Stasheff, Christopher / Сташефф, Кристофер - Собрание сочинений (59 произведений) [1969-2018, fb2/epub, ENG]

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Christopher Stasheff - Собрание сочинений

Годы выпуска: 1969-2018 г.
Автор: Stasheff, Christopher / Сташефф, Кристофер
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook

Кристофер Сташефф (Christopher Stasheff, 15 января 1944 г. - 10 июня 2018 г.) - американский писатель - фантаст.
Дебютом в литературе стал вышедший в 1969 году роман «Чародей поневоле». С этого романа начался наиболее масштабный цикл романов Сташеффа и определился основной жанр его творчества — юмористическая фантастика. Кроме романов данного цикла перу Сташеффа принадлежат циклы фэнтезийных романов и романов в жанре космической фантастики. Несколько его повестей входят в созданный Лайоном Спрэгом Де Кампом и Флетчером Прэттом цикл «Приключения Гарольда Ши».
01 Her Majesty's Wizard / Маг при дворе Её Величества 1986, fb2; 2011, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-0-6, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
02 The Oathbound Wizard / Маг, связанный клятвой 1993, fb2; 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-5-1, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
03 The Witch Doctor / Маг-целитель 1994, fb2; 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-8-2, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
04 The Secular Wizard / Маг-менестрель 1995, fb2; 2013, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-9-9, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
05 My Son, the Wizard / Мой сын маг 1997, fb2; 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-2-9, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
06 The Haunted Wizard / Маг с привидениями 2000, fb2; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-4-3, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
07 The Crusading Wizard / Маг-крестоносец 2000, epub
08 The Feline Wizard / Маг и кошка 2009, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-55607-3, Del Rey / Ballantine
The Afterlife of St. Vidicon of Cathode / Вечная жизнь Святого Видикона Катодного 2004, fb2
Saint Vidicon to the Rescue 2005, fb2, ISBN: 978-1-101-00801-0, Ace Books
01 A Company of Stars 1991, epub, ISBN: 0-345-36888-6, Del Rey / Ballantine
02 We Open on Venus 1994, epub, ISBN: 0-345-36891-6, Del Rey / Ballantine
03 A Slight Detour 1994, epub, ISBN: 0-345-37601-3, Del Rey / Ballantine
01 The Shaman / Шаман 1996, epub, ISBN: 0-345-39247-7, Del Rey / Ballantine
02 The Sage / Мудрец 1997, epub, ISBN: 0-345-39244-2, Del Rey / Ballantine
01 Escape Velocity / Скорость убегания 1983, fb2; 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-7-5, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
02 The Warlock in Spite of Himself / Чародей поневоле 1969, fb2; 2010, epub, ISBN: 978-1-60450-486-6, Phoenix Pick
03 King Kobold Revived / Король Кобольд 1984, fb2; 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-61242-044-8, Phoenix Pick
04 The Warlock Unlocked / Очарованный чародей 1982, fb2; 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-1-61242-052-3, Phoenix Pick
05 The Warlock Enraged / Чародей в ярости 1985, fb2; 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-1-2, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
06 The Warlock Wandering / Чародей-странник 1986, fb2; 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-3-6, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
07 The Warlock Is Missing / Пока чародея не было дома 1986, fb2; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-6-7, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
08 The Warlock Heretical / Чародей-еретик 1987, fb2; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-8-1, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
09 The Warlock's Companion / Спутник чародея 1988, fb2; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-2-8, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
10 The Warlock Insane / Обезумевший чародей 1989, fb2; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-1-1, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
11 The Warlock Rock / Чародейский рок 1990, fb2; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-5-9, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
12 Warlock and Son / Чародей и сын 1991, fb2; 2017, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-8-0, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
13 The Warlock's Last Ride / Последний путь чародея 2004, fb2; 2018, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9989389-4-3, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
01 A Wizard in Mind / Волшебник не в своём уме 1996, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-53648-7, Tor; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-7-4, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
02 A Wizard in Bedlam / Волшебник в бедламе 1995, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-53647-9, Tor; 2012, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-6-8, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
03 A Wizard in Absentia / В отсутствие чародея 1993, fb2, ISBN: 0-441-51569-X, Ace Books; 2017, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9989389-0-5, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
04 A Wizard in War / Волшебник на войне 1996, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-53649-5, Tor; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9913582-9-8, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
05 A Wizard in Peace / Волшебник в мире 1997, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-56797-8, Tor; 2015, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-0-4, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
06 A Wizard in Chaos / Волшебник в хаосе 1999, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-54928-7, Tor; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-3-5, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
07 A Wizard in Midgard / Волшебник в Мидгарде 1999, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-54927-9, Tor; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-4-2, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
08 A Wizard and a Warlord / Волшебник и узурпатор 2000, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-54167-7, Tor; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-6-6, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
09 A Wizard in the Way / Волшебник на пути 2001, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-54168-5, Tor; 2016, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9971583-7-3, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
10 A Wizard in a Feud 2002, fb2, ISBN: 0-812-54152-9, Tor
01 M'Lady Witch / Леди ведьма 1994, fb2, ISBN: 0-441-00113-0, Ace Books; 2017, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9989389-1-2, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
02 Quicksilver's Knight / Рыцарь Ртуть 1995, fb2, ISBN: 0-441-00229-3, Ace Books
03 The Spell-Bound Scholar / Зачарованный книжник 1999, fb2, ISBN: 0-441-00636-1, Ace Books
04 Here Be Monsters / Здесь водятся чудовища 2001, epub, ISBN: 978-1-1012-0795-6, Ace Books
02 End Run / Расплата 1994, fb2, ISBN: 0-671-72200-X, Baen (with William R. Forstchen)
Professor Harold and the Trustees / Профессор Гарольд и попечители 1992, fb2
Sir Harold and the Monkey King / Сэр Гарольд и король обезьян 1992, fb2
Sir Harold and the Hindu King / Сэр Гарольд и раджа 1995, fb2
Mind Out of Time 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 978-0-9848623-1-3, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
Mind Out of Time
Time and Tide
Civilians / Штатские 1988, fb2
Suicide Mission / Миссия смертников 1989, fb2
Resistance / Сопротивление 1990, fb2
Pirates / Пираты 1990, fb2
Orphans / Сироты 1991, fb2
Papa Don't 'Low 1991, fb2
The Alchemist and the Witch 1991, fb2
Whose Ghost There? 1992, fb2
In the Heavens and On the Earth 1994, fb2
Coronach of the Bell 2002, fb2
The Warlock's Grandfather 2014, epub (retail), ISBN: 1230000282507, Stasheff Literary Enterprises
Visit to a Small Plantagenet

