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393000 Robert S. Lopez - The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages, 950-1350 (1976, Cambridge University Press) (196s) 4bda8ca02d1c06512c681b23a5b6c787.pdf
393001 Jacques Rongier - Parlons ewe (0, ) (382s) 4bda474ddf2825ad2ad3c14843dac099.pdf
393002 Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr - (Religion and Global Politics) Islamic Leviathan: Islam and the Making of State Power (2001, Oxford University Press, USA) (248s) 4bdaa28bf06dfd2795020de96c622391.pdf
393003 Domenico Chianese - (The New Library of Psychoanalysis) Constructions and the Analytic Field: History, Scenes and Destiny (2007, Routledge) (248s) 4bdb06a5e8198fd86b059a4a701e4861.pdf
393004 Nico Roymans - (Amsterdam University Press - Amsterdam Archaeological Studies) Ethnic Identity and Imperial Power: The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire (2005, Amsterdam University Press) (288s) 4bdb8bcf7c8de427b8a76b4e6f4bde99.pdf
393005 Sharon, M. - (Handbook of Oriental Studies) Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum Palaestinae, Volume Addendum (2007, BRILL) (240s) 4bdbeec1682927cbf2df013027962710.pdf
393006 Edward Grant - God and Reason in the Middle Ages (2001, Cambridge University Press) (408s) 4bdc4fee38e54279725ab564e02b84ee.pdf
393007 Soviet Information Bureau - Falsifiers of History; Historical Survey (1948, Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House) (0s) 4bdcaab7c062591fb8c9e942c80432d9.pdf
393008 Stanley I. Greenspan, Jacob Greenspan - (Merloyd Lawrence Books) Overcoming ADHD: Helping Your Child Become Calm, Engaged, and Focused--Without a Pill (2009, Da Capo Lifelong Books) (208s) 4bdd61e776fa8ad79b12a37dcd79b36a.pdf
393009 Peter Habermeyer, Petra Magosch, Sven Lichtenberg - Classifications and Scores of the Shoulder (2006, Springer) (314s) 4bddec4bf4deb03b2671cdfcbd065d62.pdf
393010 Oliver Morgan, Morris Tidball-Binz, Dana Van Alphen - (PAHO Occasional Publication) Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations: A Field Manual for First Responders (2004, Pan Amer Health Org) (55s) 4bde11d5f3280dac917dd15137e4a0b1.pdf
393011 Benjamin M. Korstvedt - (Cambridge Music Handbooks) Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 (2000, Cambridge University Press) (146s) 4bde37b93c2d023039cb6256a1027632.pdf
393012 Paul Soifer - (Cliffs AP) CliffsNotes AP U.S. Government and Politics (2010, Cliffs Notes) (312s) 4bde95306815aefd3cf9b3b0772e50b9.pdf
393013 Dr Ruth Evans, Ruth Evans, Leslie Johnson - Feminist Readings in Middle English Literature: The Wife of Bath and All Her Sect (1994, Routledge) (272s) 4bdf5c00f98d669ef497fa372b25ffd5.pdf
393014 Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development - Renewables Information 2004 (2004, Stationary Office Books) (204s) 4be3c7b9dafb9c52666c4d5d6293a4f6.pdf
393015 Rocco J. Gennaro - (Advances in Consciousness Research) Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness: An Anthology (2004, John Benjamins Publishing Co) (361s) 4be3de979a4cbe23e35bdadfa02e869c.pdf
393016 Jan E. Leestma - Forensic Neuropathology, Second Edition (2008, CRC Press) (766s) 4be6a0d0b3e34d965f896b5e0650fc13.pdf
393017 Klaus Liebscher, Josef Christl, Peter Mooslechner, Doris Ritzberger-Grunwald - The Economic Potential Of A Larger Europe (2005, Edward Elgar Publishing) (352s) 4be8be0b89e047dc9db0f42e7703748d.pdf
