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597000 Dehornoy P., et al. - Why are braids orderable (2002, SM de France) (209s) 7626de6156312d53b7a06a19b7746a99.pdf
597001 Delfour M.C., Zolesio J.-P. - (Advances in Design and Control) Shapes and geometries. Metrics, analysis, differential calculus (2010, SIAM) (646s) 8aa7758bd73d39811717a754cb5be6be.pdf
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597006 Demaine E., O'Rourke J. - Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra (2007, CUP) (486s) 8399c65b3d09fa580fa1f25e0a4a0d87.pdf
597007 Dembo A., Zeitouni O. - (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability) Large deviations techniques and applications (2010, Springer) (415s) 36ceab6d1ca2c934c7d3f21e369c693d.pdf
597008 Demkov Yu.N. - Variational principles in collision theory (1965, NASA) (180s) 7174410c094ce7f58ae9f2b0ecdf5f20.djvu
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597011 Deo S. - (Texts and Readings in Mathematics) Algebraic topology: a primer (2003, Hindustan) (330s) ee355765344a0156e2d7f075567d8463.djvu
597012 Deonier R.C., Tavare S., Waterman M.S. - Computational genome analysis: An introduction (2005, Springer) (541s) 152ccbcf82c9bd4f4ca647d477d10a7c.pdf
597013 Der G., Everitt B.S. - Basic Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide: A Primer (2007, SAS Pub.) (245s) 03e2a201345db62cd208abb2ab0bc7ca.pdf
597014 Derighetti A. - (LNUMI0011) Convolution operators on groups (2011, Springer) (185s) 7f145c7ab686921f9d1f3745887b236d.pdf
597015 Deriglazov A. - Classical Mechanics (2010, Springer) (321s) 23a88722cdc0ac7e24e5010c1cb22546.pdf
597016 Desai B. - Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory (2009, CUP) (860s) 7e43f278368cbee9fba095f2bc4d1c8d.pdf
597017 Desai R.C., Kapral R. - Dynamics of self-organized and self-assembled structures (2009, CUP) (344s) 14af1ed816c7e2c0ca2f8d0bf12dca94.pdf
597018 Deserno T.M. (ed.) - (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical image processing (2011, Springer) (634s) fd41951ddf051fcf9a4d9ebf3061079c.pdf
597019 Devadoss S., O'Rourke J. - Discrete and computational geometry (2011, PUP) (270s) aad60fe3783b29d487bbd261ac9e620e.pdf
597020 Devaney R. - An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems (1989, AW) (359s) eaf120a479a8334eec2359834a17e353.djvu
597021 Deville M.O., Fischer P.F., Mund E.H. - (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics) High-order methods for incompressible fluid flow (2002, CUP) (529s) 021acab3d0bc2a054c687a91eea4b11d.pdf
597022 Devlin K., Lorden G. - The numbers behind NUMB3RS (2007, Plume) (258s) 710df86b14c8c2a884bf70c64c4f719b.djvu
597023 Dey D., Ghosh S., Mallick B. (eds.) - (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series) Bayesian modeling in bioinformatics (2011, CRC) (468s) aa6e358c52d38a1c231ba35a0451098d.pdf
597024 Deza M.M., Laurent M. - (Algorithms and Combinatorics) Geometry of cuts and metrics (1997, Springer) (600s) c0d749073c3de49c7573f1c7b022a7e0.djvu
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597028 DiSilvestro R.A. - (Modern Nutrition Science) Handbook of minerals as nutritional supplements (2005, CRC) (257s) 859d227a69a52c59b74419a78cfd113b.pdf
597029 Diakides N., Bronzino J. (eds.) - Medical infrared imaging (2007, CRC) (451s) 904af1481e7830ca816232acc7a5caf2.pdf
597030 Diamond P.H., Itoh S.-I., Itoh K. - Modern Plasma Physics, vol. 1 (2010, CUP) (435s) 3ba0479c56762f43425bc315a60ecbee.pdf
597031 Diaspro A. (ed.) - Nanoscopy and Multidimensional Optical Fluorescence Microscopy (2010, CRC) (403s) b0ab45b0c5697ceb925d93d4b32bdd0e.pdf
597032 Dickson W.M. - Quantum chance and non-locality (1998, CUP) (264s) b6cbf4500cc492e466098915fc0efdb9.djvu
