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341000 Khalil Drira, Andrea Martelli, Thierry Villemur - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2236) Cooperative Environments for Distributed Systems Engineering: The Distributed Systems Environment Report (2001, Springer) (280s) 88FADA3809C6D9BF0F798B271D360179.pdf
341001 Matthias Klusch, Franco Zambonelli - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2182) Cooperative Information Agents V: 5th International Workshop, CIA 2001, Modena, Italy, September 6-8, 2001, Proceedings (2001, Springer) (300s) 924E5BE6165676846806831AADDBB7B1.pdf
341002 Matthias Klusch, Sascha Ossowski, Onn Shehory - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2446) Cooperative Information Agents VI: 6th International Workshop, CIA 2002, Madrid, Spain, September 18 - 20, 2002. Proceedings (2002, Springer) (331s) 3A08E9E812354FE1D49DACBA599DC34F.pdf
341003 Matthias Klusch, Sascha Ossowski, Andrea Omicini, Heimo Laamanen - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2782) Cooperative Information Agents VII: 7th International Workshop, CIA 2003, Helsinki, Finland, August 27-29, 2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (376s) D7DCAE4A655D12D900282B03D1DA0F44.pdf
341004 Carlo Batini, Fausto Giunchiglia, Paolo Giorgini, Massimo Mecella - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2172) Cooperative Information Systems: 9th International Conference, CoopIS 2001, Trento, Italy, September 5-7, 2001. Proceedings (2001, Springer) (463s) 32B70473A5202F87A316CADBD2B73FC5.pdf
341005 Harry Bunt, Robbert-Jan Beun - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2155) Cooperative Multimodal Communication: Second International Conference, CMC'98, Tilburg, The Netherlands, January 28-30, 1998. Selected Papers (2001, Springer) (248s) 05DE6E7A45DD6B74C456675C09DA8B79.pdf
341006 Niina Ning Zhang - (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) Coordination in Syntax (2010, Cambridge University Press) (295s) B6AB8531827021112E7470687F52E1F3.pdf
341007 Farhad Arbab, Carolyn Talcott - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2315) Coordination Models and Languages: 5th International Conference, COORDINATION 2002, YORK, UK, April 8-11, 2002 Proceedings (2002, Springer) (416s) 215EEA9CE8C73C95BDD1983E7B86E63F.pdf
341008 Rocco De Nicola, Gianluigi Ferrari, Greg Meredith - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2949) Coordination Models and Languages: 6th International Conference, COORDINATION 2004, Pisa, Italy, February 24-27, 2004, Proceedings (2004, Springer) (328s) 617A41B030ACCF619F9900551A33B135.pdf
341009 Tiziana Margaria, Tom Melham - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2144) Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods: 11th IFIP WG 10.5 Advanced Research Working Conference, CHARME 2001 Livingston, Scotland, UK, September ... (2001, Springer) (490s) 8C97B36E8E873309271351FD31ED6DE4.pdf
341010 Daniel Geist, Enrico Tronci - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2860) Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods: 12th IFIP WG 10.5 Advanced Research Working Conference, CHARME 2003, L'Aquila, Italy, October 21-24, ... (2003, Springer) (438s) 5B1A3CD22B74DA75E0B23288A7C43A4E.pdf
341011 John Dean, Andree Gravel - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2255) COTS-Based Software Systems: First International Conference, ICCBSS 2002, Orlando, FL, USA, February 4-6, 2002, Proceedings (2002, Springer) (269s) 20E8418C85C2EED95BA846BBF2BAAA07.pdf
341012 Rick Kazman, Dan Port - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2959) COTS-Based Software Systems: Third International Conference, ICCBSS 2004, Redondo Beach, CA, USA, February 1-4, 2004, Proceedings (2004, Springer) (241s) D6CEBB3E45211ED6326F665096A40666.pdf
341013 Hakan Erdogmus, Tao Weng - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2580) COTS-Based Software Systems: Second International Conference, ICCBSS 2003 Ottawa, Canada, February 10-13, 2003 (2003, Springer) (278s) 03DE0A73E9667981C2B2A66F45FAA829.pdf
341014 Windy Dryden, Michael Neenan, Joseph Yankura, Albert Ellis - Counselling Individuals: A Rational Emotive Behavioural Handbook (1999, Taylor & Francis Group) (327s) 2184A493C4A50C3EE705174C46E6CB74.djvu
