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340000 Barry P. Goettl, Henry M. Halff, Carol L. Redfield, Valerie J. Shute - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1452) Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ITS '98: 4th International Conference, Its'98, San Antonio, Texas, USA, August 16-19, 1998: Proceedings (1998, Springer, Berlin) (658s) 05A3C91BBB2C2684D0F9E51A9E15F5BC.pdf
340001 Gilles Gauthier, Claude Frasson, Kurt VanLehn - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1839) Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 5th International Conference, ITS 2000, Montreal, Canada, June 19-23, 2000 Proceedings (2000, Springer) (695s) 9568D2EF8BD58E57AB15AFDBEAB67323.pdf
340002 Oliver Rüthing - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1539) Interacting Code Motion Transformations: Their Impact and Their Complexity (1998, Springer) (223s) 3340F23BA455CF008D0B87C310DB90E4.pdf
340003 Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Andreas Greven - Interacting Stochastic Systems (2008, Springer, Berlin) (442s) BD6ED5BAFDFC1F3DA85E6FE1F83A86BC.pdf
340004 Thomas Plagemann, Vera Goebel - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1483) Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services: 5th International Workshop, IDMS'98, Oslo, Norway, September 8-11, 1998, Proceedings (1998, Springer) (660s) 1655A5ED969658D9F4175843325153E9.pdf
340005 Hans Scholten, Marten J. van Sinderen - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1905) Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services: 7th International Workshop, IDMS 2000 Enschede, The Netherlands, October ... (2000, Springer) (316s) 061386303D731B39D640F8AB457F5971.pdf
340006 Philippe Palanque, Fabio Paterno - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1946) Interactive Systems. Design, Specification, and Verification: 7th International Workshop, DSV-IS 2000, Limerick, Ireland, June 5-6, 2000. Revised Papers (2000, Springer) (252s) BB8E0F7ABB291BAD7C2786CCF9859A23.pdf
340007 Lucas Chi-Kwong Hui, Dik Lun Lee - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1749) Internet Applications: 5th International Computer Science Conference, ICSC'99, Hong Kong, China, December 13-15, 1999 Proceedings: International ... 5th (1999, Springer) (561s) DF47DB6D656E5F826B955F48336400FF.pdf
340008 Iccl'98 Workshop - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1686) Internet Programming Languages: ICCL'98 Workshop,Chicago, IL, USA, May 13, 1998, Proceedings (1999, Springer) (151s) 2516C16C26A8DB7101EB44D6F82AF0D1.pdf
340009 Andrej Vckovski, Kurt E. Brassel, Hans-Jörg Schek - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1580) Interoperating Geographic Information Systems: Second International Conference, INTEROP'99, Zurich, Switzerland, March 10-12, 1999 Proceedings (1999, Springer) (332s) 6A6FF074F1F3041FEB16FAB40E2CF6C3.pdf
340010 Richard A. Nyquist - Interpreting Infrared, Raman, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra: Variables in Data Interpretation Vol 1 (0, Academic Pr Inc) (1059s) 5727EA098645F4CEAF1A7598E772C6B1.pdf
340011 - Interpreting Infrared, Raman, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra (0, ) (0s) 8B855EBEF63A0FDFD444EC57A0911014.rar
340012 Edward D. Gaughan - Introduction to Analysis (2003, Brooks Cole) (257s) 2B3FB91828EE7D391A2460196D648B31.pdf
340013 John Riordan - Introduction to Combinatorial Analysis (2002, Dover Publications) (254s) 262F1B7A5F4ACB02BDA5CA06A9A6D2DA.djvu
340014 Rolf Nevanlinna, Veikko Paatero - Introduction to Complex Analysis (2007, Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc) (354s) A750E1098AAE4D5EF55A26DBB07AB04D.djvu
340015 Paolo Brandimarte, Giulio Zotteri - (Statistics in Practice) Introduction to Distribution Logistics (2000, John Wiley & Sons) (608s) F059C414256E18DDFE7B26367E20C558.pdf