393018 Helen Hanson - Hollywood Heroines: Women in Film Noir and the Female Gothic Film (2008, I. B. Tauris) (256s) 4be9bd612c9ad541d7ff48f21214d156.djvu
393019 Rebecca G. Adams, Graham Allan - (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences) Placing Friendship in Context (1999, Cambridge University Press) (224s) 4be26ad287257a78cff0bd34dad6f0db.pdf
393020 Peter Ives, Rocco Lacorte - (Cultural Studies/Pedagogy/Activism) Gramsci, Language, and Translation (2010, Lexington Books) (339s) 4be30affee5f81f02304e75259b70e20.pdf
393021 Hugh Busher - Understanding Educational Leadership: People, Power and Culture (2006, Open University Press) (200s) 4be34d2b193b3fca43e980e4c04c1755.pdf
393022 Alexandra Ganser - (Spatial Practices: An Interdisciplinary Series in Cultural History, Geography and Literature) Roads of Her Own: Gendered Space and Mobility in American Women's Road Narratives, 1970-2000. (2009, Rodopi) (344s) 4be57e1c7eed57a23cda187976dffac5.pdf
393023 C.K. Chu - Recent Advances in Nucleosides: Chemistry and Chemotherapy (2002, Elsevier Science) (544s) 4be68d64b4ed6597a25cbfeb40caa95a.pdf
393024 Laura Geringer, Holly Berry - (Hello Reader) Stubborn Pumpkin, The (level 3) (1999, Cartwheel) (32s) 4be90ceec9d9324e868f0e8d073a36e6.pdf
393025 John Torrance - (Studies in Marxism and Social Theory) Karl Marx's Theory of Ideas (1995, Cambridge University Press) (452s) 4be98fe33a64e8c09ac84a8aa1922b3c.djvu
393026 Jonathan Benson - Woodworker's Guide to Bending Wood: Techniques, Projects and Expert Advice for Fine Woodworking (2009, Fox Chapel Publishing) (192s) 4be435d3563617f38f4ade2541f5e250.pdf
393027 David Dewitt, Hans Rattinger - East-West Arms Control: Challenges for the Western Alliance (1991, Routledge) (320s) 4be667ebc790aa520d70a3100ab6ef7a.pdf
393028 G.M. Malliet - (A St. Just Mystery) Death of a Cozy Writer (2008, MIDNIGHT INK) (259s) 4be950a1cd647143e29223d724b29e0b.epub
393029 Sherry Monahan, Bob Boze Bell - Tombstone's Treasure: Silver Mines and Golden Saloons (2007, University of New Mexico Press) (215s) 4be985db7150970a9e63a674c7485645.pdf
393030 Bonnie Friedman - The Thief of Happiness: The Story of an Extraordinary Psychotherapy (2002, Beacon Press) (276s) 4be2220c4a9d43ba5c1763779e9d432b.pdf
393031 Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene (1990, Oxford University Press, USA) (386s) 4be3475c5169ed37d072eb5c0797a1a2.pdf
393032 T. Fukuda, Wolfgang Menz - (Handbook of Sensors and Actuators) Micro Mechanical Systems: Principles and Technology Volume 6 (1998, Elsevier Science) (268s) 4be7633ff9448afedaca0a698bcbfb2c.pdf
393033 Anthony P. Hollander, Paul V. Hatton - (Methods in Molecular Biology) Biopolymer Methods in Tissue Engineering (2003, Humana Press) (279s) 4be8075e677fe20b3f384b9d563a271b.pdf
393034 Pierre Seghers - Poetes maudits du XXe siecle (1985, P. Belfond) (361s) 4be66472c5178129391ef1d78688e808.djvu
393035 E. F. Stoermer, John P. Smol - The Diatoms: Applications for the Environmental and Earth Sciences (2001, Cambridge University Press) (484s) 4be2750105a2bfe5929a0e49b8d0690b.pdf
393036 Unknown. - Politische Beteiligung (2008, VS Verlag für Sozialw.) (287s) 4be9622969d9f692a937f880de92acc2.pdf
393037 Anne Montavont - (Epimethee) De la passivite dans la phenomenologie de Husserl (1999, Presses universitaires de France) (294s) 4bea3ce656658b4df1924975e53b0c4a.pdf