341015 Gary Larson - (A Far Side Collection) Cows of Our Planet A Far Side Collection Far Side Series (1992, Andrews McMeel Publishing) (99s) B3E49D058D0D13EDD23FD24A846C66BE.djvu
341016 William R. Evans, Andrew Frothingham - (Thomas Dunne Book) Crisp Toasts: Wonderful Words That Add Wit and Class to Every Time You Raise Your Glass (1992, St. Martin's Press) (155s) 7A0F2EE14A884C29F2A03D010A8AE8D5.djvu
341017 Michael A. DiSpezio, Myron Miller - Critical Thinking Puzzles (1996, Sterling) (98s) 44B003B9D80E1074FBCA9927ACD115AF.djvu
341018 Fred Piscop, American Mensa Limited - (Official American Mensa puzzle book) Cryptic Crosswords & How to Solve Them (1998, Sterling Pub Co Inc) (96s) 8AF358D9599842747FD42A6C81DD9CF2.djvu
341019 Cetin K. Koc, David Nacchae, Christof Paar - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2162) Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2001: Third International Workshop, Paris, France, May 14-16, 2001 Proceedings (2001, Springer) (423s) 79AAEBBA2330522705A95B36E7110F32.pdf
341020 John Hershey - Cryptography Demystified (2002, McGraw-Hill Professional) (345s) BBD09E34D13AC7DB48B103D8B767F77C.djvu
341021 Daniel Dennett - Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life (1995, Simon & Schuster) (582s) 32FDE89706DF0B9689ADB75BE0501FAE.djvu
341022 Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber - (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques (2000, Morgan Kaufmann) (561s) 32FAB60C126ED8DF4231394150C971B1.djvu
341023 Dimitri P. Bertsekas, Robert G. Gallagher - Data Networks (1986, Longman Higher Education) (507s) DAE16231EA1832F252380F1D0382387E.djvu
341024 Harry R. Lewis, Larry Denenberg - Data Structures and Their Algorithms (1997, Addison Wesley) (525s) 6F27D1A67C8203CDC571595AA1D4B56B.djvu
341025 Mitchell L. Model - Data Structures, Data Abstractions: A Contemporary Introduction Using C++/Book and Disk (1994, Prentice Hall) (504s) B27AE7FC10DACBD5D23F296C05156537.djvu
341026 Yahiko Kambayashi, Werner Winiwarter, Masatoshi Arikawa - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2114) Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: Third International Conference, DaWaK 2001 Munich, Germany September 5-7, 2001 Proceedings (2001, Springer) (373s) F067BD698B22A0E8E946448DFECEBC99.pdf
341027 Yahiko Kambayashi, Werner Winiwarter, Masatoshi Arikawa - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2454) Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: 4th International Conference, DaWaK 2002, Aix-en-Provence, France, September 4-6, 2002. Proceedings (2002, Springer) (350s) D05BD67E1AE0C976993460B77324DA58.pdf
341028 Yahiko Kambayashi, Mukesh Mohania, Wolfram Wöß - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2737) Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: 5th International Conference, DaWaK 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 3-5,2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (429s) D8C4CF679CE764C70774FCD0EB383A67.pdf
341029 Yahiko Kambayashi, Mukesh Mohania, Wolfram Wöß - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3181) Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: 6th International Conference, DaWaK 2004, Zaragoza, Spain, September 1-3, 2004, Proceedings (2004, Springer) (426s) DABB0D411F9ADFC66139C466ACA62DC8.pdf
341030 Guy Kawasaki - Database 101 (1991, Peachpit Pr) (164s) 56066A43E5F114E76D49EC4900678AF9.djvu
341031 I. T. Hawryszkiewycz - Database Analysis and Design (1991, Prentice Hall) (584s) AE08CDEE078102D79B7ECC3EEB0C79CC.djvu
341032 Heinrich C. Mayr, Jiri Lazansky, Gerald Quirchmayr, Pavel Vogel - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2113) Database and Expert Systems Applications, 12 conf., DEXA 2001 Munich (2001, Springer) (1009s) BB57D78CF4CC773C0A8D7300CAA0964E.pdf
341033 Abdelkader Hameurlain, Rosine Cicchetti, Roland Traunmüller - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2453) Database and Expert Systems Applications: 13th International Conference, DEXA 2002, Aix-en-Provence, France, September 2-6, 2002. Proceedings (2002, Springer) (969s) B4FDE523215C42E61E740B8F75AD1D3E.pdf