340016 Chen G, Pham T - Introduction to Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, and Fuzzy Control Systems (2000, CRC Press) (329s) 246C4567BDE6F42C0E21A024FEFA35B0.pdf
340017 Lokenath Debnath, Piotr Mikusinski - Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Application (0, Academic Press) (599s) 6B260F2BFBCA8D498FC59D6D1777ECE9.pdf
340018 - Introduction to Mathematical Logic Alonzo Church (0, ) (387s) 4815E21B15445727FE7961BE775206C8.djvu
340019 Daniel T. Finkbeiner - Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations. Drawings by Evan Gillespie. (0, San Francisco: Freeman 1960.) (255s) 5DD76A7BD10B7E63B084F788764762A3.djvu
340020 Theodor Estermann - (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics) Introduction to Modern Prime Number Theory (0, ) (85s) A4CB104DB2AAC856921C8BB51EF2A0E2.djvu
340021 Paul E. Mix P.E. E.E. - Introduction to Nondestructive Testing: A Training Guide (1988, John Wiley & Sons) (697s) 6FBA5AFBEE10604DEF727F6B6B62D9E4.pdf
340022 Daniel E. Flath - Introduction to Number Theory (2003, John Wiley & Sons Inc) (228s) F3086EA80E576872EB0D4D9CF926A36B.djvu
340023 Karl E. Gustafson - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations and Hilbert Space Methods (0, Dover Pubn Inc) (476s) AD5F56E3E0ED6F9EDA482288D230D292.pdf
340024 Oliver Aberth - Introduction to Precise Numerical Methods with CD (0, Academic Press Inc) (267s) 5ED575FF0318BDA0172F6D1D0C9DEA42.pdf
340025 Dimitri P. Bertsekas & John N. Tsitsiklis - Introduction to Probability (2000, MIT) (371s) EE1F947D619203AD30CE412E62549A4B.pdf
340026 David J. Griffiths - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2000, Prentice-Hall) (303s) C1F2C4A705C2661D2EDF3430D034B4A9.pdf
340027 Harald J. W. Muller-Kirsten - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equation and Path Integral (2003, World Scientific Pub Co (826s) 9D9B9AC640EDC2FD3E2F5C34CF3A278E.pdf
340028 Kai Lai Chung, Jean-Claude Zambrini - (Monographs of the Portuguese Mathematical Society) Introduction to Random Time and Quantum Randomness (2000, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd) (225s) 67FD43EB3092C96BF57F830467B4D0E0.pdf
340029 Manfred Stoll - Introduction to Real Analysis (1999, Addison Wesley Pub Co Inc) (0s) 34867EE245947C59FB8810DD5181821C.pdf
340030 Author Unknown - (Pure and Applied Mathematics) Introduction to the Theory of Infinitesimals (2005, Academic Press Inc) (0s) 865C54B7D0143C320CC5E5722DB4D0A3.pdf
340031 Alexander G. Ramm - Inverse Problems: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering (1982, Springer, Berlin) (462s) 1EEDF129A1AAAB44ECBD1D25090B0FAA.pdf
340032 Ken Iobst, Bill Alford - Simple Solution to the Pyramid (1982, Pinnacle Books (Mm)) (61s) 568A7574B5F6CB75CB097BF047F424BE.djvu
340033 - Irradiation to Ensure the Safety and Quality of Prepared Meals (0, ) (385s) A62BFB860850601295479A16944000E6.pdf
340034 Ilya Prigogine - Is Future Given? (2003, World Scientific Pub Co (159s) FC2F48ED63D9D8A7E5B96C8BAB8B6691.pdf
340035 Isaac Newton - Principia. The Motion of Bodies Vol. 1 (0, ) (425s) 8CF3CBBF11649E5DF34D7419BD6E1075.pdf
340036 Niccolò Guicciardini - (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology) Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method (2009, The MIT Press) (449s) B290F008ACE9DE45827692ED7A4CB944.pdf
340037 Isham C. - Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists (0, ) (306s) 4D8A48680CAF77F404315446E76A7128.pdf
340038 Isham, Chris - Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists (0, ) (306s) E9B9C0E24FBC609A59DBDA2F8850A785.djvu
340039 - Islam - Il Cairo 07 (0, ) (39s) 47ABE8F9C35297ECE4F71E9624190150.pdf
340040 Bruno Harris, K. t Chen - (Nankai Tracts in Mathematics) Iterated Integrals and Cycles on Algebra (0, World Scientific Pub Co (121s) E45E04F3AA7AA041B12DBB8F373B8B66.pdf
