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678000 World Bank - Developing the Occupied Territories: Overview (1993, World Bank) (0s) bf6755b1c5784443748af4141b084303.epub
678001 World Bank - Developing the Occupied Territories: Private sector development (1993, World Bank) (0s) 6d448b498dfddbde6edfe533d0179866.epub
678002 World Bank - Uganda: social sectors (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) 62d81ccfd2cc50fa13c5d29a5c722296.epub
678003 Hans Jürgen Peters - The maritime transport crisis (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) 3a0042cc99986e8c02b4cbff082db1bf.epub
678004 Ruben Lamdany, World Bank - Russia: the banking system during transition (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) 1f7b2ba87d4ef4ca20f9673a882cb36f.epub
678005 Janis D. Bernstein - Land use considerations in urban environmental management (1994, Published for the Urban Management Programme by the World Bank) (0s) 57186b45491d238c6067b70f31f345f1.epub
678006 David Wigg - Of mosaics and mosques: a look at the campaign to preserve cultural heritage (1994, World Bank) (0s) 020ac88790afac03bc84f41e1f2ecb60.epub
678007 Peter A. Dewees - Trees, land, and labor (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) 2d1422ea23e76caf88a3609ab9cf862c.epub
678008 John English, Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore - Land resource management in Machakos District, Kenya, 1930-1990 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) e82910f2b5a3a17d57862bc5b3475854.epub
678009 Carter Brandon, Ramesh Ramankutty - Toward an environmental strategy for Asia (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) e224709a6b271bc22cd8df0bb0bf4ead.epub
678010 Carter Brandon, Ramesh Ramankutty - Toward an environmental strategy for Asia: a summary of a World Bank discussion paper, Issue 224 (1993, World Bank Publications) (0s) 3a49c61f11388d6905f2779558d154c2.epub
678011 Jean Baneth - 'Fortress Europe'' and other myths about trade: policies towards merchandise imports in the EC and other major industrial economies (and what they mean for developing countries) (1993, World Bank) (0s) 981978ec8a8b25de5da3b7a01bc8b059.epub
678012 Alain Bertaud, Bertrand Renaud - Cities without land markets: lessons of the failed socialist experiment, Parts 63-227 (1994, World Bank) (0s) 9d3af60993ba24190350a55280ee8473.epub
678013 World Bank - China: foreign trade reform (1994, World Bank) (0s) 26d3b7220d1841f6ce12217f8da732b7.epub
678014 Robin W. Bates, Janusz Cofala, Michael A. Toman - Alternative policies for the control of air pollution in Poland (1994, World Bank) (0s) 28bc02ec9a908c1479e45fe05cd381f3.epub
678015 Michael Bamberger, Abdullahi Mohamed Yahie, George Matovu, Economic Development Institute (Washington, D.C.), Uganda Management Institute - The design and management of poverty reduction programs and projects in Anglophone Africa: proceedings of a seminar sponsored jointly by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank and the Uganda Management Institute, Part 46 (1996, World Bank Publications) (0s) db684fd69b896f0b9797a4e0afcfe2b6.epub
678016 Robert E. McAuliffe - The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, Managerial Economics (Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management) (Volume 8) (2006, Wiley-Blackwell) (0s) 0d05b3fdda23bae0b2682c1cd7909cf4.pdf
678017 Saha Dhevan Meyanathan - Managing restructuring in the textile and garment subsector: examples from Asia (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 61b5faafa38851dc9338eaad83296873.epub
678018 World Bank - Moldova: moving to a market economy (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 2585eb5de4db06efe1d14bce2585acd0.epub
678019 Michael M. Cernea, April L. Adams - Sociology, anthropology, and development: an annotated bibliography of World Bank publications, 1975-1993 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) a0303cfc9fd72caf0955acdaa4ae27ce.epub
678020 Ishrat Husain, Rashid Faruqee - Adjustment in Africa: lessons from country case studies (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 1b68693a7efa01a2824465d8879b6384.epub
678021 Kofi Darkwa Benefo, T. Paul Schultz - Determinants of fertility and child mortality in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) bfd30af6d9b04638cc4433f8e9289326.epub
