psychology (1980, Inner City Books) (0s) 30b4ba1cc89560f733b121260ec87d97.epub
681027 Sylvia Brinton Perera - Descent to the Goddess: a way of initiation for women (1981, Inner City Books) (0s) d4f2796b80d436478e2eaf9ddd9e9ad5.epub
681028 John P. Dourley - C.G. Jung and Paul Tillich: the psyche as sacrament (1981, Inner City Books) (0s) 4a8c01ba57284313388ba61c500279fa.epub
681029 Bradley Alan Te Paske - Rape and ritual: a psychological study (1982, Inner City Books) (0s) c84b0a93ab9a43c56f8a84b4a1579042.epub
681030 Marion Woodman - Addiction to perfection: the still unravished bride : a psychological study (1982, Inner City Books) (0s) 9c39931fc4ea4d6785fe2618e37a07e6.epub
681031 Edward F. Edinger - The creation of consciousness: Jung's myth for modern man (1984, Inner City Books) (0s) 6a98a65cec32547b3eb9e4d41deee080.epub
681032 Edward F. Edinger - Encounter with the self: a Jungian commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job (1986, Inner City Books) (0s) 33b054c832f7fa723e7f50f2f888716f.epub
681033 Edward F. Edinger - The Bible and the psyche: individuation symbolism in the Old Testament (1986, Inner City Books) (0s) 0464e65c6a5cdece0926238728f8d073.epub
681034 Daryl Sharp - Personality types: Jung's model of typology (1987, Inner City Books) (0s) 03c25d16bab41bf3beaa650d894341fd.epub
681035 Laurie Layton Schapira - The Cassandra complex: living with disbelief : a modern perspective on hysteria (1988, Inner City Books) (0s) 6be266bcfaf0125bf5e5bf67daa432b7.epub
681036 Daryl Sharp - Dear Gladys: the survival papers (1989, Inner City Books) (0s) 093ac9776de76f90b6b5e1c8f7ae15e8.epub
681037 Eugene Monick - Castration and male rage: the phallic wound (1991, Inner City Books) (0s) 97fff1eb284fc1dbc8d8a86a134febc2.epub
681038 Janet O. Dallett - Saturday's child: encounters with the dark gods (1991, Inner City Books) (0s) 2bc33eec115ce17c4a3e46d7c7a4a9ec.epub
681039 Graham Jackson - The secret lore of gardening: patterns of male intimacy (1991, Inner City Books) (0s) e5d6d3f229d90f51a56beecebf020466.epub
681040 Daryl Sharp - Getting to know you: the inside out of relationship (1992, Inner City Books) (0s) 54bad7c737d8bd1d6ae2dc85027ccd0b.epub
681041 John P. Dourley - A strategy for a loss of faith: Jung's proposal (1992, Inner City Books) (0s) 3b90cf5e53ab8151f2d33ee9e186e545.epub
681042 James Hollis - The middle passage: from misery to meaning in midlife (1993, Inner City Books) (0s) e785d85665bc7770cc0f15da32ba1f31.epub
681043 Daryl Sharp - Chicken Little: the inside story : a Jungian romance (1993, Inner City Books) (0s) 79fca2eea04783e379d487b3e6962de6.epub
681044 Jane R. Prétat - Coming to age: the croning years and late-life transformation (1994, Inner City Books) (0s) eac5abf1990c6d8cab3cb8868ac26fcd.epub
681045 Edward F. Edinger, Joan Dexter Blackmer - The Mysterium lectures: a journey through C.G. Jung's Mysterium coniunctionis (1995, Inner City Books) (0s) 31069a5eceef51c7c9b8085e51661106.epub
681046 Edward F. Edinger, Joan Dexter Blackmer - The mystery of the coniunctio: alchemical image of individuation (1994, Inner City Books) (0s) f0c7a5fda3feee2a414ed47679cbc70f.epub
681047 Rivkah Schärf Kluger - Psyche in scripture: the idea of the chosen people and other essays (1995, Inner City Books) (0s) 1d134fe7e4e6b0fb54c25a8ab05cc0ee.epub
681048 David Edgar Schoen - Divine tempest: the hurricane as a psychic phenomenon (1998, Inner City Books) (0s) 8f2e6ca7a576bf44f82e06a84eda3f2f.epub
681049 Ann Yeoman - Now or Neverland: Peter Pan and the myth of eternal youth : a psychological perspective on a cultural icon (1998, Inner City Books) (0s) e301ef7eac35acd3fd19a44f461a67f3.epub
681050 Joel Covitz - Visions in the night: Jungian and ancient dream interpretation (2000, Inner City Books) (0s) 4fb679edd56a3642a36357585dbe2023.epub