341034 Vladimir Marik, Werner Retschitzegger, Olga Stepankova - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2736) Database and Expert Systems Applications: 14th International Conference, DEXA 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (962s) 114FA1BD0D06FBC6890801BA2E846D1D.pdf
341035 Zohra Bellahsène, Akmal B. Chaudhri, Erhard Rahm, Michael Rys, Rainer Unland - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2824) Database and XML Technologies: First International XML Database Symposium, XSYM 2003, Berlin, Germany, September 8, 2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (292s) 264017DBCD8E31F1676DA80CC43E8646.pdf
341036 Philip Greenspun - Database Backed Web Sites: The Thinking Person's Guide to Web Publishing (1997, Ziff-Davis Press) (391s) 1D9AB351BDAF9176FCD840D16CD82C59.djvu
341037 Michael J. Hernandez - Database Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design (1996, Addison-Wesley Professional) (465s) 9B02A4CF0512F9161BE847455162D494.djvu
341038 Michael J. Hernandez - Database Design for Mere Mortals (2003, Addison-Wesley Professional) (647s) 78A8C1B3F15AC47F6CB11FEC636FA989.djvu
341039 Robert J. Muller - (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) Database Design for Smarties: Using UML for Data Modeling (1999, Morgan Kaufmann) (453s) FA59A8CE00369B2A10C4C327288C5500.djvu
341040 James Larson - Database Directions: From Relational to Distributed, Multimedia and Object-Oriented Database Systems (1995, Prentice Hall) (279s) 133BD7E0EF2B86B2A9FEC6F6DE55AC9C.djvu
341041 C.J. Date - Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners (2005, O'Reilly Media) (228s) 112790FB5918BA4271644BAC77376C55.djvu
341042 Andreas Wierse, Georges G. Grinstein, Ulrich Lang - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1183) Database Issues for Data Visualization: IEEE Visualization '95 Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, October 28, 1995. Proceedings (1996, Springer) (231s) E50F05B54A97AAEDE7F712D7FACDC2AE.djvu
341043 Jan L. Harrington - Database Management for Microcomputers (1994, Harcourt Brace College Publishers) (389s) 88B778A3AE0D68DD0E831BEA9A737597.djvu
341044 Michael M Gorman - Database Management Systems (1991, DA Information Services) (467s) 431FAD733683FD6E853FD2C8AA6C8D63.djvu
341045 Gerald V. Post - Database Management Systems: Designing and Building Business Applications (1998, Richard D Irwin) (526s) 978CEC21F9DBCF2C831E599814ABF2EC.djvu
341046 Kroenke - Database Processing (1988, Prentice Hall & IBD) (696s) 11E1751B978B71603F797A8D12C0A4D2.djvu
341047 David M. Kroenke - Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation (1997, Prentice Hall) (524s) 8F2E09D893B89C31A4360234281E7D4F.djvu
341048 Gosta Grahne, Giorgia Ghelli - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2397) Database Programming Language (2002, Springer) (352s) 493454817B67B335FD467E286B24A97E.pdf
341049 Maria Langer - Database Publishing with Filemaker Pro on the Web (1998, Pearson Education) (429s) CCFB9C0CBD2FE62C2825D97EC8FDCECC.djvu
341050 Mark L. Gillenson - Database Step-by-Step (1990, John Wiley & Sons Inc) (414s) E46C229A07978B2E3925AB7432AC4E97.djvu
341051 Rosa Meo, Pier L. Lanzi, Mika Klemettinen - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2682) Database Support for Data Mining Applications: Discovering Knowledge with Inductive Queries (2004, Springer) (335s) BA5F9DAB2B26565B506F846B1218C158.pdf
341052 Henry F. Korth, Abraham Silberschatz - Database System Concepts (1991, McGraw-Hill Companies) (704s) 8E90961C3A3FF1E82312F0BD0F2B1003.djvu
341053 YoonJoon Lee, Jianzhong Li, Kyu-Young Whang, Doheon Lee - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2973) Database Systems for Advances Applications (2004, Springer) (947s) A33ED7D7E1B359E389C58A2CE66D0D60.pdf
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341056 Philip J. Pratt, Joseph J. Adamski - Database Systems: Management and Design (1993, Course Technology Ptr (Sd)) (697s) DDAC4420ADE32DF30F9C0CB548404631.djvu
341057 Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer D. Widom - (GOAL Series) Database Systems: The Complete Book (2001, Prentice Hall) (1144s) 892740E8C4E118A1B81C4F2988E67950.djvu