678022 Josef Leitmann, Urban Management Program - Rapid urban environmental assessment: lessons from cities in the developing world, Volume 2 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 895483535871821f28d98884312dfe84.epub
678023 Andrew Keck, Narendra P. Sharma, Gershon Feder - Population growth, shifting cultivation, and unsustainable agricultural development: a case study in Madagascar, Parts 63-234 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 9ce5860d9a464f90506904a311af0b26.epub
678024 Andrés Liebenthal, Subodh Mathur, Herbert Wade - Solar energy: lessons from the Pacific Island experience, Volumes 23-244 (1994, World Bank) (0s) efb65ee4a0136c70f06021aa6f8a745b.epub
678025 Dina Umali-Deininger, Dina L. Umali, Lisa A. Schwartz - Public and private agricultural extension: beyond traditional frontiers, Parts 63-236 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 5ab23393d02f6c61f8b68ee6acbc4756.epub
678026 World Bank - Governance: the World Bank's experience (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) e1f12fe15cd45d68b24cc0d7fbda0981.epub
678027 Peter O'Brien, Yannis Karmokolias - Radical reform in the automotive industry: policies in emerging markets, Part 63 (1994, World Bank) (0s) 3b59d3358a422bbc92abcbfb8aaaf7b0.epub
678028 Thomas Martin Klein - External debt management: an introduction, Volumes 23-245 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) a8c881daaa2bded7f82b96875034f46f.epub
678029 World Bank, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation - Poverty reduction in South Asia: promoting participation by the poor, Page 86 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 76fcdfdfe8aa6d87a12ece1a369ebb74.epub
678030 Donald R. Winkler - The design and administration of intergovernmental transfers: fiscal decentralization in Latin America, Parts 63-235 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) a4354879dfa23004567846c4a8e325a2.epub
678031 William F. Fox - Strategic options for urban infrastructure management (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 065dadfe3f38aff2e441151e17876eab.epub
678032 Carl Bartone, Urban Management Program - Toward environmental strategies for cities: policy considerations for urban environmental management in Developing countries (1994, Published for the Urban Management Programme by the World Bank) (0s) a331cd782ad2fc6357d3ca74d8524b6e.epub
678033 Jumanah Farah, World Bank - Pesticide policies in developing countries: do they encourage excessive use?, Parts 63-238 (1994, World Bank) (0s) ee1df260b24de9d04d3d1bd80c85a86f.epub
678034 Anwar Shah - The reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations in developing and emerging market economies (1994, World Bank) (0s) a37b6fb7aff8a78b521ec5ac1b258925.epub
678035 H. Quan Chu, Wafik Grais - Macroeconomic consequences of energy supply shocks in Ukraine (1994, World Bank) (0s) 5e1a68589c681d375937a197c76d95bc.epub
678036 K. Subbarao - Women in higher education: progress, constraints, and promising initiatives, Parts 63-244 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) a99a6a40e2ff5987ed8cd8c01fbd280b.epub
678037 Anil K. Malhotra, Olivier Koenig, Prasert Sinsukprasert - A survey of Asia's energy prices, Volumes 23-248 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 8224b29c03693c0524076a253dac0243.epub
678038 Guy J.-M. Le Moigne, World Bank - Water policy and water markets: selected papers and proceedings from the World Bank's Ninth Annual Irrigation and Drainage Seminar held in Annapolis, Maryland, December 8-10, 1992 (1994, World Bank) (0s) b5b27a1517e24d2c01a000dcc8cbc47a.epub
678039 Helen Abadzi - What we know about acquisition of adult literacy: is there hope?, Parts 63-245 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) d9213c3b173fb88468bd3cac50faec15.epub
678040 Willem Zijp, World Bank - Improving the transfer and use of agricultural information: a guide to information technology, Parts 63-247 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) f249ccf934d67c8fafff824f99c55684.epub
678041 World Bank - Indonesia: environment and development (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) f715ed42ab6821339d5d55273e7b84ec.epub