340041 Isabelle Attali, Thomas Jensen - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2041) Java on Smart Cards: Programming and Security: First International Workshop, JavaCard 2000 Cannes, France, September 14, 2000 Revised Papers (2001, Springer, Berlin) (171s) 52DF99ED1912D21810F2B4C4272A243C.pdf
340042 Dror G. Feitelson, Larry Rudolph - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1911) Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing: IPDPS 2000 Workshop, JSSPP 2000, Cancun, Mexico, May 1, 2000 Proceedings (2000, Springer) (214s) A5ACEB731C8A60DCCEEB7AFC020EFF28.pdf
340043 Dror G. Feitelson, Larry Rudolph - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1659) Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing: IPPS/SPDP'99 Workshop, JSSPP'99, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 16, 1999, Proceedings (1999, Springer) (242s) B730AF41D6EFBD8542807A701B73DBCD.pdf
340044 Claes Johnson - Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method (1987, Cambridge University Press) (275s) B6DE772444415089091D4A2A866C9981.djvu
340045 Jon Appleton - (ISAM Monographs, No.29) 21st-Century Musical Instruments. Hardware and Software (0, ) (38s) 01248FD725DB5A9E9D2CE4AB98D6B559.djvu
340046 Joran Friberg - A Remarkable Collection of Babylonian Mathematical. Cuneiform Texts I (0, ) (543s) 8B4A32A198F6D2E97E5F274F6DBC5475.djvu
340047 Jordan C. - Calculus of Finite Differences (0, ) (672s) 765A37ADCFB99978EDA55C589C3D71D8.pdf
340048 Kenneth Henshall & Tetsuo Takagaki - A Guide To Learning Hiragana & Katakana (0, ) (116s) E5409893D2387BD097F4E0CA33D24CD4.djvu
340049 Wolfram Burgard, Thomas Christaller, Armin B. Cremers - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1701) KI-99: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 23rd Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bonn, Germany, September 13-15, 1999 Proceedings (1999, Springer) (320s) 674BF6F21CA5BC835E83E8E81604DD8F.pdf
340050 Kittel - Thermodynamics (0, ) (252s) D491663321A906390D790CB7A8F92218.djvu
340051 Dieter Fensel, Rudi Studer - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1621) Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management: 11th European Workshop, EKAW'99, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, May 26-29, 1999, Proceedings: European ... 11th (1999, Springer) (412s) E456F93DD7F36D792863B6C6BE2DD011.pdf
340052 Rose Dieng, Olivier Corby - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1937) Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management: Methods, Models, and Tools. 12th International Conference, EKAW 2000, Juan-les-Pins, France, October ... (2000, Springer) (469s) 856F8DB40A1D444F039D140EA89419E6.pdf
340053 David Cheung, Graham J. Williams, Qing Li - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2035) Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: 5th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2001 Hong Kong, China, April 16-18, 2001. Proceedings (2001, Springer) (612s) 9D2B4A12A417A34C2D647032EC5266EF.pdf
340054 Кнут Д. - Искусство программирования том 1 (0, ) (682s) 3213A9374A7DACBB9D28C110DF9EE33B.pdf
340055 Кнут Д. - Искусство программирования том 2 (0, ) (465s) 3BF4AB21C3AD63D02009A1950FCA3899.pdf
340056 Кнут Д. - Искусство программирования том 3 (0, ) (800s) 78CAD8CEA1044C27631A3E906ECEA393.pdf
340057 Kolmogorov, Fomin - Measure, Lebesgue integral and Hilbert space (1961, AP) (158s) 0102E200CE3C4D175F50BDD41531344A.djvu
340058 Kreimer D. - (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics 13) Knots and Feynman diagrams (2000, CUP) (135s) 5B34555FE3CFE895D1A6AB7D4311A21B.djvu
340059 Kurasov - Operator Theory and functional analysis (0, ) (101s) 567F4C3F2DD213CBE95BD23073157E89.djvu
340060 Frank Lloyd Wright - La Casa De La Cascada (0, ) (106s) C137B513F51AA101EDF065797843FB01.pdf
340061 - La Porta E.L’arco Di Castelnuovo A Napoli (0, ) (15s) 4B24BC5D83D57E147508F04ED9E818A7.pdf