597033 Didenko V., Silbermann B. - (Frontiers in Mathematics) Approximation of additive convolution-like operators: Real C-star-algebra approach (2008, Birkhauser) (320s) f5f2426cdf4d8a48fa882b539f12b5e2.pdf
597034 Dieckmann U., Law R., Metz J.A.J. (eds.) - (Cambridge Studies in Adaptive Dynamics) The geometry of ecological interactions (2000, CUP) (580s) c6309575bf44c7d5efb1ccb7762caf09.djvu
597035 Diening L., Harjulehto P., Hasto P., Ruzicka M. - (LNM2017) Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces with variable exponents (2011, Springer) (526s) f7a50ccf01fac2560449265510acceeb.pdf
597036 Diessel H. - (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) The acquisition of complex sentences (2004, CUP) (244s) 994f9999edc2e57f028ebb11e82b844b.pdf
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597038 Dieudonne J. - Treatise on Analysis. Foundations of modern analysis vol. I (1969, AP) (407s) b47e87a7585f68d7526a4fe09c789030.djvu
597039 Dieudonne J. - Treatise on Analysis, vol. VI (1978, AP) (249s) b6d6efd42dce0337f93359c84bc5c7aa.djvu
597040 Dieudonne J. - (Dieudonne, Jean Alexandre//Treatise on Analysis) Treatise on Analysis, vol. VIII (1993, AP) (370s) cd3841619765801dd0b592edc266126c.djvu
597041 Dikranjan D.N., Tholen W. - (Mathematics and Its Applications) Categorical structure of closure operators with applications to topology (1995, Kluwer) (376s) 7c0d3e11e3943fd2210b2c7d106ad997.pdf
597042 Dimiev S., Sekigawa K. (eds.) - Perspectives of complex analysis, differential geometry and mathematical physics (2001, WS) (220s) bd34ad30f4bff9776ac0737c2ccb6839.djvu
597043 Dimov I.T. - Monte Carlo Methods For Applied Scientists (2005, WS) (308s) ca9fee977a9ba6df4cfc8f3708caf585.pdf
597044 Dineen S. - (Oxford Mathematical Monographs) The Schwarz lemma (1990, OUP) (257s) c5d603cc2f3198f48796c3ea6b94e582.djvu
597045 Diniz P.S.R. - Adaptive filtering: Algorithms and practical implementation (2008, Springer) (636s) 39328c6b4e54584ac178365c8a602612.pdf
597046 Diniz P.S.R., et al. - Digital signal processing: System analysis and design (2010, CUP) (913s) fbebfaafa235bc1cebefb0e3b35418a9.pdf
597047 Dinnebier R.E., Billinge S.J.L. (eds.) - Powder Diffraction (2008, RSC) (605s) 7b96cd8a449afb4e99ee3a2c94b99587.pdf
597048 Ditlevsen P.D. - Turbulence and Shell Models (2010, CUP) (164s) 9ac7dc65f2a0debcc582480ebe604634.pdf
597049 Dixon J.D., Mortimer B. - (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) Permutation groups (1996, Springer) (353s) 47815b5e5e915b2ec7bf62667a98daf3.djvu
597050 Dixon M.W. - (Lww Massage Therapy & Bodywork Educational) Myofascial massage (2006, LWW) (235s) b334b085b6d91aac7b830384eb74f183.djvu
597051 Dixon S.L., Hall C.A. - Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery (2010, BH) (481s) 80a1dc91e3a53bb5f51a663da5943a58.pdf
597052 Djukic D., et al. - (Problem Books in Mathematics) The IMO Compendium. Problems for international math. olympiads, 1959-2009 (2011, Springer) (825s) f05a1d426845b5184d1938c1663af66d.pdf
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597057 Dodge Y. - The concise encyclopedia of statistics (2009, Springer) (612s) 082f8cfc442c16d14a92bdef1f5ead3d.pdf
597058 Dodgson C.L. - (Cambridge Library Collection - Mathematics) Euclid and his modern rivals (2009, CUP) (336s) 8e6e865f9aefb319af349192cbc72249.djvu
597059 Dodson C.T.J., Poston T. - (GTM130) Tensor geometry (1991, Springer) (447s) 16ef1631a8ecfb82d661d3c1fd707be9.djvu
597060 Doetsch G. - Introduction to the theory and application of the Laplace transformation (1974, Springer) (337s) f992ab479a72a79671854ab1720a81c4.djvu
597061 Doicu A., Trautmann T., Schreier F. - (Springer Praxis Books / Environmental Sciences) Numerical regularization for atmospheric inverse problems (2010, Springer) (431s) 11de2da082eb69239640302f259d94a3.pdf