681051 Catherine Wilson - Civilization and oppressión (1999, University of Calgary Press) (0s) c7fc5ebb3aa8e70e2a7bc82031204fc3.epub
681052 Anthea Trodd - A reader's guide to Edwardian literature (1991, University of Calgary Press) (0s) 03db5a766bf9593569d49ea90359c5c6.epub
681053 Phil Dellio, Scott Woods - I Wanna Be Sedated: Pop Music in the Seventies (1993, Sound and Vision) (0s) ef2802dc7ac206b4a5a43501eb11d979.epub
681054 David E. Walden, Mike Duncan - How to Stay Awake During: During Anybody's Second Movement (1996, Sound and Vision) (0s) 32091b3eb6fa36fe95e0816723db7d48.epub
681055 Daniel Theaker, Mike Freen - A Working Musician's Joke Book (1997, Sound and Vision) (0s) 4320aea490bdd89806b93a5d7c73a2c2.epub
681056 Kevin Reeves - The Composers: A Hystery of Music (1998, Sound and Vision) (0s) c4a22a6a0107105eb5df8426a2ae2911.epub
681057 Irving A. Cohen - Addiction: the high-low trap (1995, Health Press) (0s) 0f2e548e036fc488569c929fe582838a.epub
681058 Jan Willis - Beautiful Again: Restoring Your Image and Enhancing Body Changes (1994, Health Press) (0s) 170ce89cf977904fcb9213c64acf87e3.epub
681059 Michael Murphy - Popsicle Fish: Tales of Fathering (1996, Health Press) (0s) 8ce5788795f9e43fe9790ad3adb6875f.epub
681060 George R. Schwartz - In Bad Taste: The MSG Symptom Complex (1999, Health Press) (0s) da255bbda848588f48b5fb1119e9f058.epub
681061 Joyce Gibson Roach - The cowgirls (1990, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 9ced878bbdedb2886a88698e0208e5b4.epub
681062 James T. F. Tanner - The Texas legacy of Katherine Anne Porter (1991, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 3c20505324c8fbc7c8d132de22770298.epub
681063 Evelyn Oppenheimer, Gilbert Onderdonk - Gilbert Onderdonk: the nurseryman of Mission Valley, pioneer horticulturist (1991, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 5c8e7377094f2c9ba8a8af56dd591421.epub
681064 Jerry Bradley - Simple versions of disaster (1991, University of North Texas Press) (0s) ae188d5e87d1f03bee4b579e22a68f92.epub
681065 Clive Gifford, DK Publishing - MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS (DK Eyewitness Books) (1960, DK CHILDREN) (59s) 20497079ff2123873d667ee99d42b25f.pdf
681066 George William Jones - Black cinema treasures: lost and found (1991, University of North Texas) (0s) 2cf9b35f8d8c583b14b61f1e14daf460.epub
681067 Deborah Lightfoot Sizemore - The LH7 Ranch in the city's shadow: from longhorns to the Salt Grass Trail (1991, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 115e4a135f7eb249ad651df4081612a1.epub
681068 James Ward Lee, Carolyn N. Barnes, Kent A. Bowman - 1941: Texas goes to war (1991, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 4e3e95abbca79aea3dced8c1859f11bd.epub
681069 Joyce Gibson Roach - This place of memory: a Texas perspective : a collection (1992, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 49a40d506b66cfd9b881e195b683aed6.epub
681070 Mark Busby - Larry McMurtry and the West: an ambivalent relationship (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) aac7ebf6726390751aedeabf38405676.epub
681071 Robert Flynn, Susan Russell - When I was just your age (1992, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 86ecbf6da0b8a728807c3fc15c0d5465.epub
681072 Judd Holt - A Promise to Catie (1992, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 4c0b5ecaf682ae74ab7ca69c1121e6c6.epub
681073 Patricia Smith Prather, Jane Clements Monday - From slave to statesman: the legacy of Joshua Houston, servant to Sam Houston (1993, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 8f32500629ba3e97036a114c48cea08a.epub