The asteroid hurtled in from Capricorn, nosed around a G-type sun, swerved off toward the fifth planet. Such a trajectory is somewhat atypical for asteroids.
It slapped into the planet’s gravity net, swooped around the globe three times in three separate orbits, then stabbed into atmosphere, a glorious shooting star.
At a hundred feet altitude it paused, then snapped to the surface—but only to the surface. No fireworks, no crater—nothing more drastic than crushed grass. Its surface was scarred and pitted, blackened by the friction-heat of its fall; but it was intact.
Deep within its bowels echoed the words that would change the planet’s destiny.
“Damn your bolt-brained bearings!”
The voice broke off; its owner frowned, listening.
The cabin was totally silent, without its usual threshold hum.
The young man swore, tearing the shock-webbing from his body. He lurched out of the acceleration chair, balanced dizzily on the balls of his feet, groping till his hand touched the plastic wall.
Steadying himself with one hand, he stumbled to a panel on the other side of the circular cabin. He fumbled the catches loose, cursing in the fine old style of galactic deckhands, opened the panel, pressed a button. Turning, he all but fell back to the chair.
The soft hum awoke in the cabin again. A slurred voice asked, with varying speed and pitch, “Izzz awwl (Hic!) sadizfagtoreee…M’lorrrr’ Rodney?”
“All the smooth, glossy robots in the galaxy,” muttered Milord, “and I get stuck with an epileptic!”
. . .

“Ohaern was only a man, then,” said old Lucoyo. “But that was then”
Lucoyo was a lean old man with long, pointed ears, still spry, still quick in limbs as well as wits. His eyes still glowed as he told the tale to the five small children, their ears only slightly pointed. Beyond them, near the roaring fire, an old woman and a young one chatted, looking up occasionally with fond smiles. Long hair hid their ears, but there was something of the old man’s quickness, of the mischievous glint in his eye, reflected in the younger woman. She was shorter than the older.
“You said last time that he was a big man, Grandfather,” said the oldest child.
“So he was, so he was! The biggest man in his village, both in height and in muscle. He was warrior as well as hunter—but he was not an Ulin.”
Here and there in the long house other members of the family looked up, then began to move toward the old man and the children, their eyes alight with interest. They had all heard the tale before, of course, but when the winter wind was howling about the eaves, old tales and a fireside held a kind of comfort that went beyond heat and companionship.
. . .
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