340062 José Ferreirós - Labyrinth of Thought: A History of Set Theory and Its Role in Modern Mathematics (0, Birkhäuser Basel) (0s) 19573D4AC083C490FBC977C332D3A911.pdf
340063 Landau, Lifschitz - Mechanics vol 1 (0, ) (197s) 7815310E9950BAB92E0C16976974CE4F.djvu
340064 Landau, Lifschitz - The classical theory of fields vol 2 (0, ) (193s) FFF1F24553002214776A832F5C8BC173.djvu
340065 Landau, Lifschitz - The classical theory of fields vol 2 (0, ) (193s) E4B7833A34542D08F4D5DC60DFF75384.djvu
340066 L. D. Landau - (Course on Theoretical Physics, Vol 3 ) Quantum Mechanics-Nonrelativistic Theory vol 3 (1981, Pergamon Pr) (673s) B159C1A198586E68AB478791B7CE0321.djvu
340067 J. S. Bell, M. J. Kearsley, L. P. Pitaevskii, L D Landau, E.M. Lifshitz, J. B. Sykes - Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 8, Volume 8, Second Edition: Electrodynamics of Continuous Media vol 8 (1984, Pergamon) (476s) 639BFEA597CF3142CBBEC1349E2CE974.djvu
340068 Nicholas P. Landsman - (Springer Monographs in Mathematics ) Mathematical Topics Between Classical and Quantum Mechanics (1998, Springer, Berlin) (547s) B98EFA6B13311E12FA9241D3E6492A7C.djvu
340069 Sandhya Dwarkadas - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1915) Languages, Compilers, and Run-Time Systems for Scalable Computers: 5th International Workshop, LCR 2000 Rochester, NY, USA, May 25-27, 2000 Selected Papers (2000, Springer) (308s) 78C0F8D20023D8AB5AF23DFC8211E884.pdf
340070 Jack Davidson, Sang Lyul Min - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1985) Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems: ACM SIGPLAN Workshop LCTES 2000, Vancouver, Canada, June 18, 2000, Proceedings (2001, Springer) (230s) F1ECA47B83C1003080A70D62BE07DC38.pdf
340071 Frank Mueller, Azer Bestavros - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1474) Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems: ACM SIGPLAN Workshop LCTES '98, Montreal, Canada, June 19-20, 1998, Proceedings (1998, Springer, Berlin) (536s) 56D8EA590286C18F60A053FE06E24E95.pdf
340072 Heinz J. Rothe - (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics) Lattice Gauge Theories: An Introduction (2005, World Scientific Publishing Company) (603s) 047C8E3289B892766FA3E2C1F2A1FCC5.pdf
340073 L. P. Lebedev, Iosif I. Vorovich - Functional Analysis in Mechanics (2002, Springer) (256s) 30C7F96CDF8D26F6472CD0C4FB9A3572.djvu
340074 Shreeram S. Abhyankar - Lectures on Algebra Volume 1 (2006, World Scientific Pub Co (758s) 67A4EFCE5C56D8A88A15ED81BB02BFDF.pdf
340075 Fabio Crestani, Gabriella Pasi - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1980) Lectures on Information Retrieval: Third European Summerschool, ESSIR 2000. Varenna, Italy, September 11-15, 2000. Revised Lectures (2001, Springer Berlin Heidelberg) (319s) B60594910797DCA73E8C9BAAAA1FBF06.pdf
340076 William Jaco - (CBMS Regional conference series in mathematics) Lectures on Three-Manifold Topology (0, American Mathematical Society) (261s) 422479FE60D8CA893B29685CE4FF9E91.djvu
340077 H.J. Lee, W.E. Schiesser - Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB (2003, Chapman and Hall/CRC) (528s) 23BD540AA8B40C1ECCD8CC3AEDE57756.djvu
340078 Gustave Choquet - L'enseignement de la Geometrie (0, ) (173s) A17476F4BE55858F1572BAF9D242A1F1.djvu
340079 George Levy DPhil University of Oxford - (Quantitative Finance ) Computational Finance Using C and C# (0, Academic Press) (385s) 2A4DED14046FD8BD49D04D5D6542F450.pdf
340080 - libiberty (0, ) (43s) A79A532C1C8B0BC147BCB11B7E523075.pdf
340081 Andrew Liddle - An Introduction to Modern Cosmology (2003, Wiley) (188s) E23104932720DC28BA0BDCC46DA240A9.djvu
340082 I. M. Gel'fand, Bolyai J Anos Matematikai T Arsulat - Lie Groups and Their Representations, Summer School of the Bolyai Janos Mathematical Society (1975, Wiley) (726s) D4962BD934158B8A248DB8D607D1BC25.djvu
