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598000 ICM-1958, Edinburgh. - Proceedings (1960, CUP) (637s) 8b2e5c43c7e30cfe9396dcafbef28733.djvu
598001 ICM-1962, Stockholm. - List of members (1962, Almqvist & Wiksells) (46s) f405855dbed3b30be3e2387142cf234a.djvu
598002 ICM-1962, Stockholm. - Proceedings (1963, Inst. Mittag-Leffler) (647s) 6e0834715c35d162ca752c8112644e13.djvu
598003 ICM-1962, Stockholm. - Programme (1962, Almqvist & Wiksells) (100s) 10f53647ff60b5e3210f6046987c8374.djvu
598004 ICM-1966, Moscow. - Abstracts of reports on invitation (1966, ) (198s) a9c5ed3273a1b02e86d89174d13e8968.djvu
598005 ICM-1966, Moscow. - Proceedings (1968, Mir) (727s) 1e79018a3c339929e5e3fcbc963da07e.djvu
598006 ICM-1970, Nice. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1971, Gauthier-Villars) (578s) 9da6e9ddd5cc55105f75cff8f2155c0d.djvu
598007 ICM-1970, Nice. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1971, Gauthier-Villars) (976s) 09984c9d88202995d395fea528191109.djvu
598008 ICM-1970, Nice. - Proceedings, vol. 3 (1971, Gauthier-Villars) (388s) cf8ae25a76e4585ada1d8f0399e527c8.djvu
598009 ICM-1974, Vancouver. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1975, Vancouver) (608s) a6313c92383cb272971d8cd7dab69f64.djvu
598010 ICM-1974, Vancouver. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1975, Vancouver) (608s) e66ae9cc5739f7ee4b1254b0ca226e80.djvu
598011 ICM-1978, Helsinki. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1980, Helsinki) (506s) 4ef413ccc0f42d3a737c855a32e80c3b.djvu
598012 ICM-1978, Helsinki. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1980, Helsinki) (518s) ca35468c8a1533e1a2104650e499b28c.djvu
598013 ICM-1983, Warszawa. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1984, PWN) (910s) e8e9638fc8bd40b32aa51e0ade3c143f.djvu
598014 ICM-1983, Warszawa. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1984, PWN) (892s) 228a0f5d58b91294b43e2ea4487b12bf.djvu
598015 ICM-1986, Berkeley. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1987, AMS) (974s) ef78b548dd01908879afedc3d890565b.djvu
598016 ICM-1986, Berkeley. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1987, AMS) (844s) 3508c97992a1c7a703cc9353a88cfebe.djvu
598017 ICM-1990, Kyoto. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1991, Springer) (856s) e2b6a16e248630d02e8fe3c255a52fd4.djvu
598018 ICM-1990, Kyoto. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1991, Springer) (930s) d53b89b75ab97f9180e99c4ff394801b.djvu
598019 ICM-1994, Zurich. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1995, Birkhauser) (789s) 942076cf9b22ed556dfbfa7d25e36fe8.djvu
598020 ICM-1994, Zurich. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1995, Birkhauser) (901s) 1bad19590af5c93db5c37169e57d2987.djvu
598021 ICM-1998, Berlin. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1998, Documenta Mathematica) (664s) a7b78436dd0002dd072c7fd852b3312f.pdf
598022 ICM-1998, Berlin. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1998, Documenta Mathematica) (883s) c528a3bf2ca348038719d4f2fe571056.pdf
598023 ICM-1998, Berlin. - Proceedings, vol. 3 (1998, Documenta Mathematica) (827s) c1966984e3cc714a5add0de2ea59798c.pdf
598024 ICM-2006, Madrid. - (International Congress of Mathematicians//Proceedings) Proceedings, vol. 1 (2007, EMS) (829s) 906c6089058c0bfffd642bdec2b646f3.pdf