681074 James Thomas Jackson, June Acosta - Waiting in line at the drugstore: and other writings of James Thomas Jackson (1993, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 82190fb2becd1207fc80e0322ef02573.epub
681075 Madge Thornall Roberts - Star of destiny: the private life of Sam and Margaret Houston (1993, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 15574357d1b9634b0794e32dcc4dad15.epub
681076 Francis Edward Abernethy, Texas Folklore Society - Corners of Texas (1993, University of North Texas Press) (0s) fc8c8235e37262e159974aef596ce9a6.epub
681077 John R. Erickson - Catch rope: the long arm of the cowboy (1994, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 269f2bb9cecfa7507f5caa8be21cd5f6.epub
681078 Francis Edward Abernethy - Singin' Texas (1994, University of North Texas Press) (0s) e782886f9ff8e3551e8f0389e4511b08.epub
681079 Linda Aaker - A woman's odyssey: journals, 1976-1992 (1994, University of North Texas Press) (0s) d2c0200bdd0a33c62e2b7a9cbd9b8cb6.epub
681080 Francis Edward Abernethy, Texas Foundation for Women's Resources - Legendary ladies of Texas, Issue 53 (1994, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 21d427f1a5628ed4f6bb28b1b1ab416b.epub
681081 Francis Edward Abernethy - Texas Folklore Society: 1943-1971 (1994, University of North Texas Press) (0s) e9d3635ba0c23e3424fbea919fedc52a.epub
681082 Lawrence D. Collins - The 56th Evac. Hospital: letters of a WWII army doctor (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 0eb4ccaec343a358aebcf85cfd32cfce.epub
681083 David Gelsanliter - Fresh ink: behind the scenes at a major metropolitan newspaper (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 2f238c942208b4576345fdd8f19587ec.epub
681084 Evelyn Oppenheimer - A book lover in Texas (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 4b761279e7491f6b03d6ed7bf12495a4.epub
681085 Patricia Baldwin, Patricia L. Baldwin - Covering the campus: the history of The chronicle of higher education, 1966-1993 (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) ee495f9093d8624954b9f8b0d1b1a965.epub
681086 Lewis C. Rigler, Judyth Wagner Rigler - In the line of duty: reflections of a Texas Ranger private (1995, University of North Texas Press) (0s) 103a9926a33e1c5b5af2abb9eefeed6c.epub
681087 Trenton W. Batson, Eugene Bergman - Angels and Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature (1985, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 0deb6c73bfa8d935e849d6294c9e58db.epub
681088 Susan Gibbons Chaplin - I can sign my ABCs (1987, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) e7612b0f903fa15dfa2afca69b65b5ae.epub
681089 Pamela J. Baker, Patricia Bellan Gillen - My First Book of Sign (1986, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 505687ed40c8d7ceed949bc46945b92e.epub
681090 Virginia M. Scott - Belonging (1987, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) b43f60de70b4067769d3f48078d40de1.epub
681091 Patricia Bellan Gillen - My signing book of numbers (1988, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 3aa28c5faed387229d7f906244d86d88.epub
681092 Anne Marie Starowitz - The Day We Met Cindy (1988, K. Green Publications) (0s) 6126f57bb89b2967188ecc6a762f0afa.epub
681093 Bernard Bragg, Eugene Bergman - Lessons in laughter: the autobiography of a deaf actor (1989, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 0162576ac90a26311b66489142c77c5d.epub
681094 John V. Van Cleve, Barry A. Crouch - A place of their own: creating the deaf community in America (1989, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 3ad3f132a4447ba95d703a85d733329f.epub
681095 Jack R. Gannon, Jeff Beatty, Chun Louie - The week the world heard Gallaudet (1989, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 2ce79021da3acc3c425dbc5ab7fd1fa2.epub