341058 Diego Calvanese, Maurizio Lenzerini, Rajeev Motwani - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2572) Database Theory - ICDT 2003: 9th International Conference, Siena, Italy, January 8-10, 2003, Proceedings (2002, Springer) (465s) 51292DE795FD8DED0E3C4C09B2556A1A.pdf
341059 Ahmed K. Elmagarmid - (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) Database Transaction Models for Advanced Applications (1992, Morgan Kaufmann) (622s) 9522FDED7BD9E09ABF9C8D4E774E2935.djvu
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341062 Mark L. Gillenson - Database: Step-By-Step (1985, John Wiley & Sons) (399s) 072729747413EAF35A197630D6A1D2EE.djvu
341063 Andrew Oppel - (Demystified) Databases Demystified (2004, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media) (352s) BA1FEF8446D5B22B24E3945C0A9F610C.djvu
341064 Subash Bhalla - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2544) Databases in Networked Information Systems: Second International Workshop, DNIS 2002, Aizu, Japan, December 16-18, 2002, Proceedings (2002, Springer) (293s) 7CEE2F3D5559E560F5A46870A138674B.pdf
341065 Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2822) Databases in Networked Information Systems: Third International Workshop, DNIS 2003, Aizu, Japan, September 22-24, 2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (280s) A2015FFD8C1E351A2498F04160194B8D.pdf
341066 Willem Jonker - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2209) Databases in Telecommunications II: VLDB 2001 International Workshop, DBTel 2001 Rome, Italy, September 10, 2001 Proceedings (2001, Springer) (186s) 041349823678CD86092B49449084CBE0.pdf
341067 Ulrich Koch - (Dover novelty books & popular recreations) Dazzling Mazes: 50 Inventive Puzzles with Solutions (1985, Dover Publications) (79s) 9EDEE2F1C6DBC302A1958C87B5A1535B.pdf
341068 Dwaine Snow, Calene Janacek - DB2 Universal Database Certification Guide (1997, Prentice Hall) (789s) A6A9FB69E64912E4C90284B3582DB240.djvu
341069 Harry Veendrick - (Second Edition) Deep-Submicron CMOS ICs - From Basics to ASICs (2000, Springer) (571s) 04D5E4EF1D0FB0261E20DF06582DFBCD.djvu
341070 Anais Nin - Delta of Venus (1983, Bantam) (288s) C18B97E51F71E853F4AA37CD3F61EEFA.djvu
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341072 Rogério le Lemos, Taisy Silva Weber, Joao Batista Camargo Jr. - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2847) Dependable Computing: First Latin-American Symposium, LADC 2003, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 21-24, 2003, Proceedings (2003, Springer) (383s) CEFEBAD692EF923E659B56758F5534FB.pdf
341073 Levermann S. - Der entspannte Weg zum Reichtum (2010, Hanser Fachbuchverlag) (282s) 6C616ADB24BC7AEE27D211DECB68EFBE.pdf
341074 Antonio R. Damasio - Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain (1995, Harper Perennial) (326s) F24FCC50B30CBB35D91F8DF430CC89DC.djvu
341075 Neil Immerman - (Texts in Computer Science) Descriptive Complexity (1998, Springer) (266s) DB0474399B93ED370BB4602E9A983AAF.djvu
341076 Hajo Reijers - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2617) Design and Control of Workflow Processes: Business Process Management for the Service Industry (2003, Springer) (327s) 30103AB97FD4B36FA64BA0BB4B447AE6.pdf
341077 P. Jespers, C.H. Sequin, F. van de Wiele - (NATO Science Series E: ) Design Methodologies for VLSI Circuits (1982, Springer) (456s) 2C5E4350A061C0D9B1FC8E57FF07A4A9.djvu
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341081 Daniel Goleman, Dalai Lama - Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama (2003, Bantam) (417s) 0EE0BBC981C02EB0F650CE139E3313F6.djvu
341082 Birgitta König-Ries, Kia Makki, S. A. M. Makki, Niki Pissinou, Peter Scheuermann - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2538) Developing an Infrastructure for Mobile and Wireless Systems: NSF Workshop IMWS 2001, Scottsdale, AZ, October 15, 2001, Revised Papers (2002, Springer) (193s) 2C3618E29B570B797FA77F944AB775EF.pdf
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341084 Michael J. Mangino - (Pragmatic Programmers) Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails (2008, Pragmatic Bookshelf) (200s) 6FAFE80D5777D44AB26B407C87BA5C9E.pdf
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