393038 John D. Wilson, Steven G. Kellman - Magill's Literary Annual 2008: Essay-reviews of 200 Outstanding Books Published in the United States During 2007 (2008, Salem Press) (900s) 4beb5eac6d8d0981e57d415093502753.pdf
393039 Caroline Fertleman, Simone Cave - Potty Training Boys the Easy Way: Helping Your Son Learn Quickly--Even If He's a Late Starter (2009, Da Capo Lifelong Books) (144s) 4beb63ea12abdf716eb08a75210939d9.pdf
393040 Tsuyoshi Ando, Il Bong Jung, Woo Young Lee - (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Applications (2008, Birkhäuser Basel) (248s) 4beb35007dfeea5cb024e85bfd2925e6.pdf
393041 Joanna Hodge - Derrida on Time (2007, Routledge) (272s) 4beb63098d08fa0674fa613ad49aa2c0.pdf
393042 Tomas Sundnes Dronen - (Studies in Christian Mission) Communication and Conversion in Northern Cameroon: The Dii People and Norwegian Missionaries, 1934-1960 (2009, Brill Academic Publishers) (234s) 4bed2b5ab4efc3e87867437fbfaeae30.pdf
393043 Martine Julia Van Ittersum, Hugo Grotius - (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History) Brill's Studies in Itellectual History) Profit and Principle: Hugo Grotius, Natural Rights Theories and the Rise of Dutch Power in the East Indies, 1595-1615 (2006, Brill Academic Publishers) (608s) 4bed56f0836fabfb5adaf33bd85431ca.pdf
393044 World Health Organization - Protection from Exposure to Second-hand Tobacco Smoke: Policy Recommendations (2007, World Health Organization) (50s) 4beee5b49b490daf0c56bfdf399a71f2.pdf
393045 University of Chicago Press Staff - Indexes: A Chapter from The Chicago Manual of Style (2003, University Of Chicago Press) (56s) 4befb384ca40d9c3d422ab09622f0905.pdf
393046 Blair Keagy MD, Marci Thomas CPA MHA - (J-B Public Health/Health Services Text) Essentials of Physician Practice Management (2004, Jossey-Bass) (592s) 4befd4ac9c0259cf948e49118fcb809c.pdf
393047 Kathleen Crane - Sea Legs: Tales Of A Woman Oceanographer (2003, Basic Books) (320s) 4befe37352a79af1efd23d08198f0a05.pdf
393048 Roger C. Baker - Flow Measurement Handbook: Industrial Designs, Operating Principles, Performance, and Applications (2000, Cambridge University Press) (564s) 4bf1dd6017b8e56af5d5038b2ac68eb0.pdf
393049 ICON Health Publications - Melasma - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References (2004, ICON Health Publications) (80s) 4bf2f8a5b966133e17f3a7c5dd8cc583.pdf
393050 Phil Lempert - Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice (2002, Wiley) (245s) 4bf3b30bf638acfc26763abdcd507035.pdf
393051 Ashraf Ghani, Clare Lockhart - Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World (2008, Oxford University Press, USA) (272s) 4bf5e9496fde09b4d1f2a9e0409975f9.pdf
393052 Roberto Bruzzone, Christian Giaume - (Methods in Molecular Biology) Connexin Methods and Protocols (2001, Humana Press) (491s) 4bf6aac8e7146fd3cee05f72d3256837.pdf
393053 Matthias Dehmer - Structural Analysis of Complex Networks (2010, Birkhäuser Boston) (501s) 4bf6ae6a98d476a9533b8311d2673643.pdf
393054 Michael Oakeshott - (Cambridge Paperback Library) Experience and its Modes (1986, Cambridge University Press) (368s) 4bf6b6c2874fba145bed30537b063288.pdf
393055 Lawrence H. Feldman - The War Against Epidemics in Colonial Guatemala, 1519-1821 (1999, Boson Books) (0s) 4bf7ea57725993edf368092b8c3b9683.pdf