681096 Charlotte Himber - How to survive hearing loss (1989, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 3d4e564a6ded97d8347a5386b7a69e80.epub
681097 Leonard G. Lane, Jan Skrobisz - Gallaudet survival guide to signing (1990, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 9df8dac788ba382fefe21f91f4c5482d.epub
681098 David S. Martin - Advances in cognition, education, and deafness (1991, Gallaudet University Press) (0s) 8f81ec0abdbd6cf10c6672c48c7416ec.epub
681099 George Acquaah - Practical protein electrophoresis for genetic research (1992, Dioscorides Press) (0s) 008d91a3a52ee1a52b798ec8843e4070.epub
681100 Edward F. Anderson - Plants and people of the Golden Triangle: ethnobotany of the hill tribes of northern Thailand (1993, Dioscorides Press) (0s) f41ac8a8587f89ef521f0b07d9df31f4.epub
681101 Muhammad Iqbal - Growth patterns in vascular plants (1994, Dioscorides Press) (0s) e68620a674fc86e30138fb1d430828cd.epub
681102 Heinz Gärtner - Constanze Mozart: after the Requiem (1991, Amadeus Press) (0s) 93fb1a1efcad3b5852eb9d7bfdae76ee.epub
681103 John Ardoin, John Hunt - The Furtwängler record (1994, Amadeus Press) (0s) 269c1d8c21f0a91818b55ee4225bf777.epub
681104 Caroline Bancroft - Silver queen, the fabulous story of Baby Doe Tabor (1955, Big Earth Publishing) (0s) 5b854531e5f559b26c851bccac5a1598.epub
681105 Edward Kadlecek, Mabell Kadlecek - To kill an eagle: Indian views on the death of Crazy Horse (1981, Johnson Books) (0s) 05f04db9fb268326cec6cf97316a1c22.epub
681106 Kim Crumbo - A river runner's guide to the history of the Grand Canyon (1981, Johnson Books) (0s) fcf73408f39dff23f5ba7e9b6b6b3bd6.epub
681107 Richmond Walker - The Seven Points of Alcoholics Anonymous (1990, Glen Abbey Books) (0s) ecd302383c84c317978ea6e65780f370.epub
681108 Willard Ross Yates - Joseph Wharton: Quaker industrial pioneer (1987, Lehigh University Press) (0s) b20e529f4e57eb056693e98a1ab1697b.epub
681109 David Lovekin - Technique, discourse, and consciousness: an introduction to the philosophy of Jacques Ellul (1991, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 60273321d1bf21f6ff60a79eaaabe87a.epub
681110 Perry D. Westbrook - A literary history of New England (1988, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 22451814c1219318c9c476b4daa1c6bf.epub
681111 Melvin Kranzberg, Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Robert C. Post - In context: history and the history of technology : essays in honor of Melvin Kranzberg (1989, Lehigh University Press) (0s) adf67c0761285a89fa3571706d50053e.epub
681112 Paul Eisler - My life with the printed circuit (1989, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 492f8595dca67eaea0c5b1d52a793e3c.epub
681113 Cotton Mather, William J. Scheick - Two Mather biographies: Life and death and Parentator (1989, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 1935f74da60869433f0d52f42f7561da.epub
681114 Gayle L. Ormiston - From artifact to habitat: studies in the critical engagement of technology (1990, Lehigh University Press) (0s) c181a38debcd6d859022b578f3f17904.epub
681115 Peter A. Coates - The Trans-Alaska Pipeline controversy: technology, conservation, and the frontier (1991, Lehigh University Press) (0s) c2ca5f0930131692ce7212db0f4d87cf.epub
681116 Elizabeth Garber - Beyond history of science: essays in honor of Robert E. Schofield (1990, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 53571d8bab5ae520365cfb3ca7e5e876.epub
681117 Clark A. Elliott, Margaret W. Rossiter - Science at Harvard University: historical perspectives (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 8428fced2b8c3722ec40f2b6f9df468a.epub