340083 Jan Emblemsvåg - Life-Cycle Costing: Using Activity-Based Costing and Monte Carlo Methods to Manage Future Costs and Risks (2003, Wiley) (335s) 5A642D93C640348DEE5D4B256F5485D7.pdf
340084 B. V. Gnedenko, A. N. Kolmogorov, K. L. Chung, J. L. Doob - Limit Distributions for Sums of Independent Random Variables. Revised Edition (1968, Addison-Wesley) (298s) 3D3C161769A13D928708ADCC4E5EB690.djvu
340085 Peter D. Lax - (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Wiley-Interscience Series of Texts, Monographs and Tracts ) Linear Algebra (1996, Wiley-Interscience) (269s) 3CF298A7EBFC687B7B8E68D184C3B68A.pdf
340086 Jeremy J. Gray - Linear Differential Equations and Group Theory from Riemann to Poincare (2000, Birkhäuser Boston) (351s) 23190C2E5941A538F467B147C8460333.djvu
340087 Victor Gutenmacher, N.B. Vasilyev, A. Kundu - Lines and Curves: A Practical Geometry Handbook (2004, Birkhäuser Boston) (173s) 91399938E8A8E9679C712EC72A153CF5.djvu
340088 Lipschutz S., Lipson M. - Schaum's Discrete Mathematics (1997, ) (538s) 065CF990C985A514EF2C1B1D2C868A7C.pdf
340089 Anatole Katok, Jean-Marie Strelcyn, Francois Ledrappier, Feliks Przytycki - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics ) Invariant Manifolds, Entropy and Billiards. Smooth Maps with Singularities (2008, Springer, Berlin) (291s) 0D4B7D634C151FF24CCB67FF878029A7.pdf
340090 Kevin M. Pilgrim - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics ) Combinations of Complex Dynamical Systems (2008, Springer Berlin Heidelberg) (120s) 7F930515A7B88D223D6ACDC16CCC0449.pdf
340091 Eitan Altman, Bruno Gaujal, Arie Hordijk - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics ) Discrete-Event Control of Stochastic Networks: Multimodularity and Regularity (2008, Springer) (302s) D7930868BE4F880CD7A30BD13ACEDBE8.pdf
340092 Olivier Catoni, Jean Picard - (Lecture Notes in Mathematics ) Statistical Learning Theory and Stochastic Optimization: Ecole d'Eté de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXI - 2001 (2010, Springer) (273s) 2D03820AE379CA5DB7FF61C57895400E.pdf
340093 Antonio Badia - (Advances in Database Systems ) Quantifiers in Action: Generalized Quantification in Query, Logical and Natural Languages (2008, Springer, Berlin) (144s) 338B8EF4AE891D85301162C73558DA8D.pdf
340094 Michel Parigot, Andrei Voronkov - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1955) Logic for Programming and Automated Reasoning: 7th International Conference, LPAR 2000 Reunion Island, France, November 6-10, 2000 Proceedings (2000, Springer) (498s) E7B1008925B168D1D45E59A444B9E81A.pdf
340095 Luis Moniz Pereira, Teodor C. Przymusinski - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1471) Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation: Third International Workshop, LPKR'97, Port Jefferson, New York, USA, October 17, 1997, Selected Papers (1998, Springer) (499s) 3FBEEC681A70B4D2671E7EB519066F09.pdf
340096 Michael Gelfond, Nicole Leone, Gerald Pfeifer - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1730) Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning: 5th International Conference, LPNMR '99, El Paso, Texas, USA, December 2-4, 1999 Proceedings: ... (1999, Springer) (400s) 4DF6F448C0CBCD6B1F0CA530CC7011EA.pdf
340097 Alain Lecomte, Francois Lamarche, Guy Perrier - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1582) Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics: Second International Conference, LACL'97, Nancy, France, September 22-24, 1997, Selected Papers (1999, Springer) (262s) 37593E1F4592C64751377228FB87CA41.pdf
340098 Michael Moortgat - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2014) Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics: Third International Conference, LACL'98 Grenoble, France, December 14-16, 1998 Selected Papers (2001, Springer, Berlin) (294s) 19A2C5950A235DCEDAB8510662E3AEE3.pdf