678042 Allen C. Kelley, Robert Melvin Schmidt - Population and income change: recent evidence (1994, World Bank) (0s) 5556c07259dd768844861545fc779316.epub
678043 George Psacharopoulos, Harry Anthony Patrinos - Indigenous people and poverty in Latin America: an empirical analysis, Page 39 (1994, World Bank) (0s) 0fb44fe2590137a1540eca6e5e4820aa.epub
678044 World Bank. East Asia and Pacific Regional Office - East Asia's trade and investment: regional and global gains from liberalization (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) ab9c8f85ea636a0cbb87983b4eb38e6d.epub
678045 Leila L. Frischtak - Governance capacity and economic reform in developing countries (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6152169e442d09cf379b2cfe66aa8fb1.epub
678046 World Bank - Enhancing women's participation in economic development, Page 25 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) ef8a5a0a7bbe41779fe6f08d0812b6fb.epub
678047 Ernest Aryeetey - Supply and demand for finance of small enterprises in Ghana (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) c8c17437256e8e4651196054c1196744.epub
678048 Rogerio Feital S. Pinto, Angelous J. Mrope - Projectizing the governance approach to civil service reform: an institutional environment assessment for preparing a sectoral adjustment loan in the Gambia, Parts 63-252 (1994, World Bank) (0s) 084d934d81b38db2523b33f8bbb8aa7b.epub
678049 Reazul Islam, J. D. Von Pischke, J. M. de Waard - Small firms informally financed: studies from Bangladesh, Parts 63-253 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) c24a2c93db7033c4e04cef97422fda4a.epub
678050 World Bank - Averting the old age crisis: policies to protect the old and promote growth. Summary (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 868ea3cfeb63eaab1babc9af2d02496c.epub
678051 Jack D. Glen, Brian Pinto - Debt or equity?: how firms in developing countries choose (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 905c8fae88147d0f8b80b9db47339a71.epub
678052 Ahmed Galal - Welfare consequences of selling public enterprises: an empirical analysis : a summary (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 53b3cedfdf94e4a233425c79d4a39209.epub
678053 Laurence Wolff, Ernesto Schiefelbein, Jorge Valenzuèla - Improving the quality of primary education in Latin America and the Caribbean: toward the 21st century, Parts 63-257 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 4198121414b6f2c9f587522929288586.epub
678054 World Bank - Enriching lives: overcoming vitamin and mineral malnutrition in developing countries (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) de27d6195f8741eb18cc1ed52f2395f6.epub
678055 Joseph J. Valadez, Michael Bamberger - Monitoring and evaluating social programs in developing countries: a handbook for policymakers, managers, and researchers, Page 94 (1994, World Bank) (0s) 9431f1bd6a682a0af4e32566c88c2fd4.epub
678056 Victor Lavy - The Impact of the quality of health care on children's nutrition and survival in Ghana (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 75d71ec8c47e40703250b1539e9a2d99.epub
678057 Eric Alan Hanushek, Victor Lavy - School quality, achievement bias, and dropout behavior in Egypt (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 2596cf5e4710c0c5ec427c067bbf4ba7.epub
678058 David L. Lindauer, Barbara Nunberg - Rehabilitating government: pay and employment reform in Africa (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 8341027d5bfddcb8d10f9c49e1509e12.epub
678059 World Bank - A new agenda for women's health and nutrition (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 1b21c46131de2c41d3b6ea7f9ced6924.epub
678060 Catherine Overholt, Margaret K. Saunders, Economic Development Institute (Washington, D.C.) - Policy choices and practical problems in health economics: cases from Latin America and the Caribbean (1996, World Bank Publications) (0s) 08fd1f9bc2b1c629d6ed1f7895a8d77f.epub
678061 Shakil Faruqi, Suman K. Bery, Economic Development Institute (Washington, D.C.) - Financial sector reforms, economic growth, and stability: experiences in selected Asian and Latin American countries (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) f9faa74d003b81b4f0976fa685d81590.epub