597062 Dolgin A. - The Economics of Symbolic Exchange (2008, Springer) (517s) 40fa4a6ff492bbf03f4d7650ec280594.pdf
597063 Domb C., Lebowitz J.L. (eds.) - Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena v.6 (1976, AP) (589s) 100f1e2323d2ba9fe7b50eec91fa6cac.djvu
597064 Domb C., Lebowitz J.L. (eds.) - Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena v.8 (1983, AP) (518s) fd44b0f4c3606a5b8dbbd38b0942015a.djvu
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597066 Donaldson M.L. - Children's explanations: A psycholinguistic study (1986, CUP) (201s) 03ed881f734837b5f4e98ad7f4830b15.djvu
597067 Donati-Martin C., Lejay A., Rouault A. (eds.) - (LNM2006) Seminaire de Probabilites XLIII (2011, Springer) (522s) ef53c43e3166337b286f0589ff25b15f.pdf
597068 Donnachie S., Dosch G., Landshoff P., Nachtmann O. - (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology) Pomeron physics and QCD (2002, CUP) (361s) d51b58992ed8c772ce1edcbf5d6aa51a.pdf
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597071 Dougherty G. - Digital image processing for medical applications (2010, CUP) (485s) 535c1991effff23dcdc8137efbbad526.pdf
597072 Douglas R.G. - (Pure and Applied Mathematics) Banach algebra techniques in operator theory (1972, AP) (229s) 747c2d79cf0899f4e074300589aaa0db.djvu
597073 Doukhan P., et al. (eds.) - (LNS0200) Dependence in probability and statistics (2010, Springer) (224s) f3a27078dd593e2c77557f4fd9bcb233.pdf
597074 Dowek G. - (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science) Proofs and algorithms: An introduction to logic and computability (2011, Springer) (168s) 1c05ae0ddaa6571c2d396fb73addc4d2.pdf
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597090 Dring M.J. - The biology of marine plants (1992, CUP) (207s) 89ec8ab7180cba952aacbef9983fa6d2.djvu
597091 Driskell J., Wolinsky I. (eds.) - (NUTRITION IN EXERCISE AND SPORT) Nutritional assessment of athletes (2011, CRC) (406s) 9e33c4949547e3cafc1b8a62bbed0031.pdf
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597096 Dronamraju K.R. (ed.) - Infectious disease and host-pathogen evolution (2004, CUP) (394s) e60b759610e01ccae678e2b7f862d368.pdf
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597989 ICM-1928, Bologna. - Proceedings, vol. 5 (1931, Nicola Zanichelli) (496s) 404076cfb3dec93eef742722ec26cd46.djvu
597990 ICM-1928, Bologna. - Proceedings, vol. 6 (1932, Nicola Zanichelli) (556s) 87e677145290ce2fc4ed2f0c760ee506.djvu
597991 ICM-1932, Zurich. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1932, Orell Fussli) (343s) d9d30392fc6e5958a28e4be75d58b751.djvu
597992 ICM-1932, Zurich. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1932, Orell Fussli) (391s) 61c1f25ee2cfe99f4fe42d4ff96e3047.djvu
597993 ICM-1936, Oslo. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1937, Broggers Bocktrykkeri) (316s) d8e14d185c3383b1b20ccde01511b49e.djvu
597994 ICM-1936, Oslo. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1937, Broggers Bocktrykkeri) (305s) 1a7b4f7afbe512a0757d8d1b697041c9.djvu
597995 ICM-1950, Cambridge, U.S.A. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1952, AMS) (777s) 5baffd2d849dbcc77aea7bdcd777e3e2.djvu
597996 ICM-1950, Cambridge, U.S.A. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1952, AMS) (465s) 28e71f3c5cd5b1c899bad4a1bc7425ac.djvu
597997 ICM-1954, Amsterdam. - Proceedings, vol. 1 (1957, NH) (582s) 71f453d4c10ebc43c576f01aed661870.djvu
597998 ICM-1954, Amsterdam. - Proceedings, vol. 2 (1954, NH) (444s) cc0d8c3a8527bdb360dd90931aeb9588.djvu
597999 ICM-1954, Amsterdam. - Proceedings, vol. 3 (1956, NH) (560s) 075271ce124ebc4035adf77d18664946.djvu
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