393056 Steven Shakespeare, Erik Butler, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Joseph Russo, Benjamin Noys, Evan Calder Williams, Niall Scott, Brandon Stosuy, Aspasia Stephanou, Anthony Sciscione, Eugene Thacker, Reza Negarestani, Scott Wilson, Nicola Masciandaro, Nicola Masciandaro, Karlynn Holland, Oyku Tekten, Lionel Maunz, E.S.S.E., Andrew White - Hideous Gnosis: Black Metal Theory Symposium I (2010, CreateSpace) (292s) 4bf8faf651e4326b18b5cdfc7abcc4fb.pdf
393057 Bryan W. Van Norden - Confucius and the Analects: New Essays (2002, Oxford University Press, USA) (352s) 4bf9c0eff677a18966a2d017a35d736c.pdf
393058 J. Meheus, T. Nickles - (Origins: Studies in the Sources of Scientific Creativity) Models of Discovery and Creativity (2009, Springer) (461s) 4bf12abd4ddb279bc7265dab3164123c.pdf
393059 Nathan Kollar - Defending Religious Diversity in Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Building Our Democracy and Deepening Our Education (2009, Praeger) (214s) 4bf40c05d0b132774a0e7bf8777fb54e.pdf
393060 Martin Heidegger - Gesamtausgabe III. Abteilung: Unveröffentlichte Abhandlungen / Bremer und Freiburger Vorträge Band 79 (2005, Klostermann Vittorio GmbH) (172s) 4bf41e7343bab487acb8b4c7e25365df.pdf
393061 Niema Ash - Travels with my Daughter (2001, Dundurn) (296s) 4bf47a2d30ce1e569f14e931d8b2c0bd.pdf
393062 Bruce Kuklick - A History of Philosophy in America, 1720-2000 (2002, Oxford University Press, USA) (346s) 4bf52b7bc35cf7f274460a81798994e5.pdf
393063 Hans Pasman, Igor Kirillov - (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security) Resilience of Cities to Terrorist and other Threats: Learning from 9/11 and further Research Issues (2008, Springer) (545s) 4bf61ea843fb328310787c7b326db962.pdf
393064 Christopher McGrory Klyza, David Sousa - (American and Comparative Environmental Policy) American Environmental Policy, 1990-2006: Beyond Gridlock (2008, The MIT Press) (408s) 4bf070a18c0c9beda1ab784537850384.pdf
393065 Paul A. Cohen - (Asia's Transformations/Critical Asian Scholarship) China Unbound: Evolving Perspectives on the Chinese Past (2003, Routledge) (240s) 4bf84b4c2c1c6a54638c8c4ed7053855.pdf
393066 Leena Singh, Leonard Drucker - Advanced Verification Techniques: A SystemC Based Approach for Successful Tapeout (2004, Springer) (395s) 4bf88c8feeb773c1db36050ecee10944.pdf
393067 Richard C. Busse - (Employee's Rights) Employees' Rights: Your Practical Handbook to Workplace Law (2004, Sourcebooks) (336s) 4bf98a6a69b9480ebb912d5d9594d4cb.pdf
393068 Suzanne April Brenner - The Domestication of Desire (1998, Princeton University Press) (336s) 4bf0443b39ca0ef1638f878719aaae08.pdf
393069 Gerard Blokdijk - IPhone 100 Need to Know Time Savers (2008, Emereo Publishing) (174s) 4bf8802e9021915e9b6e94156a5bb64d.pdf
393070 Dipak K. Basu - (Comprehensive Dictionary of Physics) Dictionary of Material Science and High Energy Physics (2001, CRC Press) (357s) 4bf43614ccbc63c368051f193920ccc8.pdf
393071 Helen Tovey - (Debating Play) Playing Outdoors: Spaces and Places, Risks and Challenge (2007, Open University Press) (176s) 4bf84284e0c9239edb9ed38fdb8f6344.pdf
393072 Silvia Pfeiffer - (Expert's Voice in Web Development) The Definitive Guide to HTML5 Video (2010, Apress) (337s) 4bf86661d76eb82c047419a6b0b2bd96.pdf
393073 F. Scott Fitzgerald - Flappers And Philosophers (2008, NuVision Publications, LLC) (188s) 4bf447883ce802a516740302b76b560c.pdf
393074 Ulfried Geuter, Richard Holmes - (Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology) The Professionalization of Psychology in Nazi Germany (2008, Cambridge University Press) (360s) 4bf839229dd1474be3e485b5f8883946.pdf