678062 Philip J. Glaessner - Poverty alleviation and social investment funds: the Latin American experience (1994, World Bank) (0s) a21ddc6c44344c2348c860fd189729a3.epub
678063 Sandra Wilson, Arvil V. Adams - Self-employment for the unemployed: experience in OECD and transitional economies (1994, World Bank) (0s) 9cb6603c8f708e4d26308ee6a426b8e5.epub
678064 World Bank - Meeting the infrastructure challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 9fb37646fc98e71ab9b85e48e5a8bfe2.epub
678065 Guy J.-M. Le Moigne - A guide to the formulation of water resources strategy (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 7f624d8efddf6db9c4a4f3c2f2ca4b2f.epub
678066 Vanita Viswanath - Building partnerships for poverty reduction: the participatory project planning approach of the Women's Enterprise Management Training Outreach Program (WEMTOP) (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6dc94ad5976b9c5a3611b3facff019c9.epub
678067 Ismail Serageldin, Andrew D. Steer, Michael M. Cernea - Making development sustainable: from concepts to action (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 7c18fc694c5a6b1084399a7256f31278.epub
678068 Shahidur R. Khandker, Victor Lavy, Deon Filmer - Schooling and cognitive achievements of children in Morocco: can the government improve outcomes? (1994, World Bank) (0s) 17d14ea956dc63228c4356b204d370de.epub
678069 Anjali Kumar - China: internal market development and regulation (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 41db1791315ab08a30fc8cdcfc07adfd.epub
678070 World Bank - Ukraine: the agriculture sector in transition (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) ebeab3fcf3f6f618581ecbdde83fef77.epub
678071 Venkatachalam Venkatesan - Seed systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: issues and options, Parts 63-266 (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) f530f7e165d6a42303d7bb870db59fe7.epub
678072 Willy De Geyndt - Managing the quality of health care in developing countries, Volumes 23-258 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) d3f9577845979621244323f45f76dd9e.epub
678073 World Bank - Poverty in Colombia (1994, World Bank) (0s) 5bcadbd6af9d82a01e7bfc4c35146c10.epub
678074 World Bank - Tanzania: agriculture (1994, World Bank) (0s) f20e3b43f5f840cd722ad04cfaa6d9aa.epub
678075 Judith Myrle Dean, Seema Desai, James Riedel - Trade policy reform in developing countries since 1985: a review of the evidence (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) 29f587e8ad038d08d647bd9dba32e279.epub
678076 Alice Galenson, Louis S. Thompson - The evolution of the World Bank's railway lending (1994, The World Bank) (0s) d1885f610289b4d701851206b11087c8.epub
678077 Alberto Valdés, Barry Schaeffer, Jesus de los Santos - Surveillance of agricultural prices and trade: a handbook for the Dominican Republic, Volumes 23-267 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 3cb679d0a93d5a4bc6f03eee5d7187c6.epub
678078 Susanne M. Scheierling - Overcoming agricultural pollution of water: the challenge of integrating agricultural and environmental policies of the European Union, Volumes 23-269 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 63a4bc10fd17daa109b354025197de8b.epub
678079 Ajit Kumar Banerjee - Rehabilitation of degraded forests in Asia, Volumes 23-270 (1995, World Bank) (0s) 31b68dfb21569fefd82d4ff963a81bde.epub
678080 Kulsum Ahmed - Technological development and pollution abatement: a study of how enterprises are finding alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons, Volumes 23-271 (1995, World Bank) (0s) a048f26c680fdcfbb7258dd6f840c412.epub
678081 Mark Montgomery, Aka Kouamé, Raylynn Oliver - The tradeoff between number of children and child schooling: evidence from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 98c723e1c41ac80bb9d414fbab04605d.epub
678082 Mohan Munasinghe, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Adelaida Schwab, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - Protected area economics and policy: linking conservation and sustainable development (1994, Distributed for the World Conservation Union by The World Bank) (0s) e9afc8fd0093dae1c6462a4f766e900b.epub