340099 Jürgen Dix, Farinas Luis Del Cerro, Ulrich Furbach - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1489) Logics in Artificial Intelligence, JELIA '98: European Workshop, Jelia'98, Dagstuhl, Germany, October 12-15, 1998: Proceedings (1998, Springer, Berlin) (405s) 0FFD8A7D09078E3382E34557D8244466.pdf
340100 Donald Hedeker, Robert D. Gibbons - (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) Longitudinal Data Analysis (2006, John Wiley & Sons) (358s) 0EEB558BC179814B66E941E44A09CB5F.pdf
340101 Y.Z. Zhang - (Advanced Series on Theoretical Physical Science) Invariance: 100 Years of Relativity v. 8 (2002, World Scientific Publishing Company) (616s) B419294A8F5614BDF04E7BB5E6D65000.pdf
340102 Lori J Ryder A - Case For The Adaptive Reuse Of Industrial Buildings (1995, Thesis) (126s) 89343113B5A310A4D54CB3074EC015F8.pdf
340103 - Los Diez Libros De Arquitectura De Vitruvius (0, ) (173s) 981674756396ABD3F8F3CAFC51EE5BC5.pdf
340104 Lugo - Differential geometry in physics lecture notes (1998, ) (62s) 8D44423EC9D2345740280EFAAE580B4B.pdf
340105 Petra Perner, Maria Petrou - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1715) Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition: First International Workshop, MLDM'99, Leipzig, Germany, September 16-18, 1999, Proceedings (1999, Springer) (221s) 151B2D1B01255048195889DAAC18298D.pdf
340106 Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Enric Plaza - (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1810) Machine Learning: ECML 2000: 11th European Conference on Machine Learning Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain May, 31 - June 2, 2000 Proceedings (2000, Springer) (468s) A5FEB3309650C51842534AD5638BFB11.pdf
340107 Joel S. Miller, Marc Drillon - Magnetism: Molecules to Materials: Models and Experiments vol 1 (2001, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA) (447s) 352C82CE8CDFA0E298DFEA3ED9919C41.pdf
340108 Norberto Majlis - (Condensed Matter Physics ) The Quantum Theory of Magnetism (2000, World Scientific Pub Co (436s) 99E4CA3EDF8853A2ECCAC5C2834E7734.pdf
340109 Marta Sanz-Sole - Malliavin Calculus with Applications to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (2005, CRC Press) (164s) BD9957551A475196DA6ABA376B1BF6A8.pdf
340110 F. Mandl, G. Shaw - Quantum Field Theory (1984, Wiley) (184s) 49171C8F85612A0BD8ECCB3035132503.djvu
340111 Marcolli. Seiberg - Witten gauge theory MIT lectures (0, ) (205s) 657EB699C317F7C0434631DEB6CBAAAF.djvu
340112 Marcutt, Glenn - Opere E Progetti (0, ) (162s) 443C8C30CC4AD3354D8939543C610A8B.pdf
340113 R. M., & Getoor, R. K. Blumenthal - (Pure and Applied Mathematics) Markov Processes and Potential Theory (1968, AP) (325s) 3E632E93210FFEC5D3F63521DF622C59.pdf
340114 Luc Marleau - Physique des Particules (0, ) (323s) 026BCE9CC3814AF995D3E666791F9516.pdf
340115 Marsden, Ratiu, Abraham - Manifolds Tensor Analysis and Applications (2003, Springer ) (617s) CCF72C657C56A7EB6A544D0A69B92E37.pdf
340116 Martin Buber - I and Thou (2006, Scribners) (146s) 53AAB363026B42FFE0AFE558F244BD51.djvu
340117 Brita Immergut - (Master Math ) Solving Word Problems (0, Career Pr) (190s) 4DAB3BC968F19D2186CBF5C52030823A.pdf
340118 - Materiales Construccion Energia Solar - Manual-Ventilacion (0, ) (137s) 0762420E79D002458464BA6D30FDE80A.pdf
340119 Mary Jane Sterling - Math Word Problems For Dummies (2007, For Dummies) (363s) 3797D62FD290DA10EA2D8EF119D0BC21.pdf
340120 L. D Faddeev - Mathematical Aspects of the Three-Body Problem in the Quantum Scattering Theory L. D Faddeev B0000EG1RR (0, ) (114s) 1FE1E54FF655BB8C244C24FC8E4AADB8.djvu
340121 W. V. Quine - Mathematical Logic (0, Harvard Univ Pr) (359s) 30E333231051F02AC781DF18EBF62BA9.pdf
340122 - Mathematical Methods for Physicists (0, ) (0s) 13BABCA3D0B83994858AD03D9DD42629.zip
340123 Arfken - Mathematical Methods for Physicists (0, ) (0s) FDE6C621D2A19480ED277AE8569600CB.zip
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