393075 Ian Shapiro, Casiano Hacker-Cordsn - (Contemporary Political Theory) Democracy's Values (1999, Cambridge University Press) (216s) 4bf853977a70c6fa35d36e4f48a502f4.pdf
393076 Glenn C. Loury - (W.E.B. Du Bois Lectures) The Anatomy of Racial Inequality (2002, Harvard University Press) (160s) 4bf896292a1fe57c9004112a9f848485.pdf
393077 John Stiles - Scouts Are Cancelled: The Annapolis Valley Poems & One Short Story (2004, Insomniac Press) (80s) 4bfa9b2908c34f5d0eafb3bea32bc257.pdf
393078 Veda Boyd Jones, Arthur Meier Schlesinger - (Modern World Leaders) George W. Bush (2006, Chelsea House Publications) (128s) 4bfa4587b76e86d00d3756e17c5b4fec.pdf
393079 Suzanne Majhanovich, Christine Fox, Adila Pasalic Kreso - Living Together: Education and Intercultural Dialogue (2009, Springer) (230s) 4bfb7a753decfbf15ce46e243aee7d29.pdf
393080 Michael J. Klarman - (Inalienable Rights) Unfinished Business: Racial Equality in American History (2007, Oxford University Press, USA) (272s) 4bfbbd1d1b8fa558fc609173ef5d8489.pdf
393081 The World Life Sciences Forum - BioVision - (The World Life Sciences Forum Biovision) Health for All Agriculture and Nutrition, Bioindustry and Environment: Analyses and Recommendations (2006, Wiley-VCH) (522s) 4bfbfb63338cc06514124cf742c2d122.pdf
393082 Roger L. Lundblad - The Evolution from Protein Chemistry to Proteomics: Basic Science to Clinical Application (2005, CRC Press) (306s) 4bfcb98e18f31e55c5d4e70c929abf6d.pdf
393083 Sean M. McDonough - Christ as Creator: Origins of a New Testament Doctrine (2010, Oxford University Press, USA) (288s) 4bfcb06147f4b8f2f8b65f0448fc4e17.pdf
393084 Antonio Laguna - Modern Supramolecular Gold Chemistry: Gold-Metal Interactions and Applications (2008, Wiley-VCH) (525s) 4bfce71d37ddde14b1ca90d1cd9b1c84.pdf
393085 David R. Montgomery - Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations (2007, University of California Press) (297s) 4bfcf5b6588c620b64d32086a8cf0c31.pdf
393086 - Progress in Optics Vol. 19 (1981, North Holland) (410s) 4bfd0583cbbca37a10db43f01728ba9d.pdf
393087 Roberta Richin, Richard Banyon, Francine Banyon, Marc Stein, Rita Stein - Connecting Character to Conduct: Helping Students Do the Right Things (2000, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve) (135s) 4bfdb38fcf9b3f8b44e009e82a66e093.pdf
393088 John Viega - The Myths of Security: What the Computer Security Industry Doesn't Want You to Know (2009, O'Reilly Media) (264s) 4bfe4eb74466b5ccc0cdca481763e319.pdf
393089 Artem S. Sarkisyan, Jürgen Sündermann - Modelling Ocean Climate Variability (2009, Springer) (388s) 4bfe57ed8072f84a42288e448788ec4d.pdf
393090 Mark Weedman - (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae) The Trinitarian Theology of Hilary of Poitiers (2007, BRILL) (236s) 4bfec42dfa41835929408b89d0357399.pdf
393091 Giamila Fantuzzi, Theodore Mazzone, A.P. Goldberg, S.K. Fried - (Nutrition and Health) Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and Disease (2007, Humana Press) (402s) 4bfedfe04a3c12c32883bec8be3116ac.pdf
393092 Eli M. Noam, Jo Groebel, Darcy Gerbarg - (European Institute for the Media Series) Internet Television (2003, Routledge) (272s) 4bfee7e1fc314499396309f90d7c2ab9.pdf
393093 Felix Guattari, Rosemary Sheed, David Cooper - Molecular Revolution: Psychiatry and Politics (1984, Penguin) (320s) 4bff9f1ebf9fc4308205fb5e64a34b00.pdf
393094 Keith Donohue - The Stolen Child: A Novel (2006, Nan A. Talese) (336s) 4bff578b4df7b7c0614cd7742e10275d.pdf