678083 Ian Graeme Heggie - Management and financing of roads: an agenda for reform, Volumes 23-275 (1995, World Bank) (0s) 93222e09bb1bc311bd8a60e96a7f3a57.epub
678084 Ronald L. Parker, Randall Riopelle, William F. Steel - Small enterprises adjusting to liberalization in five African countries, Parts 63-271 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 4b07c5e9649563d58c3e02d10362a546.epub
678085 Robert Bacon - Measurement of welfare changes caused by large price shifts: an issue in the power sector, Parts 63-273 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) b6340d3cc6b38186aac90969a2b96e0e.epub
678086 Judith Senderowitz - Adolescent health: reassessing the passage of adulthood, Parts 63-272 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) d4a039299d72e7184bf7804a2d1b83ab.epub
678087 World Bank - Poland, policies for growth with equity (1994, World Bank Publications) (0s) bb1d5d0106dea548b777093a014846bb.epub
678088 Gordon B. Davis - The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, Management Information Systems (Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management) (Volume 7) (2006, Wiley-Blackwell) (0s) e3d8d378c39ba8c6fb9a4cfc0b960cc4.pdf
678089 Hyung-Ki Kim - The civil service system and economic development: the Japanese experience : report on an international colloquium held in Tokyo, March 22-25, 1994 (1996, World Bank Publications) (0s) 83d7b2f9014d706b28d8fe142e6d1208.epub
678090 Clyde Hertzman, Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe - Environment and health in central and eastern Europe: a report for the Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe, Volume 34 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 8c8e69d056b216f249940b90aac75439.epub
678091 Patrick Low - Preshipment inspection services, Parts 63-278 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 0d883e650dcf897342ae904574065133.epub
678092 Richard Miller Bird, Robert D. Ebel, Christine Wallich - Decentralization of the socialist state: intergovernmental finance in transition economies (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6742b3dca99166bfe0a032f1b01dca05.epub
678093 Ira W. Lieberman, World Bank - Russia: creating private enterprises and efficient markets (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 34cd80406191ebfe981057787a4732aa.epub
678094 Kevin M. Cleaver, W. Graeme Donovan - Agriculture, poverty, and policy reform in Sub-Saharan Africa (1995, World Bank) (0s) 3dcce82ad01ed024a2264a9fca3c6cc2.epub
678095 Frank J. Convery - Applying environmental economics in Africa, Volumes 23-277 (1995, World Bank) (0s) cf43223ce84e0f15c88176769a91f636.epub
678096 Lakdasa Wijetilleke, Suhashini A. R. Karunaratne, Suhashini Karunaratne (A. R.) - Air quality management: considerations for developing countries, Volumes 23-278 (1995, World Bank) (0s) c14983dfab09e7b64b7da39537755231.epub
678097 Victor Lavy, Jennifer E. Spratt, Nathalie Leboucher - Changing patterns of illiteracy in Morocco: assessment methods compared (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) eb0a524a09cf9211686abe2bcf57a777.epub
678098 Dennis Anderson, Kulsum Ahmed - The case for solar energy investments, Volumes 23-279 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) e3cffc1074393aecdd78b19c43427b11.epub
678099 Steven R. Tabor - Agricultural research in an era of adjustment: policies, institutions, and progress (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 915ff06b7948a43f19826b662e75892c.epub
678100 Masayasu Ishiguro, Takamasa Akiyama - Energy demand in five major Asian developing countries: structure and prospects, Parts 63-277 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) c1092749806bb6a0efb85a31f00b4798.epub
678101 Philippe Le Houerou - Investment policy in Russia (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 457ffd8c39d00cf17a96e3909ad8d3f8.epub
678102 Jakub Gutenbaum, Agnieszka Latała - (Jewish Lives) The Last Eyewitnesses: Children of the Holocaust Speak: Volume 2 (2005, Northwestern University Press) (401s) fc3ef2434764ce25220374605bbcba7f.pdf
678103 Malcolm Rowat, Waleed Haider Malik, Maria Dakolias - Judicial reform in Latin America and the Caribbean: proceedings of a World Bank conference (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 57f00611b2e5f84317dd45d5cbbe950f.epub