681118 Jonathan Goldstein, Jerry Israel, Hilary Conroy - America views China: American images of China then and now (1991, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 7a3cf82d570cc0cd3e3a5730c66835a3.epub
681119 Frederick Frankena - Strategies of expertise in technical controversies: a study of wood energy development (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 8f1434eba77df96e714a8e9d2e308404.epub
681120 Paul T. Durbin - Critical perspectives on nonacademic science and engineering (1991, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 3180503ad7f682ed166573b460ea446b.epub
681121 Thomas Münzer, Michael G. Baylor - Revelation and revolution: basic writings of Thomas Müntzer (1993, Lehigh University Press) (0s) feb3ed79d530e423d07def3e0393ec14.epub
681122 Willard Ross Yates - Lehigh University: a history of education in engineering, business, and the human condition (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 29ca9ab17481dfaaf189754e208d1bca.epub
681123 Tevfik F. Nas, Mehmet Odekon - Economics and politics of Turkish liberalization (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 715bd0de9818a27530f0f7d4186c570d.epub
681124 Mark L. Greenberg, Lance Schachterle - Literature and technology (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 245bd88be54eebbc1622e8b3bbccdb25.epub
681125 Sal P. Restivo - Science, society, and values: toward a sociology of objectivity (1994, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 3d02e28cd69ddcfc0a54824c962710ea.epub
681126 John C. Greene, Gladys L. H. Clark - The Dublin stage, 1720-1745: a calendar of plays, entertainments, and afterpieces (1993, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 6f8844b3d7ad2531d95c9ebf71513ca4.epub
681127 James A. Hijiya - Lee de Forest and the fatherhood of radio (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 5d546f778617715e4e766e4a83e06204.epub
681128 Stephen H. Cutcliffe - New worlds, new technologies, new issues (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 4713c52b80c0631cec1c53f0c31f86d4.epub
681129 Christoph Martin Wieland, Max Dufner - History of the Abderites (1993, Lehigh University Press) (0s) a085bdf429ee10369209a67399f72a62.epub
681130 Richard K. Matthews - Virtue, corruption, and self-interest: political values in the eighteenth century (1994, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 46a07ab6e0b23e0a5ab6f8928fb3e272.epub
681131 Paul T. Durbin - Social responsibility in science, technology, and medicine (1992, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 5a3e0821d8b55dc43303312ad57a82fb.epub
681132 Steven L. Goldman - Competitiveness and American society (1993, Lehigh University Press) (0s) f8dec474fd7d8ac39233591341679010.epub
681133 Edward Hutchins Davidson, William J. Scheick, Thomas Paine - Paine, Scripture, and authority: the Age of reason as religious and political idea (1994, Lehigh University Press) (0s) fc31117428630962f5b55979440cba70.epub
681134 William Kornbluth, Carl Calendar, Edith Kornbluth - Sentenced to remember: my legacy of life in pre-1939 Poland and sixty-eight months of Nazi occupation (1994, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 9bf6c65435f1b3c71cda892e9724a367.epub
681135 Margaret Maud McKellar, Dolores L. Latorre - Life on a Mexican ranche (1994, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 171d63d970a1ad2a38f84b0ca9535072.epub
681136 Louise Schleiner - Cultural semiotics, Spenser, and the captive woman (1995, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 515e796f44f0595bcc0aa871cc622fd9.epub
681137 Mary Ellen Pitts - Toward a dialogue of understandings: Loren Eiseley and the critique of science (1995, Lehigh University Press) (0s) 5222723b2ed7aab1a1680a64bb99eb8a.epub
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