393095 Arthur J. McIvor - Organised Capital: Employers' Associations and Industrial Relations in Northern England, 1880-1939 (2002, Cambridge University Press) (324s) 4c0a25fc5c89979a16b6d58c55f78413.pdf
393096 Sarfaraz K. Niazi - Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Liquid Products vol 3 (2004, Informa Healthcare) (320s) 4c0a48776901f0e29deee84d920c9017.pdf
393097 Franz Kafka, Franz Kafka - El castillo (2001, Editorial Edaf, S.A.) (544s) 4c0b2e7fae597db5a8bd9324f7de3231.pdf
393098 Helene Moglen - The Trauma of Gender: A Feminist Theory of the English Novel (2001, University of California Press) (226s) 4c0c0da15a036b85fd960e975cd9b00c.pdf
393099 Gennadii V. Demidenko, Stanislav V. Upsenskii - (Pure and Applied Mathematics) Partial Differential Equations And Systems Not Solvable With Respect To The Highest-Order Derivative (2003, CRC Press) (632s) 4c00c38142e0842d545c1b5105137a95.pdf
393100 Lewis Carroll - (Webster's French Thesaurus Edition) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (2006, ICON Group International, Inc.) (114s) 4c0ca82071207ef2708565401f41b67b.pdf
393101 Piet Konings, Dick Foeken - (African Dynamics) Crisis And Creativity: Exploring the Wealth of the African Neighbourhood (2006, Brill Academic Publishers) (264s) 4c0cf0428364510ac191ac8a0ae6ca91.pdf
393102 John B Conway - (Graduate Texts in Mathematics Vol 11) Functions of One Complex Variable v. 1 (1978, Springer) (330s) 4c000d3f306a8235a55bf29e976bbd9c.djvu
393103 Diana Pharaoh Francis - (Path of Fate) Path of Honor (2004, Roc) (400s) 4c0d841e152f966a967d0a1098a935cc.epub
393104 D.J. Conway - (Llewellyn's World Magic Series) Celtic Magic (2002, Llewellyn Publications) (208s) 4c0dbe39fc7ab39b4899addfbefffeb8.pdf
393105 Gordon de Brouwer - (Trade and Development) Financial Integration in East Asia (1999, Cambridge University Press) (293s) 4c0eb1b8390c68ac29cd2a0f735e1c75.pdf
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393107 Timothy Ferriss - The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman (2010, Crown Archetype) (592s) 4c0ece34dc02a71af975ca2be283f231.epub
393108 Paul Holden - (Ecdl 3 Microsoft Office 2000) Ecdl3 for Microsoft Office 2000: Module 2 (2002, Pearson Professional Computing) (112s) 4c0ee7314380fdef8aed1cec8a0dffb1.pdf
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393111 Melanie Ostopowich - (Science Matters) Rocks (2004, Weigl Publishers) (24s) 4c1abaf0739c4f79b6afcb4ea4fd3780.pdf
393112 Poppy Treffry - Free & Easy Stitch Style (2009, David & Charles) (128s) 4c1ae97db9ba297099fbbeaf133f76ff.pdf
393113 William von Hagen - The Definitive Guide to GCC (2006, Apress) (584s) 4c1af7fd89d2ff01a1851fd4b3094358.pdf
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393123 Inside the Minds Staff - (Inside the Minds ) Inside the Minds: The Seminconductor Industry- Industry Leaders Share Their Knowledge on the Future of the Semiconductor Revolution (2002, Unknown) (183s) 4c2a8e97c3f7d051dc465fea4ac799b6.pdf
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393126 Leonard Shlain - Sex, Time, and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution (2004, Penguin (Non-Classics)) (448s) 4c2b5e81f5f8bcabd3778afbc1016df5.pdf
393127 Herwig Birg - Die Weltbevölkerung. Dynamik und Gefahren. (1996, C.H.Beck) (144s) 4c2b6dec7c0068f1e4add8f0c52aab76.pdf
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