678104 Nagy Hanna, Ken Guy, Erik Arnold - The diffusion of information technology: experience of industrial countries and lessons for developing countries, Parts 63-281 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 1d59be1910a3261f4aa4bf250ba6e806.epub
678105 Bernard M. Hoekman - Trade laws and institutions: good practices and the World Trade Organization, Parts 63-282 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) aa142762c9ec76e68c880f0ab1093278.epub
678106 Emanuel Idelovitch, Klas Ringskog - Private sector participation in water supply and sanitation in Latin America (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) b1c45b79785dc678ba24f70c5d860dec.epub
678107 World Bank - Strengthening the effectiveness of aid: lessons for donors (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) afd44b8a95527529ed6378dad42a75c5.epub
678108 World Bank - Chile: the adult health policy challenge (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6fae28e7155836d20fb31ac6ded22a87.epub
678109 Shekhar Shah, Pradeep Mitra - Bangladesh: from stabilization to growth (1995, World Bank) (0s) 6f24c6142221834b2012db6a0ce35168.epub
678110 Steen Joffe - Desert locust management: a time for change (1995, World Bank) (0s) 187d638f6dc68666eabc2704c386f2db.epub
678111 William R. Dillinger - Better urban services: finding the right incentives (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6af0d5528e36c6c16a7fcd16369e2e80.epub
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678113 K. Sarwar Lateef - The evolving role of the World Bank: helping meet the challenge of development (1995, World Bank) (0s) 28836f1104f2b3eca471bb03822d02f0.epub
678114 Csaba Csáki, World Bank - Armenia: the challenge of reform in the agricultural sector (1995, World Bank) (0s) df021054c10c39780c5bc2838b42db9e.epub
678115 Brian Nolan, Vincent Turbat - Cost recovery in public health services in Sub-Saharan Africa (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 308083769edbf0f89b956e7e30af792d.epub
678116 Victor Lavy, Michael Palumbo, Steven N. Stern - Health care in Jamaica: quality, outcomes, and labor supply (1995, World Bank) (0s) d4fe9dcb99d7c229ef0312e38727ef69.epub
678117 Paul Glewwe, Gillette Hall - Who is most vulnerable to macroeconomic shocks?: hypotheses tests using panel data from Peru (1995, World Bank) (0s) 17a615ace44a8ddc67fb0e77d99f98bd.epub
678118 Yoon-Je Cho, Joon-Kyung Kim - Credit policies and the industrialization of Korea, Parts 63-286 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) a66cf04ca2df28213991b54895e91581.epub
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678120 David W. Dunlop, Jo. M. Martins - An International assessment of health care financing: lessons for developing countries, Volume 34 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) dbd9d4a2156e0b6121d41c1d10f54512.epub
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678122 World Bank - Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics, Part 489 (1996, World Bank Publications) (0s) 5178dc18003f016ccdf84a68688cc119.epub
678123 World Bank - Poverty reduction and the World Bank: progress and challenges in the 1990s (1996, World Bank) (0s) 31888f8fedd1810d40c12ef88cffb138.epub
678124 Eric Dinerstein - A conservation assessment of the terrestrial ecoregions of Latin America and the Caribbean (1995, World Bank) (0s) 2af5ecebd02bfecef2d6cf272fc4e734.epub
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678126 World Bank - Priorities and strategies for education: a World Bank review (1995, World Bank) (0s) f7ab710612d2448f6b186081251bcbdc.epub
678127 Fred E. M. Gillham - Cotton production prospects for the next decade, Volumes 23-287 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 3da0df3944005945c45a5d1d2c14ee81.epub
678128 Ariel Dinar - Restoring and protecting the world's lakes and reservoirs, Volumes 23-289 (1995, World Bank Publications) (0s) 6f0fa52a415fb21e657ade9a7cd23ca7.epub
678129 David G. Davies - The economic evaluation of projects: papers from a curriculum development workshop (1996, World Bank Publications) (0s) 3c2d0e6630a35fece0b7914cf1dbbbf5.epub
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