598025 ICM-2006, Madrid. - (International Congress of Mathematicians//Proceedings) Proceedings, vol. 2 (2007, EMS) (1727s) 6586c085e51e03e31af864447a3b126b.pdf
598026 ISAAC Congress 3. (eds.) Begehr H., et al. - Progress in analysis (2003, WS) (1556s) 5b4aba8f540b3ae770142c0a93871077.djvu
598027 ISAAC Congress 5. (eds.) Begehr H., Nicolosi F. - More progresses in analysis, Italy, 2005 (2009, WS) (1497s) 72d8e27c8cc34e86c5c877a7889a0b0e.djvu
598028 ISAAC Congress 7. (eds.) - Ruzhansky M., Wirth J. Progress in analysis and its applications (2010, WS) (668s) 5a856c81bac5097023bcfb7ffc3e82b2.pdf
598029 Ibanez J.G., et al. - Environmental chemistry: Fundamentals (2007, Springer) (345s) 40a9a5ca4075b1856c9c8d47753600a5.djvu
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598034 Iliadis S.D. - (NHMS198) Universal spaces and mappings (2005, NH) (576s) b22cbb29d2228db36d3cb8f9c4921da8.djvu
598035 Ilmanen T. - Lectures on mean curvature flow and related equations (1998, ) (63s) 49a4ffeb2bc0da457393f8fa9030b7bc.pdf
598036 Impey C. (ed.) - Talking About Life: Conversations on Astrobiology (2010, CUP) (420s) f1820d4ba48588696ad5a9d271ee2de4.pdf
598037 Imrich W., Klavzar S., Rall D. - Topics in graph theory: Graphs and their Cartesian product (2008, AK Peters) (213s) 5fe5c0a00253f2e75347b37bb306a439.pdf
598038 Infanger G. (ed.) - (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) Stochastic programming: The state of the art in honor of George B. Dantzig (2011, Springer) (386s) 3ec16f5374fecdc41e7a2791814d0a16.pdf
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598040 Ingram J.C.L. - (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) Neurolinguistics: An Introduction to Spoken Language Processing and its Disorders (2007, CUP) (444s) b21ef3ded305c615c120481c71ff8cea.pdf
598041 - (LNCS6655) Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization, 15 conf. (2011, Springer) (447s) 361026550d8b5a3b02feb6b4b86f88fa.pdf
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598051 Isaev A. - (LNM2020) Spherical tube hypersurfaces (2011, Springer) (236s) c09c7d73698abd0ec9952c456f10ebad.pdf
598052 Isbell L.A. - The fruit, the tree, and the serpent: Why we see so well (2009, HUP) (222s) df1f2a13b4f3714440378357c51dec79.pdf
598053 Iserles A. - (Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics) A first course in the numerical analysis of differential equations (2009, CUP) (481s) fc39be437230dc753ed2262a880b4f0c.pdf
598054 Ishioka S., Fujikawa K. (eds.) - Foundations of quantum mechanics in the light of new technology: Proceedings Tokyo, 2005 (2006, WS) (337s) 2de5523b93caf7ea0e108e9ffd8820db.djvu
598055 Isidori A. - (LNCIS0072) Nonlinear control systems: An introduction (1985, Springer) (303s) 26479007db0e9c6c2c598eb4ea91e5b7.djvu
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598996 Nerlich G. - What Spacetime Explains (2007, CUP) (298s) 0f3d295496457b136fbf29d7c3aaa130.djvu
598997 Nestle M. - What to eat (2006, MGH) (290s) 51c9a6f6c6924ce2ee4b09d2117bddd8.pdf
598998 Netz R. - (Ideas in Context) The shaping of deduction in Greek mathematics (1999, CUP) (350s) 0376985ad88eecae99eb0f3d79f0abfa.pdf
598999 Neugebauer G. - (Reihe Wissenschaft ) Relativistische Thermodynamik (1980, Vieweg) (243s) 0d0014afefb73f41785e703b61aa3705.djvu
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